Tropical Update: Vance Fizzles; Nuri Transitions in the Pacific

Stu Ostro
Published: November 7, 2014

With the end of the hurricane season just a few weeks away and no significant Atlantic disturbances on the horizon, this will be the last regularly scheduled Tropical Update of the year. Special TROSUMs will be issued only if disturbances have a high risk of development or pose a threat to U.S. interests.


Remarkably Vance became only the third tropical cyclone to make landfall this year in one of the busiest eastern Pacific hurricane seasons on record (Hurricane Odile and Tropical Storm Trudy being the others).

There are still over 3 weeks left in the hurricane season, but if no additional named storms form, this year would tie 1990 as the fourth most active season on record in terms of named storms. Here are the top four busiest years in the eastern Pacific:

1. 1992 - 24 named storms
2. 1985 - 22 named storms
3. 1983 - 21 named storms
4. 2014 - 20 named storms
4. 1990 - 20 named storms


A broad area of low pressure (designated Invest 97L) has formed north of Puerto Rico but so far there's been little organization to the nearby thunderstorms.

The low pressure has about 24 hours to develop into something more, after which time it will be absorbed by an advancing cold front. Upper winds are expected to stay hostile in the interim so development is unlikely.


Our live wall below has the latest updates from our hurricane experts and from coastal National Weather Service offices. No need to refresh, the latest updates will appear at the top of the wall. Time stamps on each post are in Eastern U.S. time.

(MORE: Glossary of Tropical Terms | New NHC Storm Surge Maps)


MORE: Hurricanes From Space (NASA Satellite Images)


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