Fans of The Weather Channel Express Their Support

January 17, 2014

Joshua Maloney, 5, and his mom Julie are huge fans of The Weather Channel. So when they came home last week to see that the channel was no longer in their DIRECTV lineup, Julie was furious. The prolific blogger behind took to the web to express what losing the channel would mean to her — and what it would mean to a kid who loves weather. She writes:

I first heard about the potential of the channel being pulled last week and I tweeted this picture of my five-year-old watching The Weather Channel. It doesn’t matter what this kid is doing, the second I turn this channel on he is right up against the screen, totally enthralled with whatever is on.

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Julie tweeted a photo of Josh glued to The Weather Channel and posted the image on Twitter to show her support. Soon after, she was contacted by DIRECTV, who assured her that negotiations were ongoing. The next day, when the station disappeared, she prepared to tell Josh that his beloved station was gone.

I was dreading telling my son (about the network being dropped) but this afternoon he asked me to tune in because he wanted to see what the weather was like. Then I had to break the news – 'The people who put the satellite dish in took The Weather Channel away.'

That crushed me.  Before I said that he was jumping all over the couch, happy as could be. He immediately stopped what he was doing and gave a heartfelt 'WHY?' and then I told him that they’re super mean people who clearly are selfish and want their own channel to get more viewers and have absolutely no respect for a channel that has been in our household since long before he was born. His reply was typical of a five-year-old kid – 'Awww!'

That’s right buddy. I hear you. It’s the worst.

Julie has continued to show her support at her blog, But she also thought she’d let Joshua share just how much he loves The Weather Channel.

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