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This application allows you to view your current weather forecasts in real-time (by either visiting the "Local Forecasts" tab or adding the application to your profile), sign-up for severe weather alerts to be posted to your personal wall and fan/community pages, and view the current weather conditions of your friends all around the globe.

To sign up for severe weather alerts, check out the "Severe Alerts" page. Add the cities for which you would like to receive alerts, choose the settings for these alerts, and then specify where you would like these alerts to be posted (your personal wall or the wall of any page which you administrate).

If you want to see up-to-date Weather Underground local forecasts for your current location (or any location which you have added via the "Severe Alarts" page), visit the "Local Forecasts" page. You can also add this app to your Facebook profile and view these forecasts there!

The "Who is Hot?" page lets you check which of your friends are living in the hottest parts of the world! Get the current weather conditions for their areas of the globe and give them a heads up on their weather forecast!

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I receive Severe Weather alerts to my personal wall?

Upon adding this application, you were signed up to receive a subset of all available severe alerts for the location specified in your Facebook profile. To change which locations you want to receive alerts for, please click on the "Severe Alerts" tab and add/remove cities from your favorites list. To control which types of severe alerts you receive, click the "Settings" link on the corrsponding location in the favorites list.

I own a fan or community page; can I receive severe weather updates on the wall of this page?

Yes, you can! Simply visit the "Severe Alerts" page and add the cities you would like to receive alerts for to your favorites list. Visit the "settings" menu for these cities and click the "Add" link next to the page(s) on which you would like to receive alerts. Use the drop-down box in the permissions pop-up to select the page to which you would like alerts posted. Hit the "Allow" button and you should start automatically receiving alerts on the wall of your page. If you do not want to receive alerts on your personal wall for these cities, you can then click the "Remove" link on the "Personal Wall" table entry.

How do I stop receiving alerts to either my personal wall or my fan page?

To stop receiving severe weather alerts to your personal wall, please visit the "Severe Alerts" page and choose the "Never" option under the heading "Send Alerts:". You can always come back and choose to start accepting alerts again! To stop receiving severe weather alerts to your fan and/or community page, visit the settings page of your page and find the "Weather Underground" application box, and choose the "Remove Application" option. After removal, if you'd like to start receiving alerts to this page again, please click the "Add" link for the corresponding page and city in the "Severe Alerts" tab!

What if I want to only receive alerts to my fan or community page and NOT my personal wall?

To ensure that alerts are only posted on your pages, please visit the "Severe Alerts" page and make sure that you "Add" each city to your desired page(s) and "Remove" each city from your "Personal Wall".

I am not seeing icons next to some of my forecasts.

Please contact us and let us know for which city and state the icon is not properly showing. We appreciate your help in making sure that our application functions at peak performance!

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