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Statement as of 6:00 am CDT on September 5, 2015

... On this date in weather history...

In 1989... thunderstorms produced 4 to 10 inch rainfalls
in much of south central Kansas. The flooding that
resulted was obviously serious... with some roads in and
around Wichita flooded to depths of 4 feet. The 3.28
inches of rain measured at Mid Continent Airport set a
record for the date. In 1992... severe thunderstorms made
for a nasty Labor Day weekend in south-central
Kansas... especially in Wichita... where hail reaching the
size of baseballs and softballs bombarded parts of the
air capital. However anxiety levels escalated even
further when an F2 tornado struck parts of downtown
Wichita... where a Chevrolet dealership was hit... and
thousands were celebrating the Holiday weekend. The
tornado caused around $2.5 million damage.


In 1950... it was an oxymoronic name for a hurricane and
hurricane easy confirmed it. The hurricane definitely
made life miserable for residents of Florida... especially
those living along the Gulf Coast. Achieving category 3
intensity with sustained winds reaching around 125
mph... the hurricane moved very slowly as it executed 2
cyclonic loops over the sunshine state... which also
proved... at least temporarily... to be an oxymoron.
(After all... how much sunshine is there in a hurricane?)
The hurricane deluged Yankeetown Florida... located on the
Gulf Coast around 40 miles southwest of
Gainesville... with an astounding 45.20 inches of rain in
just 24 hours... a United States record at the time. An
estimated $3.3 million damage resulted but surprisingly
only 2 people died. In 1933... a category 3 hurricane
possessing sustained winds of 111 to 130 mph slammed into
Brownsville Texas... killing 40 people... injuring around
500... and causing an estimated $12 million damage.

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