Marine Weather for PZ 083

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Pt St George to pt Arena and out 60 nm

San Mateo Point to the Mexican border out 60 nm

Coastal waters from Florence Oregon to point St. George California and westward 60 nm.

Coastal waters from Cape Shoalwater Washington to Florence Oregon and westward 60 nm

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Coastal Water Temperatures

Place Temperature
North Spit, CA 53.1 °F
Crescent City, CA 55.0 °F
Port Orford, OR 54.0 °F
Arena Cove, CA 53.1 °F

Open Sea Buoy Information

Place ID Sea Temp Wave Height
Cape Mendocino, CA 46213 55 °F 6.23 ft
EEL RIVER 17NM West Southwest of Eureka, CA 46022 53 °F 6.89 ft
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