Marine Weather for HS 026

weather bulletin for shipping - Metarea 6-
21:00 UTC 26, may 2015.
National Weather Service (nws)
date and time reference Meridian of Greenwich - UTC pressure hpa
Beaufort scale winds
part 1
no warnings
part 2 general synopsis at 21:00utc
low 990hpa at 73s 82w mov E dpn exp 73s 45w around 28/0000 extends
cfnt at 68s 90w 70s 80w 63s 78w
ridge at 60s 65w 65s 70w 67s 73w mov SW wkn
trough at 62s 65w 65s 40w 70s 58w 80s 60w mov E dpn
ridge at 63s 50w 65s 53w 70s 50w 75s 40w mov E NC
part 3 forecast issued 00:00 UTC valid until 00:00 UTC 2015-05-28
coastal areas:
southern portion of Drake Strait : sector S 4 veer sector W veer
sector E prob of mist fog patches worsening vis good ocnl moderate
Mar de la flota coasts : sector W 4 prob of fog vis good ocnl moderate
gerlache Strait : sector N 3 back sector S prob of mist vis good
Margarita Bay : sector N 3/4 incr 5 with gusts worsening prob of snow
fall mist vis good to moderate ocnl poor
erebus y terror Gulf : sector W 4/5 incr 6 with gusts prob of mist vis good
oceanic areas:
norther Bellingshausen Sea (60-66s 70-90w): sector E 5/6 with gusts
decr 4 back sector N prob of sh of snow rain and snow mixture vis poor
to moderate
southern Bellingshausen Sea (66-73s 70-90w): sector W 4 veer vrb 3
snow fall spells of good weather prob of mist fog patches vis moderate
ocnl poor
northern Weddell Sea (60-68s 20-50w): sector S 4 veer sector N isol
snow fall impr prob of mist fog patches vis good ocnl moderate
southern Weddell Sea (68-78s 20-60w): sector E 3 back sector N 4/5
with gusts incr 8 with gusts prob of mist worsening towards the end of
the period prob of snow fall vis good ocnl poor

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