Marine Weather for HS 012

Meteo-France Toulouse, Tuesday 1 September 2015 at 1015 UTC.

Wind speed in Beaufort scale. Sea state in Douglas scale. Please be aware, wind gusts can be a further 40 percent stronger than the averages given here, and maximum waves may be up to twice the significant height.

Part 1 : warning nr 389.

Part 2 : general synopsis, Tuesday 1 at 00 UTC low 1015 37n35w, slowly moving north and expected 1013 40n35w by 02/12 UTC. Heat low 1012 over west of Sahara with little change. High 1027 49n19w building 1031 55n22w by 02/12 UTC. Associated ridge in south above 25n. Violent storm Fred 997 near 17.8n 25.7w at 01/06 UTC, moving NW, 310 degres, at 10 kt. Expected near 18.6 N 26.6w by 01/12 UTC, 19.6n 28.2w by 02/00 UTC, then 20.5n 29.9w by 02/12 UTC, slowly decreasing. Monsoon trough from 12n27w to low 1012 near 07n41w.

Part 3 : area forecasts to Wednesday 2 at 12 UTC

Faraday. Mainly east or southeast 3 or 4, increasing 4 or 5 at end. Moderate decreasing. Some rain or showers.

Romeo, Charcot. Mainly northeasterly 2 to 4, but north or northeast 5 in far east of Charcot. Moderate, decreasing from north. Some showers.

Altair. Mainly southeasterly 3 or 4, but increasing east or southeast 5 or 6 from south, then at times 7 in south later. Moderate, becoming locally rough in southwest soon. Showers, at times thundery in south.

Acores. In southwest, southerly 2 to 4, veering south or southwest 3 or 4 at end. Elsewhere, east or southeast 4 to 6, veering southeasterly at end, at times 7 in far north. Moderate, occasionally rough in northwest. Thundery rain or showers. Gusts.

Josephine. North or northeast 3 to 5, veering locally east later. Moderate. Some showers.

Irving. Mainly southerly 3 to 5. Slight or moderate. Thundery rain or showers in west.

Madeira. Mainly north or northeast 3 or 4, locally easterly in west. Moderate or locally slight.

Pazenn. Northerly 3 or 4, increasing north or northeast 4 or 5 later. Slight or moderate. Some showers.

Iroise, Yeu, Rochebonne, cantabrico. Northerly 3 or 4, at times 5. Coastal breeze. Decreasing slight from north. Some showers.

Finisterre. North or northeast increasing 6 or 7 in southeast, and 4 or 5 elsewhere, then increasing 5 or 6 everywhere at end, locally 7 in south. Gusts. Moderate, locally rough in south. Some showers.

Porto. North 5 or 6, increasing locally 7 in north soon. Becoming moderate or rough.

Sao Vicente. Increasing north or northwest 4 or 5 from north, but westerly 3 or 4 in far east. Mainly moderate.

Cadiz, Gibraltar Strait. Westerly 3 or 4, but 5 in far east of the Strait, temporarily 6 at first. Slight.

Casablanca. Northerly increasing 3 or 4. Slight or moderate.

Agadir. North or northeast 4 or 5, locally 6 in southeast today. Moderate.

Meteor. In northwest, south or southeast 3 or 4. In southeast, easterly 3 to 5. Slight or moderate. Some showers in west.

Canarias. Northeast 4 or 5, locally 6 between islands and in southeast. Moderate.

Tarfaya. North or northeast 4 or 5, locally 6 in northeast at first. Moderate.

Cape Verde. Violent storm Fred Max wind near center 60 kt with gust 75 kt, 17.8 N 25.7 W at 01/06utc, moving northwest and slowly decreasing, storm 10 within 40 nm of the center, gale 8 or 9 within 70 nm of center. Elsewhere, mainly east or northeast 5 to 7, becoming variable 2 to 4 around Cape Verde Islands at end. High within 150 nm of center of Fred in east, and within 90 nm in west. Thundersqualls with violent gusts.

Cap Blanc. Mainly northeast 4 or 5, but north or northwest in far southeast, increasing 5 or 6 in east soon, then north or northeast 5 or 6 everywhere later. Moderate, becoming moderate or rough later.

Cap Timiris. Variable 3 or 4, but increasing northwesterly 4 or 5 from west. Moderate, becoming locally rough in north later. Thundersqualls with violent gusts.

Sierra Leone. Mainly southwesterly 3 to 5, but northeast 2 to 4 in far northwest today, veering west or northwest 3 or 4 in far east soon. Moderate. Locally thundersqualls with severe gusts.

Gulf of Guinea. Mainly south or southwest 3 or 4, locally southeast in far southwest. Moderate. Isolated thundersqualls with gusts near coast.

Pointe Noire. Southeast 3 r 4, at times 5 in southwest, but southerly 2 to 4 in east. Moderate, locally rough in far southwest at first.

Part 4 : outlook for next 24 hours threat of east or southeast near gale over Altair and acores. Persistence of north or northeast near gale over Finisterre and porto. Threat of north near gale in east of Agadir. Cyclonic gale Fred over Cape Verde.

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