Marine Weather for AN 081

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Sandy Hook NJ to Fenwick Island de to 20 nm offshore and Delaware Bay

Montauk Point New York to Sandy Hook New Jersey out 20 nm offshore including Long Island Sound...Long Island bays and New York Harbor

Coastal waters from the Merrimack River MA to Watch Hill RI out to 25 nm

Coastal waters from Stonington ME to Merrimack River MA out to 25 nm

Coastal waters from Eastport ME to Stonington ME out 25 nm

Coastal waters from lower Atchafalaya to High Island TX out 60 nm

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Coastal Water Temperatures

Place Temperature
Nantucket Island, MA 30.0 °F
Portland, ME 30.9 °F
Bar Harbor, ME 30.0 °F

Open Sea Buoy Information

Place ID Sea Temp Wave Height
Buoy M0102 Jordan Basin 44037
NANTUCKET SOUND 44020 30 °F 0.98 ft
Jeffrey s Ledge, NH 44098 40 °F 2.95 ft
Buoy E0104 Central Maine Shelf 44032 36 °F 2.95 ft
Buoy F0103 West Penobscot Bay 44033 31 °F 1.64 ft
Buoy I0103 Eastern Maine Shelf 44034 38 °F 3.94 ft
Jonesport, Maine 44027
4.92 ft
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C-MAN Station Information

Place ID Water Temp Wave Height
Matinicus Rock, ME MISM1
Mt Desert Rock, ME MDRM1