Shelf Cloud (thunderstorm clouds ). Photo by weatherfanatic2010

Shelf Cloud

Uploaded by: weatherfanatic2010

Thursday September 27, 2012

Wichita Falls, TX (Current Weather Conditions)

Caption: This shelf cloud moved over Wichita Falls today around lunch time. Didn't create much wind and we didn't get very much rain out of it, but it sure was pretty.


Model: HTC PH39100


Image Length: 1793

Image Width: 6413

Manufacturer: HTC

North or South Latitude: N

Longitude: 98.00, 28.00, 34.71

East or West Longitude: W

Altitude reference: 0x00

Latitude: 33.00, 57.00, 35.00

Altitude: 291.10

Latitude (decimal): 33.959721

Longitude (decimal): -98.476311

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My name is Dylan and I'm 22. I live in a little town called Bowie, Texas. I've been taking pictures my entire life, but 3 years ago I bought my first DSLR a few months before I went storm chasing for the first time. I'm addicted to both now. I've had 3 successful years of chasing and I've seen 22 tornadoes and countless supercells. recently I've become interested in astronomy and astrophotography. Most of my pictures are either weather or space related but I enjoy photographing just about anything! Anyways, enjoy!

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