README Contents 12-27-2007

Weather Underground Expansion Module Version 1.15 for WeatherLink

+ fix rainfall with WMII stations

Changes since last revision:
+ fixed precipitation unit conversion bug for stations reporting rainfall in mm
+ added manual archived data upload to "Wunderground Preferences" menu
+ EXPERMENTAL: added upload of solar radiation, UV, soil temperature, soil moisture, and leaf wetness

Changes through 1.13:
+ fixed automatic sending of missed observation uploads after an internet connection failure.

Changes trough 1.12:
+ fixed wind gust in non realtime mode. Since there is no way to obtain the console's current wind gust, database is used to grab wind gust, and gust time is checked to make sure it is recent.
+ added non realtime mode offset setting. Some users report that their automatic database downloads do not occur because PWS upload gets in the way. Offset setting is offset in minutes from the top of the hour to send PWS updates.

Changes through 1.11:
+ fixed wind speed with WMII stations.
+ when uploading archived observations (older observations that had not be uploaded), only upload 10 at a time to decrease drain on computer resources.
+ changed wind gust calculation period to 5 minutes.
+ fixed 255 mph wind speed / wind gust bug

Changes through 1.8:
+ added rapid fire updates
+ changed wind speed to send 10 minute average (instead of instantaneous) when not in rapid fire mode
+ changed wind gust calculation period to 1 minute.
Changes through 1.7:
+ fixed wind direction values for uploading archived observations
+ added 10 second timeout to observation uploads in case WUnderground is unreachable

Product Requirements
Product Features
To Install the Module
To Setup the Module

Product Requirements

Version 5.5.1 or later of the WeatherLink software for Windows (including version 5.5V)
Windows 98 or later, or Windows 95 with version 4 or later of Internet Explorer

Weather Underground Module Version 1.4 Features

Enables transmission of weather station data to Weather Underground Personal Weather Station network.

1) First install WeatherLink 5.5.1 (or later) or upgrade an earlier version.

2) Download the expansion module here. Save the WuiWlink_1.dll file to your Weather Link Expansion Modules directory:

3) Quit and restart (or start) the WeatherLink application.
4) Goto the "File" menu and select "Manage Modules".
5) Click the "Add Module" button. Find and select the WuiWlink_1.dll file.
6) Click "okay" several times until all of the dialog windows close.
7) Restart WeatherLink.

1) Select "Wunderground Settings" from the "File" menu.
2) Enter your weather station ID and password, and the frequency of updates. You can find your Weather Station ID from: My Stations. Your password is the password you use to login to the site.
3) If you wish, click the "Test" button, and an observation will be sent. A dialog will appear indicating whether the operation was successful.

That's it. If your station is connected, it should start uploading observations using the new module.

IF FOR ANY REASON WeatherLink becomes unstable, or if the module is uploading garbage data, simply remove the module:
1) click the "File" menu and select "Manage Modules". Select the WuiWlink_1.dll module and click "Disable Module" or "Delete Module".

Please visit our Support Center for further help.