Weather for Rota SP

Place Alerts Temp. Conditions Humidity Pressure Wind Updated
Rota, Chile 0 90 °F Clear 17% 29.83 in SSW at 10 mph 4:00 PM CLST
Rota, India 0            
Rota, Italy 1> 1> 42 °F 51% 29.97 in North at 18 mph 8:00 PM CET
Rota, Mariana Islands 0 75 °F Mostly Cloudy 94% 29.96 in (Rising) ENE at 21 mph 4:59 AM ChST
Rota, Nicaragua 0 91 °F Partly Cloudy 34% 29.86 in NNE at 9 mph 1:00 PM CST
Rota, Norway 1SV opp i full storm, 25 m/s, 90 km/h på kysten /SW up to storm force 10 at the coast. 1Vanskelige kjøreforhold i fjellet pga snø og sterk vind / Bad road conditions in the mountains due to snow and strong wind.> 1> 42.6 °F Rain 97% 30.01 in WSW at 14.3 mph 8:20 PM CET
Rota, Solomon Islands 0            
Rota, Spain 0 41 °F Partly Cloudy 33% 30.01 in NE at 9 mph 8:00 PM CET

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