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Potential disruption due to snow and ice
Issued: 11:48 AM Mar. 22, 2023 – EUMETNET - MeteoAlarm
Persistent snowfall and from night to Thursday at the same time fresh north-easterly wind which can lead to snowdrifts and drift formation with the risk of traffic problems as a result.; What happens: An area of snowfall will move in over the area during Wednesday and the snowfall will then become persistent. Night towards Thursday the wind also increases and Thursday morning a fresh north-easterly wind is expected, which in combination with the cold and dry fresh snow creates a risk of snowdrifts and drift formation. Until Thursday, the snowfall gradually stops and the wind subsides. Total expected amount of fresh snow 10-15 cm.; What to expect: Traffic is slower due to slippery roads, snow sludge, poor visibility, blowing snow behind vehicles and drifting snow.
Limited accessibility on roads, especially in open landscapes, that, for example, has not been cleared of snow or due to traffic accidents.
Risk of delays in bus-, train- and air traffic as well as canceled departures.
; Where: The Västerbotten coast
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