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Rowing the North Atlantic: In May 2012, entrepreneur Andrew Morris and adventurer Roz Savage will leave dry land and home comforts behind as they set off to row from the East coast of Canada home to London.
Olympic Atlantic Row
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Meet The Rowers
Roz Savage
Roz Savage

Roz Savage is a British ocean rower and environmental campaigner. Roz holds four world records for ocean rowing, including first woman to row three oceans: the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian. She has rowed over 15,000 miles, taken around 5 million oarstrokes, and spent cumulatively over 500 days of her life at sea in a 23-foot rowboat. Roz uses her ocean rowing adventures to inspire action on the top environmental challenges facing the world today.

Andrew ‘Mos’ Morris
Andrew Morris

Andrew ‘Mos’ Morris is a British Adventurer and entrepreneur. Not content with rowing the Atlantic East – West, he is keen to take on the tougher challenge of rowing the North Atlantic West – East and inspire young people to broaden their horizons. When Mos isn't rowing oceans, you'll find him behind the wheel of historic F1 racing cars or the Icon Sheene, the world's most powerful production motorcycle.

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