Remnants Of Pamela

Storm Activity: Oct 10, 2021 - Oct 14, 2021

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Storm Track Statistics

Oct 1009:00 GMT14.3-102.935 °mph1,006 °mbTropical Depression--
Oct 1015:00 GMT14.8-104.735 °mph1,006 °mbTropical Depression--
Oct 1021:00 GMT15.5-105.945 °mph1,005 °mbTropical Storm--
Oct 1103:00 GMT15.9-106.850 °mph1,002 °mbTropical Storm--
Oct 1109:00 GMT16.2-107.650 °mph1,002 °mbTropical Storm--
Oct 1115:00 GMT16.8-108.165 °mph995 °mbTropical Storm--
Oct 1118:00 GMT16.8-108.270 °mph992 °mbTropical Storm--
Oct 1121:00 GMT17.2-108.570 °mph992 °mbTropical Storm--
Oct 1200:00 GMT17.7-108.870 °mph992 °mbTropical Storm--
Oct 1203:00 GMT17.9-108.970 °mph992 °mbTropical Storm--
Oct 1206:00 GMT18.8-108.970 °mph992 °mbTropical Storm--
Oct 1209:00 GMT19.2-108.975 °mph988 °mbHurricane1
Oct 1212:00 GMT19.9-10980 °mph985 °mbHurricane1
Oct 1215:00 GMT20.4-108.980 °mph985 °mbHurricane1
Oct 1218:00 GMT20.5-109.480 °mph991 °mbHurricane1
Oct 1221:00 GMT21-109.370 °mph989 °mbTropical Storm--
Oct 1300:00 GMT21.5-108.970 °mph989 °mbTropical Storm--
Oct 1303:00 GMT21.9-108.770 °mph989 °mbTropical Storm--
Oct 1306:00 GMT22.2-108.370 °mph989 °mbTropical Storm--
Oct 1309:00 GMT22.8-107.675 °mph987 °mbHurricane1
Oct 1312:00 GMT23.7-106.875 °mph987 °mbHurricane1
Oct 1315:00 GMT24.4-10665 °mph992 °mbTropical Storm--
Oct 1318:00 GMT25.1-104.845 °mph999 °mbTropical Storm--
Oct 1321:00 GMT26-103.735 °mph1,003 °mbTropical Depression--
Oct 1403:00 GMT27.5-101.530 °mph1,004 °mbRemnants Of--
There is no tracking data for this storm.