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Gaithersburg, MD
When is it good weather for the activity: Jogging in Gaithersburg, MD?

Scenic places to run around the Inner Harbor include the promenade around the water; Rash Field, on the south side, adjacent to the Science Center and Federal Hill Park; and the path at the water's edge at Fort McHenry. If you're staying in Mount Vernon, head north up Charles Street toward Charles Village and Johns Hopkins University.


Running is one of the best ways to see the city, and several scenic trails wend through Downtown Washington and nearby northern Virginia. It can be dangerous to run at night on the trails, although the streets are fairly well lighted. Even in daylight, it's best to run in pairs when venturing beyond public areas or heavily used sections of trails.

The 89-mi-long C&O Canal Towpath

(www.nps.gov/choh) in the C&O National Historical Park is a favorite of runners and cyclists. The path is mostly gravel and dirt, making it easy on knees and feet. The most popular loop, which goes from a point just north of the Key Bridge in Georgetown to the Boat House at Fletcher's Cove, is about 4 mi round-trip.

The most popular running route in Washington is the 4.5-mi loop on the Mall

around the Capitol and past the Smithsonian museums, the Washington Monument, the Reflecting Pool, and the Lincoln Memorial. At any time of day hundreds of runners, speed walkers, bicyclists, and tourists make their way along the gravel pathways. For a longer run, veer south of the Mall on either side of the Tidal Basin and head for the Jefferson Memorial and East Potomac Park, the site of many races.

Across the Potomac in Virginia is the Mount Vernon Trail

. The 3.5-mi northern section begins near the pedestrian causeway leading to Theodore Roosevelt Island (directly across the river from the Kennedy Center) and goes past Ronald Reagan National Airport and on to Old Town Alexandria. You can get to the trail from the District by crossing either the Theodore Roosevelt Bridge at the Lincoln Memorial or the Rochambeau Memorial Bridge at the Jefferson Memorial. South of the airport, the trail runs down to the Washington Marina. The 9-mi southern section leads to Mount Vernon.

Rock Creek Park

has 15 mi of trails, a bicycle path, a bridle path, picnic groves, playgrounds, and the boulder-strewn rolling stream that gives it its name. The creek isn't safe or pleasant for swimming. Starting one block south of the corner of P and 22nd streets on the edge of Georgetown, Rock Creek Park runs all the way to Montgomery County, Maryland. The most popular run in the park is a trail along the creek from Georgetown to the National Zoo: about a 4-mi loop. In summer there's considerable shade, and there are water fountains and an exercise station along the way. The roadway is closed to traffic on weekends.

Information and Organizations

Group runs and weekend races around Washington are listed in the Friday "Weekend" section of the Washington Post.

You can also check the Thursday calendar of events in the

Washington Times.

Comprehensive listings of running and walking events are posted online by the

Washington Running Report

(www.runwashington.com) and



Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 6:30 pm you can join the Capitol Hill Runners

(Tel. 301/283-0821) on a 6- to 8-mi run, which begins at the Reflecting Pool at the base of the Capitol's west side. Most Sunday mornings the

Fleet Feet Sports Shop

(1841 Columbia Rd. NW, Adams Morgan, 20009. Tel. 202/387-3888. Woodley Park/Zoo) sponsors informal runs through Rock Creek Park and other areas. The shop's owner and father of the city's mayor Phil Fenty leads the runs. The courses change at Phil's discretion and usually go from 5 to 7 mi. Call the

Road Runners Club of America Hotline

(Tel. 703/525-3890) for general information about running and racing in the area.

Jogging Locations
1 Hyatt Arlington
Hyatt Arlington
1325 Wilson Blvd.
Arlington, VA 22209

The renovations gods have recently kissed this Hyatt, leaving it a solid over-the-Potomac choice. Most guest rooms are large and modern and have comfy mattresses, flat-screen TVs, and large workstations. The hotel's restaurant, Cityhouse, serves classic American cuisine, and the lobby bar is a good place to relax with an early-evening martini or late-night drink. Jogging paths and golf courses can be found nearby. Pros:

free Internet access; across from Metro.


outside the city; dull neighborhood. www.hyattarlington.com. 317 rooms, 8 suites. In-room: Wi-Fi. In-hotel: restaurant, bar, gym, parking. Credit cards accepted.

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2 Holiday Inn Arlington at Ballston
Holiday Inn Arlington at Ballston
4610 N. Fairfax Dr.
Arlington, VA 22203

You can get to the major sights of Northern Virginia and DC quickly from this hotel, two blocks (or a free shuttle ride) from the Ballston Metrorail station. It is also across the street from the Custis jogging trail. Guest rooms have a navy and burgundy color scheme with duvet comforters, an overstuffed chair with ottoman, and a mahogany dresser and work desk. Kids love the suspended model railroad at Lacey Station Dining Car Restaurant (named for the railroad station that was once 200 feet away); hotel guests 12 and under eat free from the kids' menu. Parking is free Friday and Saturday nights. Pros:

perks for kids; free shuttle to the Metro; free parking on weekends.


service sometimes suffers with a busy staff; fee for parking during the week. www.hiarlington.com. 221 rooms, 2 suites. In-room: Internet. In-hotel: restaurant, bar, pool, gym, laundry facilities, parking. Credit cards accepted. Metro: Ballston.

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3 Lansdowne Resort
Lansdowne Resort
44050 Woodridge Pkwy.
Leesburg, VA 22075

With 312 acres of hills and tall trees bordered by the Potomac River, Lansdowne specializes in outdoor activities and has miles of hiking and jogging trails. Polished wood furniture, handsome wall decorations, and marble-accented bathrooms help make the property elegant. On the Potomac restaurant serves a seasonal menu with fresh fish options. The Riverside Hearth, an upscale café overlooking an 18-hole golf course and driving range, is best known for its decadent Sunday brunch buffet. Pros:

there's always something to do here between its tennis courts, pools, and 45 holes of championship golf courses; some areas of the hotel have beautiful views.


the resort gets mixed reviews when it comes to service and friendliness of front desk staff; prices are high. www.lansdowneresort.com. 305 rooms, 14 suites. In-room: Wi-Fi. In-hotel: restaurants, bars, golf courses, pools, tennis courts, gym, spa, parking. Credit cards accepted.

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4 Lancaster Host Resort and Conference Center
Lancaster Host Resort and Conference Center
2300 Lincoln Hwy. E
Lancaster, PA 17602

This sprawling family resort is in the heart of the busy Pennsylvania Dutch tourist area and features cherrywood furnishings. You can jog or rent a bike and ride around the beautifully landscaped golf course and grounds. Pros:

knowledgeable staff; indoor pool; plenty of activities.


some dingy hallways; gym needs upgrading; smell of manure from nearby fields. www.lancasterhost.com. 330 rooms, 8 suites. In-room: Internet. In-hotel: restaurants, bar, golf course, pools, tennis courts. Credit cards accepted.

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