Weather for Burke, VA - On top of Pohick Mountain at 325' and I'm usually 0.01F cooler than my surrounds!!

Place Alerts Temp. Conditions Humidity Pressure Wind Updated
Burke, Nepal 0 73 °F Overcast 75%  in East at 2 mph 11:45 AM +0545
Burke, New York 0 59 °F Clear 90% 30.01 in (Falling) Calm 2:53 AM EDT
Burke, Pakistan 0 85 °F Scattered Clouds 64%  in South at 1 mph 11:30 AM IST
Burke, South Dakota 1Heat Advisory 70 °F Light Rain 76% 29.86 in (Falling) SSE at 16 mph 2:30 AM CDT
Burke, Virginia 0 71.6 °F Clear 98% 30.06 in (Falling) Calm 3:36 AM EDT

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Tornado Warning Tornado Warning
Tornado Watch Tornado Watch
Severe Thunderstorm Warning Severe Thunderstorm Warning
Severe Thunderstorm Watch Severe Thunderstorm Watch
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Flood Warning Flood Warning
Flood Watch / Flood Statement Flood Watch / Flood Statement
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