The Plot Thickens

By: ycd0108 , 3:32 PM GMT on May 24, 2012

Here is some information about how our provincial government proposes to protect something:
I do not think this bill is supposed to protect food safety.
What would you guess it would protect?

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19. ycd0108
6:50 PM GMT on May 26, 2012
Ylee: I never was very good but I could do useful things with the torches. The ability to cut heavy steel and stick two pieces together is handy.
Hands are now too shaky and eyes too old for real fine work. I've done enough of that anyhow and I still fiddle around with small parts and wood work projects.
Bigger stuff like forms for concrete or framing have always interested me more than finish carpentry and I can still run power tools. Having two grown daughters with endless project ideas and adequate finances helps keep me busy. Just now got a hanger system for the third fish dome and I'll try to get a photo with all three domes with fish up in them.
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18. Ylee
5:16 PM GMT on May 26, 2012
I've done(or tried to) some minor braising before with a "hobbyist sized" oxy torch but never did it enough to get good at it. I'd like to try my hand at arc welding someday; the local trade school offers welding classes, but it's a matter of finding time to take the classes. I could always putter around in the maintenance shop, but that would take away from my blogging time! :)
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17. ycd0108
4:28 PM GMT on May 26, 2012
Morning Pat and thanks for that update. I can get better coverage of Canadian news here than I find in our media. Coincidentally I was reading a related article in TheTyee just now: /
OrangeRoses: For a moment I thought *giggling* was the name of the process of installing the (expanding?) hat band. Come to think of it, we were allowed to use mercury in both liquid metallic and red oxide form in high school Chemistry labs. We would heat the HgO in a test tube to extract oxygen. But it did not affect me affect me affect me...
I'm going to look at J.B.Priestly's later writing to see if he might have been "affected".
Ylee: In some ways this little tractorous is a toy and you spend most of your time wishing for a larger reach or climbing around on it to re-position but just being able to put half a ton of lift or pressure where you want it is amazing.
I'm fairly confident with this set of forms because the maximum height is barely a foot but I will be there fretting as usual. I have had minor "Blow outs" and a few desperate moments:
Early on (as in 40+ years ago) I made the mistake of shifting a 4'x8' form panel by grabbing the tie bar at the bottom with wet concrete pouring in above. The panel clicked into place and the concrete slapped it out to trap all my fingers between the panel and the bar. The rest of the crew were up 8' above and would not get to me in time to release the pressure so I reared back and pulled the fingers out. Still got 'em, too. Concrete in the right place is wonderful stuff and well worth all the fretting I can do before hand. Once the trucks arrive the fretting will soon be over and the product will be there for quite a while.
Welding and cutting metal with oxy-acetylene torches was like entering a new dimension for me. I still have lots of gauges and torches but gave up the rental contract for the acetylene bottle because I wasn't using it much. Tloml even took the welding course at the college.
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16. Ylee
2:36 PM GMT on May 26, 2012
Mornin', ycd! You used tractorus to rip an overhang off? I'm surprised the little hoe could get high enough!

Will you have to check the forms before they bring the concrete to see if it settled, so it will be level after they pour? Concrete(along with welding) is a skill I'd like to learn before I get too old to care!
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15. OrangeRoses
2:20 PM GMT on May 26, 2012
Let's hope *giggling* your hat lining is not mercuric. You most likely know and indeed you must know the mad hatter in Charles Lutwidge Dodgson's WunderLand - not wunderground - suffered from quicksilver Hg poisoning. If en knee 1 thinks this is a hand-me-down fable?

Mercury was used in the process of curing felt used in some hats, making it impossible for hatters to avoid inhaling the mercury fumes given off during the hat making process; hatters and mill workers thus often suffered mercury poisoning, causing neurological damage, including confused speech and distorted vision.

and the Enlightenment Restored
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14. ycd0108
3:50 AM GMT on May 26, 2012
Evening OrangeRoses: Thanks for the comment. I was worried that I had somehow offended you on your site.
I'm very much in the learning stage with internet blogs and from what I see so are most people. I have been here for about four years - a toddler with some small amount of language. The whole blog process is maybe an early teenager at best. And as mad as an "Hatter".
Since I happen to also think outside the box as often as I can I find certain bloggers more interesting than others. I hope you take that as a compliment.
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13. ycd0108
2:47 AM GMT on May 26, 2012
Evening Pat: I watched the whole thing and good for those people 'cause they at least are "off their duff". I doubt this will go away soon. I'm a bit concerned that the "Powers that be" do not seem to recognize what is going on or else they do recognize but choose to continue to act in old ways that have proven to fail consistently.
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12. OrangeRoses
11:39 PM GMT on May 25, 2012
Mixing, blending colours and backgrounds using a rediscovered opacity setting in the CSS ( cascading style sheets) which are encoded for every line in my blog. So it takes a long time to create something exceptional, yet I get weary when the automated settings WU uses to keep it within its supposed black 'n white world causes re-do's over and over until I just close it down and forget about it! There still is a lightening which makes it almost like a soft tone photographic effect that I love. I have tried it "as-is" and then I want something smooth, soft, feminine and biting too! LOL So this is all about letting you know I corrected almost all of it and noticed a black text now looks like slightly tarnished silver. I had used silver for a long time until I get bored with it. It isn't just for the readers, few and far between, or even the commentators. It is for me too! You have to admit the lighting effects on the Mood for the Day photos add just the right atmosphere.
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11. Patrap
10:20 PM GMT on May 25, 2012
Video courtesy of m2wannawatch

Youtube channel

Police in Montreal arrested over 700 students during the latest night of demonstrations. The students are protesting against tuition fee hikes and the adoption of a controversial bill that is seen as a tool to limit freedom of speech. Arrests were also made in Quebec City with some 170 detained and in Sherbrooke. Most of those arrested have already been released, though many face $1,000 fines. Protesters reportedly threw fireworks and bottles at officers forcing law enforcement to carry out extensive arrests in the hundreds. It's been more than 14 weeks since the largest student demonstration in Canadian history started.

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10. ycd0108
10:18 PM GMT on May 25, 2012
What was I on about just now when I wandered off and lost the comment? _members/master_game.htm
Oh yes, De Ropp's book "The Master Game".
One technique he recommends trying is simply: "Stop Thought". I tried it 40 years ago and still try it now and then. I guess it is related to meditation and I'm not adept at either meditating nor stopping thought but a moment or two without the chatter is like a cool breeze on a hot day.
The Wiki entry on de Ropp is interesting.
I have the forms set square and level for the slab at my daughter's place but my "concrete placer/finisher", Paddy, can't get there till next week. So I took the little back hoe back to it's owner.
Should have gotten Gunther to take a picture of me ripping the overhang off the existing building we are tying on to with the hoe but you will have to just imagine
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9. ycd0108
1:06 PM GMT on May 25, 2012
Good morning Bogon:
It doesn't seem like my vote matters up here either. The two levels of government "slip something under the radar" as often as they can and lately it seems they want to start an avalanche. I can understand that they're are greedy, power hungry and will use any technique dreamed up by their tame "think" tanks but it sticks in the craw when they go on about democracy as if they understand it.
When I forwarded the note from Alexandra Morton to my daughter yesterday she phoned and asked: "What does Morton want us to do? What should I do, Dad?"
I considered for a moment and all I came up with was:
"Let's just finish the forms for the slab."
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8. Bogon
12:15 PM GMT on May 25, 2012
The article you linked at The Tyee gives a partial rundown of the effects of this bill. I'm not Canadian, so I can't vote for or against. All I can do is complain, point a finger and offer moral support.

Beware politicians who cover themselves in the mantle of freedom, then claim to know what is best for everybody. In a democracy the best course is determined through consensus.

Watch out for legislation introduced with no fanfare. That usually means somebody is trying to slip something under the radar.
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7. ycd0108
2:02 AM GMT on May 25, 2012
Evening Ylee:
The way I read it is: "Don't see, don't tell".
Don't worry, you won't put me in a funk. I was there and bought the tuxedo.
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6. Ylee
1:42 AM GMT on May 25, 2012
Sorry if I get your mind back in a funk, but I don't understand what the proposed legislation is supposed to do. A person can't disclose the origin of their food? I would think it would have to be the other way around, that they had to say the origin of their food!
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5. ycd0108
11:08 PM GMT on May 24, 2012
Afternoon BriarCraft:
The lady who sent me the email has been a tireless advocate for wild salmon on this coast. She would be liable to massive fines - up to 75K$ and up to two years in jail for MENTIONING this kind of information if the law is passed.
We now have two salmon net farms under quarantine so she was right.
I could also be fined under the proposed law, I guess, just for MENTIONING such things here.
It makes no sense but it makes plain who the real scary criminals are: Our current government.
On a lighter note I saw your comment on the eclipse photo. My system here came with "Windows Photo and Fax Viewer" which seems to do everything I need - I just need to remember to use the rotation gizmo before I get to WU.
Hello LowerCal: Thank you for introducing some humor to this heartbreaking topic. I went to work somewhat shocked and depressed by the notion that any government that calls itself a democratic representative and endlessly chatters about "Transparency" and "Eco-Friendliness" could come up with this paralysing nonsense. I got your comment on the iPod and read a bit of "The Onion" and I'm back to normal now.
Maybe if someone in the western U.S. forwarded Alex's Typepad blog to their Fisheries Department or Food Inspection Agency (we all share the same Pacific, after all) these provincial boneheads would listen up.
Or I could get off my duff and go help her stand up for me and the salmon.
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4. LowerCal
6:40 PM GMT on May 24, 2012
Those laws would be funny in The Onion... but they're not.
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3. BriarCraft
5:16 PM GMT on May 24, 2012
My best guess is it's trying to protect the privacy of some undisclosed animal, animal part, or animal byproduct, as well as the owner of said animal. Very strange.

Personally, I think Legalese should be banned as a language and that all laws and legal documents should need to be translated into conversational English that we can all understand.

Also, I put a link on your eclipse photo, but I'll add it here, as well. It's for Photoscape, a free photo editing software available for download. Good for rotating and/or resizing photos before uploading to WU.
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2. ycd0108
3:54 PM GMT on May 24, 2012
Just for fun, here's what our Feds are proposing:
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1. ycd0108
3:43 PM GMT on May 24, 2012
Here is part of the proposed Bill:
"Division 1 — Collection, Use and Disclosure of Information
Protected information
16 Except as permitted under section 17 [duty to keep information confidential] or 18 [personal information], a person must refuse, despite the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, to disclose the following:

(a) information that would identify the person responsible for an animal or an animal product or byproduct;
(b) information that would identify an animal or an animal product or byproduct that is located at or in a specific place or on or in a specific vehicle;
(c) information that would reveal that a notifiable or reportable disease is or may be present in a specific place or on or in a specific vehicle;
(d) information that would reveal that an animal or an animal product or byproduct affected by a notifiable or reportable disease is
(i) located at or in a specific place or on or in a specific vehicle, or
(ii) owned, or in the custody or control of, an identifiable person or body, or that an identifiable person or body is an operator in relation to the animal or the animal product or byproduct;
(e) information that is derived from a sample taken under this Act or that is submitted to the ministry of the minister or a laboratory identified in an order of the minister.
Duty to keep information confidential"
We are not headed for "Double Speak"
This will be called:
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