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By: ycd0108 , 3:45 PM GMT on April 17, 2012

This individual still haunts me. We pulled her/him up in a prawn trap and I started slavering for "Pulpo Cocktail".
Butchering a good sized octopus takes about a day.
The next day we pulled up another and poured it back in the chuck.

Octopus (ycd0108)
Never again

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13. ycd0108
2:44 PM GMT on April 20, 2012
CBC's take on the story: ld-panama-fishermen-left-adrift-at-sea.html
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12. ycd0108
12:58 PM GMT on April 20, 2012
Since the links don't work very well here is the story as I read and remember it:
Bird watcher folks on a cruise ship spotted a boat signalling distress. They alerted a crew member who said he had passed the notice to the bridge. The ship carried on and the boat drifted on and two young men died. The Cruise line is now apologizing for "communication Breakdown" - according to them the Captain and First Officer were never informed of the incedent.
Well, they sure as ---- know now!
Next time a bird watcher tells me to take a look "over there" I'm gonna accept the offer.
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11. ycd0108
12:10 PM GMT on April 20, 2012
The story made BBC online this morning: 80503
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10. ycd0108
3:01 AM GMT on April 20, 2012
It appears there are boat captains out there as bad as I am:
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9. ycd0108
3:31 PM GMT on April 18, 2012
Morning Ylee:
I went searching for a picture of the Jumbo Squid we found on the beach near where we pulled up the octopus. Trouble is: this computer only goes back to 2010 so the squid pictures must have been earlier - too bad I did not upload pics to WU back then.
The sounder can tell you that you are approaching shallow water but since it shoots vertically you are already over whatever it shows. The chartplotter shows the marine chart with an icon of your boat's position and recent track and you can set alarms to tell you if you are closing with an object like a rock or an island.
When you turn on the GPS it shows a screen that says:
"Do Not Rely On This Plotter as Your Only Means Of Navigation!" We are required to carry a paper chart and a compass as well.
'Course someone near the helm has to know how to read a chart.
Some boats have complete computer controlled navigation systems - the GPS, depth sounder, forward looking sonar and radar are all connected to an auto pilot but now and then they still manage to whump in to something: Google up "Queen of the North" for instance.
You must be at work today 'cause Wylee is all lit up - have a good 'un.
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8. Ylee
2:56 PM GMT on April 18, 2012
If the octopus story is a redo, I've never saw it, and that's all that matters to me!

Glad you got the Fishfinder! Will you be able to see underwater rocks with it? Hope so!

Have a good day!
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7. ycd0108
5:28 AM GMT on April 18, 2012
"Stop me if you've heard this one before"
Seems to me I put that story up here a while ago and I'm starting to remember comments on it.
Oh well - the point as far as I know/feel is to chronicle this moment.
Not the old oft-repeated story but the ability to register something and hope it will endure. I do not trust any tool or vehicle to run indefinetly and to me the WWW is a tool and a vehicle.
We'll see
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6. ycd0108
8:56 PM GMT on April 17, 2012
Afternoon BriarCraft:
I judge a restaurant by it's calamari world wide. So far I recall two special places:
1) Vlore, Albania
2)Roseburg, Johannesburg
'Course the soft shell crab in Kep, Cambodia were not too bad with pepper sprouts.
There is a thin layer of meat around the brain of the 'pus. We had to pack things out by plane and I don't know what came along. I wanted to show the grand kids some of the 3' arms (actually I wanted to thaw the tentacles and lay them on the grandkids shoulders) but with packing and freezing and whatnot I lost track of the tentacles as well.
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5. BriarCraft
8:07 PM GMT on April 17, 2012
Calamari, AKA squid, is quite good and I'm guessing octopus might be similar in taste and texture. Is it just the tentacles that are eaten?
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4. ycd0108
8:06 PM GMT on April 17, 2012
Installed the Lowrance Chartplotter/Fishfinder in the boat yesterday. I've used a Lowrance hand held GPS for years but it's display seemed to get smaller and dimmer over the years (there is nothing wrong with the hand held). This new one has a 5" color display and accurate charts. I can see again!
I don't fish very much anymore - there are not enough fish in the sea now. So the fish finder function will mainly be used as a sounder for navigation and anchoring.
However, I have another GPS story:
Ron and I flew up the coast to bring his new purchase (42' Monk) home.
I brought my little Lorance and the boat had a "Waypointer" GPS mounted. We spent a few days in Smith's Inlet due to some roughty-toughty weather so I spent a fair bit of time trying to familiarize myself with the Waypointer so the helmsman would have some way points if I fell off the boat.
I entered all the routes to Port Hardy as options - Smith's to Hardy is open to the Pacific and we had planned to meet Tloml and the new captain's lady in Hardy. We found a satellite ((there is no Cell or VHF phone coverage there) phone and called Tloml and told her we were stuck in Smith's and waiting for good weather to cross. She phoned Wendy immediately and said "They'll be in Hardy tomorrow. They are running out of booze."
"but the thing I wish to recall":
We stuck our bow out between the north and south aptly named "Iron Rocks" and tried to turn back but agreed that 3-4' SW wind wave running into 6 meter NW swell with 40 knot outflow wind from Smith's was a bit much so we found a bearing that did not capsize the boat and carried on. Got a few "greenies" and cracked the windshield but the Monk kept coming back up. At some point we figured we should get out of this loosing round with the Pacific and there is a sneaky channel called "Slingsby" which I had not programmed into the Waypointer but had in my Lowrance. I punched the Waypointer buttons from an oblique angle (last thing I wanted at that point was to interfere with the helmsman) and thought I had given him the same location. Our course starts wandering away from what I was watching on the tiny Lowrance. We argued for a bit but I said: "I know the hand held and I don't know the Waypointer. I say trust the Lowrance."
Capt. was busy watching waves and had been for some hours so he said OK.
We stuffed the boat through Slingsby and anchored up in Alison Harbour.
Turned out I had entered Lat. and Lon. for Slingsby correctly on the helm GPS but somehow I had toggled South Lat. so the captain was headed to Antarctica
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3. ycd0108
6:05 PM GMT on April 17, 2012
Morning Ylee:
Once you have skinned it you are supposed to tenderize the meat with a hammer. then you can put it in a casserole, chowder or make cevichi (small bits marienated in lime juice). Took a plate of squid cevichi: eviche-simple-recipe/
to a pot luck and it was all slurped up.
Mornin' Todd:
I don't intend to ever kill another octopus but I do like just about anything edible from the sea.
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2. toddluck
4:14 PM GMT on April 17, 2012
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1. Ylee
4:13 PM GMT on April 17, 2012
How do you prepare octopus, ycd? Not that I would eat it, or anything like that! :)
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