Mile Stone

By: ycd0108 , 12:25 AM GMT on February 28, 2012

This afternoon we warmed up the boat and untangled from the unusual "Stern to" moorage. This meant securing the bigger boat to our starboard and slipping the line someone had run from his bow to the fish boat on our port side so we could hand our boat out and take the first run with the renewed rebuilt power. T'was Brillig out there as you can see once my latest photo appears.
System ran well - cooling, oil pressure and charging all good. We are somewhat reassured but the earlier engine failure is still fairly fresh in our minds so I want to run a few short trips before we move a few miles to the preferred dock space.
Tucked back in to the stern to and put the overhead bow line connecting the bigger boats back in place. Also hung up a sign on the wiper motor to remind me to deal with the bow line before I proceed out of the hole.

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27. ycd0108
3:57 AM GMT on March 05, 2012 d=7442915
Member Since: January 1, 2008 Posts: 222 Comments: 5933
26. ycd0108
1:57 AM GMT on March 05, 2012
I worked in "The Bush" here for a few summers as an exploration geologist - read "Penney stock promoter" and probably spent time as far away from industry and highways as one can in this province.
I wrote this ditty there:
"I've been to the center of the wilderness
Sat there on a windless day
I heard those motors turnin'
A hundred miles away."
I titled that one:
"B Flat C. Hydro"
If you hum just now - go ahead -

You will hum pretty close to B flat because you and I and everyone near the western power grid will naturally hum in tune with the grid: some multiple of 60 hertz. Europeans hum closer to a multiple of 50 cps
Member Since: January 1, 2008 Posts: 222 Comments: 5933
25. ycd0108
1:49 AM GMT on March 05, 2012
And thanks to you too for the blog and the stopover. I was kidding about the booze - I haven't been able to keep a liquor cabinet stocked since I came of legal age.
Funny to me how women's clothes never have any pockets but the purse serves the same function. Apparently one can get a "Man Purse" nowadays but my workmates would point and chuckle unless the purse had some tools sticking out of it. Come to think: That's not a bad idea either: what tools to put in the purse?
We watched a mechanic repair a radiator on a bus in Lao PDR with nothing more than a knock-off Leatherman tool.
Member Since: January 1, 2008 Posts: 222 Comments: 5933
24. BriarCraft
12:39 AM GMT on March 05, 2012
I like the idea for your next blog. Should be a fun read/conversation.

I had the privilege of driving the Al-Can Highway in 1974, when 1200 miles of its length was still gravel. Whenever we stopped to stretch our legs and enjoy the sights, the silence was so profound it almost hurt the ears. And then we would hear a vehicle approaching and think it was just over the hill, but it actually was 10 minutes or more before it would pass by. I've never experienced anything quite like that before or since. The silence to be found some places on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington certainly is quiet, but doesn't really compare. Somehow, I think the silence you found on your recent trek just might be that same sort of profound silence I remember.

And I had some similar experiences with road graders running at full speed like you talked about above. That certainly makes you sit up straight and pay attention while driving.
Member Since: June 21, 2004 Posts: 94 Comments: 4712
23. redagainPatti
12:20 AM GMT on March 05, 2012
Hey and good day to you! I just wanted to swing by in here and say thanks for stopping by the other day in my blog. I really did love your "one" item you would take with you
Member Since: July 10, 2005 Posts: 132 Comments: 1600
22. ycd0108
7:37 PM GMT on March 04, 2012
I got lost at Hemmings. Now I want a Charger 440 SixPack. Trouble is: I learned how to "put the Hammer Down" but I never learned how to ease off. So I like driving Tloml's tiny Versa which can't go much more than 80 mph without wheezing.
Member Since: January 1, 2008 Posts: 222 Comments: 5933
21. Ylee
9:11 AM GMT on March 04, 2012
Ycd, if you were lucky, and up for a road trip where you may have to go to the far reaches of the North American Continent, try Hemmings Motor News. Someone may just have that '58 Power Wagon panel, although to get it cheap, it may be a basket case.
Member Since: February 3, 2011 Posts: 127 Comments: 22700
20. ycd0108
6:13 PM GMT on March 03, 2012
Morning Ylee:
Just when I figure you are off work for a while you show up on shift.
Sober decisions are not my long suite - I just aged in the meantime and spent too much money on those projects. Mind you: if I happened upon a 1958 Dodge Panel power wagon in good shape..........
It's a funny feeling posting my somewhat trivial notions here when the news on Dr. Masters' blog is so devastating, but I can not look at any more pictures of foundations with broken buildings all around.
Member Since: January 1, 2008 Posts: 222 Comments: 5933
19. ycd0108
5:03 PM GMT on March 03, 2012
Morning Bogon: Good catch!
I ain't superstitious but I always open a bag or a can with the label upright.
Silver Dollars:
Once upon a time an old friend was so darn low that I could not house him at the house so we set him up to stay on my 35' fish boat at the dock. He disappeared for a few years and left a small cloth wrapped collection of coins somewhere on the boat. A few years later another good friend was stepping the mast on his newly built 27' St Pierre Dory so I gave him one of the old silver coins to follow a tradition. Partly 'cause it had been a long time since I had come into possession of the coins and I figured I could always tell where the coin was. Eventually Buddy #1 resurfaced and I finally returned the collection a couple of years ago. Buddy#2 had sold the Dory and died of M.S. in the meantime.
I have seen the Dory once or twice since.
Member Since: January 1, 2008 Posts: 222 Comments: 5933
18. Bogon
4:35 PM GMT on March 03, 2012
One of my favorite songs. Whistle while you work. :o)

Member Since: June 26, 2008 Posts: 88 Comments: 4934
17. Ylee
10:19 AM GMT on March 03, 2012
Re: Clearer decisions; Those require sober, rational thought. What fun is that? The fun is the possibilities of making that old junk heap go, not the reality that it may be an unfixable basket case! :)
Member Since: February 3, 2011 Posts: 127 Comments: 22700
16. ycd0108
7:26 PM GMT on March 01, 2012
Still Mornin' here Todd:
Yeah, I remember somat about that. I imagine I've had a few of those myself but I "Ain't Gonna let 'em Catch Me, No!"
I just put a 1958 B.C.commemorative "Silver Dollar" in my wallet.
Have you quit smokin' yet?
Member Since: January 1, 2008 Posts: 222 Comments: 5933
15. toddluck
6:22 PM GMT on March 01, 2012
trading the boat for a truck...had a mini stroke exmas eve day just dont have it in me to redo the boat and get the truck done so imma just a smaller lake boat that is lake ready
Member Since: April 28, 2006 Posts: 210 Comments: 14997
14. ycd0108
6:03 PM GMT on March 01, 2012
Mornin' Todd:
I've been fine, thanks, and you.
What's this about your boat and health on your blog, anyway?
In a way I wish I'd have made clearer decisions about some boats and cars long before I paid to have them hauled away.
I was just browsing through the CBSNews Photos of the aftermath of the severe weather and seeing myself standing in the wreck of possessions.
They are still standing (most of them) and my heart goes out to them.
Member Since: January 1, 2008 Posts: 222 Comments: 5933
13. toddluck
5:37 PM GMT on March 01, 2012
mornin how have you been sir?
Member Since: April 28, 2006 Posts: 210 Comments: 14997
12. ycd0108
5:16 PM GMT on March 01, 2012
Mornin' Ylee:
"if someone's in need, everyone pitches in and helps. I know we still do that around here, but folks have to think about it first."
From Elders' stories of "Hard Times" as I was learning to listen I got the impression that people pull together more effectively in harsher times. I'm gonna call the next blog:
"The Terrible Affluence".
We saw the development of a culture that put more and more value on individual security until there was none left.
When individual success comes to be measured by your chances of surviving the grounding of your cruise ship it might be time to get back home and plant some veggies and build a shelter for yourself and those around you. The most effective shelter might just be personal connection in any form.
So the sign on my shelter says:
Welcome: This Means YOU!
Member Since: January 1, 2008 Posts: 222 Comments: 5933
11. Ylee
2:59 PM GMT on March 01, 2012
Mornin' ycd! I guess in Africa it's still like it was over here not too long ago; if someone's in need, everyone pitches in and helps. I know we still do that around here, but folks have to think about it first.

Hope you have a good day!
Member Since: February 3, 2011 Posts: 127 Comments: 22700
10. ycd0108
2:45 PM GMT on March 01, 2012
Good morning Pros: Thanks for the good wish and image.
I'm sending that good wish on to all - especially those under high risk of extreme weather today and tomorrow.
I was just reading comments on Dr. Masters' blog and trying to think where I would shelter in this house if I was in the warned areas.
Member Since: January 1, 2008 Posts: 222 Comments: 5933
9. Proserpina
1:41 PM GMT on March 01, 2012
Member Since: May 6, 2008 Posts: 196 Comments: 19696
8. ycd0108
4:48 AM GMT on March 01, 2012
OK Ylee:
Worst road.
Sani Pass from Transval RSA into Lesotho. We were not allowed to take the Mazda 323 up so we rented a ride on a 4x4 service vehicle. Got a room at the lodge at the top and settled in.
At some point I noticed this tall black english speaking lady (she was taller than I) with a couple of shorter ladies - the Innkeeper said there was no place open for them. Tloml and I had a large room with some bunk beds so I said (after checking with higher comand) they could bunk with us. We had seen this odd triple draging rollem luggage back up the hill wearing high heeled slippers.
Turns out they are medical doctors from New York who had spent some time in Barangueth Hospital and were touring on their way way home and had brought a renta Toyota or something over from the other side of Lesotho where the roads were not quite so rough. When these three initially asked for a room a few hours earlier at about dusk the lady at the desk had turned them away. they proceeded down the Sani Pass for a mile or so and realized they could not go down and they could also not bring the renta back up. They spent the night with us and explained the situation.
Tloml volunteered me to get the renta back down to the paved stuff. The whole team was out in front picking rocks as I slid the fairly new renta down the mountain. There was good reason why any highway car is not allowed up that track.
Needless to say we made it and the ladies bought us lunch in the first restaraunt. We exchanged addresses and off they went.
Member Since: January 1, 2008 Posts: 222 Comments: 5933
7. Ylee
8:28 PM GMT on February 29, 2012
Hi, ycd! The worst road that I ever drove on was a Forest Service road that went around a mountain in N. Georgia. The rocks and ditches in the road kept getting bigger and bigger, and even though I was driving a Honda Pilot at the time, I feared for the safety of the oil pan, and turned around after a couple of miles.

Did see a black bear, though! :)
Member Since: February 3, 2011 Posts: 127 Comments: 22700
6. ycd0108
12:22 AM GMT on February 29, 2012
Here is a link to the artist, John D. Hallam:
The first image: "Port Renfrew" shows what we might have seen 3 nights ago if the weather had been fine.
I like this guy's skies.
Coincidentally this connection came from the card of the fellow who has the RV: John D. Hallam
Member Since: January 1, 2008 Posts: 222 Comments: 5933
5. ycd0108
11:46 PM GMT on February 28, 2012
Saw your comment on the "Good Road". Most of the roads are well maintained because there is still some "Active Logging" here. The worst road was actually a short paved section on the turnoff to Zebbellos. Graders can not do much about pot holes in pavement. I'm assuming that is why most of the roads are gravel. One picture I did not get: Two huge Graders at speed on the road - one of them had it's front tires well off the ground as the blade went over the larger "nuggets" in the roadbed. I was busy trying to get the RV as far out of their way as I could. Except for some wind at times it was "Too silent to be real" - When the wind blows and you are near a rocky shore there is a continuous booming of the big surf echoing from the mountains behind.
Your comment here describes well what I think about these options. I certainly do not want to haul anything much larger past those graders.
As a kid I took great pleasure in dragging a big cardboard box out in the rain and wind and hunkering down till the box got wet.
As a matter of fact Tloml brought back a guy's card just now. He has an older RV he intends to sell this year so we may be "Goin' Mobile".
Member Since: January 1, 2008 Posts: 222 Comments: 5933
4. BriarCraft
6:29 PM GMT on February 28, 2012
All seems to be proceeding well with the boat, but it's good to take it in baby steps before heading out to deep waters. Calling CAA for a tow doesn't work so well away from dry land. Nor does rowing or swimming, even if someone does hold your beer.

I took a closer look at the photos from your trek around the island. Those RVs look to be just the right size for dodging potholes while still being comfy-cozy for meals and sleeping. I think it's the best way to wander the roads less traveled. Must have been a fine trip.
Member Since: June 21, 2004 Posts: 94 Comments: 4712
3. ycd0108
4:40 AM GMT on February 28, 2012
Evening Rob: Thanks for the poem and the hope -Me too!
Shore: Brillig seemed to describe the sun on the waves today.
Looks like the photo did not upload - ah well -
Finally got some of the old 3.5" floppy disks to read in Open Office. Mostly emails home from South Africa in 1997/98. I don't know if I saved them there or one of the girls put them on disk here. So far nothing really needs to be repeated. Just Tloml and me bitching about our work at the hospital there. It certainly brought some memories back, though. People and places, ups and downs, and lately I have been content to watch while younger folks ride the roller coaster.
But if someone will be kind enough to
"Hold my Beer"
Who knows?
Member Since: January 1, 2008 Posts: 222 Comments: 5933
2. shoreacres
12:58 AM GMT on February 28, 2012
Beware! Jaberwock crossing!
Member Since: October 4, 2004 Posts: 205 Comments: 15290
1. RobDaHood
12:36 AM GMT on February 28, 2012
`Twas brillig, and the slithy toves
Did gyre and gimble in the wabe;
All mimsy were the borogoves,
And the mome raths
-Lewis Carroll

Congrats on the trial run after the refit.
Hope all continues to go well.
Member Since: September 2, 2008 Posts: 119 Comments: 42190

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