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By: ycd0108 , 6:31 AM GMT on January 25, 2012

I'm going to attempt to keep a record of the boat project. Tloml hollared up at me to write down what I was doing on that day and put wiring diagrams and any details somewhere folks (or even myself) could access. It's a big undertaking.
I fired up my version of "Open Office" and wrote more or less as I write here: "Scream of conciousness". I realize that even I would have trouble finding anything remotely connected to a marine drive unit in last night's entry but that is the crucial point: Connections.
That is where the wiring diagram comes in to the story:
Wiring color codes have been "standardized" (read: changed again) since the boat was built. The Marine Electrician we hired used the new colors on the wires and he did a fine job. When you get back to the old engine and servo systems you either install new or somewhere you go back to the old wire color.
'Course the answer is to go all the way - new power and drive unit, new trim tabs and pump, new exhaust fan, new bilge pump and I know that. I simply can not afford it. So we transit back to the old color code somewhere along the line. The Mechanic yesterday was OK with all this. If you have worked on a boat you will understand.

Thanks Pat. I was stuck.I dunno if your Mom was more beautiful than mine but she was mighty fine.
Briar put up a thing about games and got me thinking.
I Googled the game of "Go" - it is too simple and too complex.
We played initially with the traditional board - real black and white stones and a large chunk of wood on carved legs with a grid marked 19x19.
T'other day I was trying to sort out the garage and I found a metal cookie box all covered with dust. inside were caps of pop and beer bottles painted black and white.
Eventually I scrabbled about on the high shelf I had found the box on and there was a cardboard sheet folded up. when you open it there is the 19x19 grid.
The guy I played this game with died while I was working in RSA and I guess nobody around here knew the significance of the bottle caps and the cardboard grid.

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17. ycd0108
6:10 AM GMT on January 27, 2012
"Maybe they'll call it off"
An operation like that would upset my simple "Green Friendly (as best I can)" world.
Looks like that will be upset shortly anyway.
"Shortly" being the key operative here.
I would still love to walk out on December 22 and see the world more or less as I did this morn.
Maybe I'm setting the bar too high, eh?
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16. Patrap
4:45 AM GMT on January 27, 2012
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15. ycd0108
9:45 PM GMT on January 26, 2012
They tried that on me, Rob. It did not take and there was no beer at all. So Big Chief and I walked away and joined the then version of the Foreign Legion: International Non GovernMENTAL Organizations.
Humanitarian Aid projects - mainly Water and Sanitation (Wat/San) and construction.
There was lots of beer.
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14. RobDaHood
8:40 PM GMT on January 26, 2012
I thought YCD meant he was Restrained, Sedated, and Alone!
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13. ycd0108
8:31 PM GMT on January 26, 2012
Just let that imagination have it's head and see where you go. I had fun imagining what you were imagining: I think my air frame probably could use some "Residual Stress Analysis" anyway. But it refers to Republic of South Africa in this case.
Good to hear that Rock is coming along. I just stopped to repack our plastic recycling because a large raven was pulling it apart and strewing it everywhere. Ravens had also pulled stuff out of the other neighbours' recycling. I remember finding empty spray paint cans in the "Bush" here (survey crews often drop caches along the traverse). These cans are day-glo orange paint and had big tooth punctures. So the bear would have gotten quite a shock and if he survived would be easy to identify by his scat.
It sort of occurred to me that there would be a need for "disambiguation" there but I guess my familiarity with "Castle Lager" might have clouded that worry. In fact a couple of weeks ago I bought a six-pack of Castle right here in River City. I've moved on in my tastes but I did cache away one empty can for old times.
I remember playing at a respectable level in our high school Chess Club but that's about all. I remember thinking that Go was more challenging but the initial rules are very simple. There was a board game : "Othello" that used a small board and similar black and white pieces. I thought it might get kids interested in the real thing but it seems to have faded away.
Your notion for BriarCraft about ego - well we can not really "start de-emphisazing the ego" till we have none to make us want to do that.
Tricky, eh?
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12. Bogon
7:28 PM GMT on January 26, 2012
I used to pride myself on being a good chess player. These days the old brain won't focus like it used to. Probably knocked out too many little gray cells with electromagnetic radiation and fast living. These days I do better to stick with disc golf.

I've never tried to play Go, and it may be too late now. I've heard that it's harder to become a good Go player than it is to learn chess.

BriarCraft, if you're not responsible for your imagination, who is? Maybe that's where we can start de-emphasizing the ego.

Shore, you got it: Castle Beer
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11. shoreacres
6:48 PM GMT on January 26, 2012
Dingdingding! I think I got it! Republic of South Africa?
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10. toddluck
6:41 PM GMT on January 26, 2012
he got up long enough to welcome me home from work yesterday then went back to sleep for the rest of the night
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9. toddluck
6:40 PM GMT on January 26, 2012
thanks ...the dog is slowing getting better
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8. BriarCraft
6:32 PM GMT on January 26, 2012
I've seen a couple of references to RSA here lately, so I got curious and found, among other things:
Road Safety Authority, a statutory organisation of the Republic of Ireland
Royal School of Artillery, the principal training establishment for artillery warfare in the British Army
Royal Society of Arts, formally the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures & Commerce, a British multi-disciplinary institution
RSA Insurance Group, a UK-based insurance company formed by the merger of Royal Insurance and Sun Alliance
Rabbinical Seminary of America, a New York, NY yeshiva
RSA (algorithm), an algorithm for public-key encryption
Rational Software Architect, part of IBM Rational Application Developer
Residual stress analysis, the study of the influence of residual stress on a material's mechanical properties

... and the list goes on. My imagination runs amok at the possibilities when you refer to being "in RSA". Might you have been in Rabbinical Software Algorithm or Royal Seminary of Artillery? Bad me for thinking such things, but I'm not really responsible for my imagination.
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7. ycd0108
7:16 AM GMT on January 26, 2012
When I come out of my listening trance I never know if I am on your blog or mine nowadays. It's all good.
I guess in those years I tried to speak "in my way" and some folks listened a bit and also spoke. My kids surprise me sometimes with things they remember.
Oh Boy! Gonna be interesting.
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6. Patrap
4:27 AM GMT on January 26, 2012
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5. ycd0108
4:26 AM GMT on January 26, 2012
BriarCraft: Definitely a traditional game in some countries. It does require concentration. I would need to refresh my own knowledge even to show someone how to play, let alone win.
The snow is pretty well gone as we have had warm "Pinapple Express" weather for a few days. Some wind last night and a good sized Maple limb hit the high tension line on our driveway but it just left a small branch hanging there and fell off. We did not loose power.
Todd: That dog of yours doing alright? Last time I checked your blog he was sounding better.
I finally got a trained Mercruiser Mechanic here for the afternoon and we got the power plant fired up in the boat. I had to hurry to get ahead of him with stuff I could do that does not require kneeling. (That's not quite true - I ended up on my knees quite a bit and will likely feel it tomorrow).
If you Google 'Go" there are on line tutorials and I would imagine you can play on line, too.
Pat: Well, I don't know where Joe got all the caps even then - he never drank anything stronger than water - and I was off drinking "Castle" canned beer in RSA. Between games we did work together a lot. I credit his drive for much of the work done on this house. So I drink water from the well we fitted out, still use some tools he left and do maintenance on his old house for his wife. Memories all around.
Shoreacres: I liked the association you made. I don't think I had heard it before - probably only heard their songs that made the "Hit Parade".
Joe took all games seriously. When I occasionally won at Go the pieces would go flying. I found a few of the small smooth stones years later stuck in the subfloor decking which in the day was the only floor.
That pesky aurora got me out a few times last night 'cause you could see stars now and then even though a fine cold rain was falling. Tonight it is raining steadily so I think I will look out once before bed and then assume it will rain all night.
Happy Robbie Burns Day!
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4. shoreacres
2:00 AM GMT on January 26, 2012
I never fail to be amazed at the associations our brains dredge up. I saw your title, and even though I've never heard of the game itself, the single word "go" was enough to send me straight back here:

As for the game, I had no idea it was Chinese in origin. I hear "Go" a little differently now. I did laugh at one review of the game, that said the most important thing is for all players to have the same mindset. Otherwise, if you have one person who takes it seriously and one who doesn't give a flip, Casual-boy is going to get wiped off the board. ;)
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3. Patrap
10:54 PM GMT on January 25, 2012
Bottle caps,, now that's a era long gone.

With lotsa memories attached as well.

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2. toddluck
8:20 PM GMT on January 25, 2012
i have never even heard of it
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1. BriarCraft
7:42 PM GMT on January 25, 2012
Would you believe I've never played Go? I've heard about it. In fact I think it's been around for 3000 years or something like that. I'll bet it you looked around, you might find someone you could teach it to. Or somebody's arm you could twist into being nice to you until you can get them hooked.

So, has the snow melted in your neighborhood yet?
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