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New Outlook

By: ycd0108 , 8:22 PM GMT on January 01, 2012

Started my first entry and went searching and could not retrieve the "new blog" I had started. Here is the link I wanted:
"I read a lot of Sci-Fi in the '50s and sixties.
Some of the predictions then have shown up in the intervening years, for instance: A.C. Clark predicted geostable satellites in the forties, though he did not know that you and I would have access to the incredible images (IR,SST,La Nina, etc.) that we take for granted today.
Samuel R Delany described the "15 seconds of fame" available to all on "You Tube" in those early years.
One author I liked was interviewed in "Rolling Stone" regarding his short story predicting the melding of human and artificial intelligence (written in the '80s, predicting melding early in the 21st). When asked in the '90s what he thought about the prediction he indicated he thought it was likely to happen even sooner.
It has not happened to me (yet) because I still need to type and spell check. But when I look at the up to date images of weather on Wunderground I sometimes imagine I am better informed than the gods of Olympus".
Actually that was my first blog entry more or less exactly 4 years ago.
I don't know what happened to the link to Sam Pepys Diaries but maybe this will work:
Tloml (the love of my life) has been reading aloud from these diaries lately and it got me to thinkin':
"What are we doing on this here WU Blog?"
It occurs to me we are creating a chronicle.
Let's go 2012!

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26. ycd0108
5:28 AM GMT on January 07, 2012
Thanks you guys.
I never take drugs, Pat, I heard somewhere: "Just say NO!"
'Cept for Al Kihol + Nick O'Teen.
I think I'm on the mend, Ylee. Another great thing about blogs is: You are not likely to catch any disease from a blog (unless you suffer from hypochondria - which I did)
Dat's it.I'm off to some pillows.
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25. Ylee
5:10 AM GMT on January 07, 2012
Hi, ycd! Sorry to hear you got the cruds! Seems like most everybody around here on the blog's got something! So far, so good for me!

Feel better soon!
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24. Patrap
4:57 AM GMT on January 07, 2012
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23. ycd0108
4:54 AM GMT on January 07, 2012
Evenin' Todd: I'm about to plow into some pillows here. The latest cold/flu here got me too.
Not a bad day though. At lunch I pulled out this Christmas gift that my schitzo friend gave me: Black plastic folder with about 100 sheets of foolscap notched in - he is a bit of a poet so i am guessing this is an hint. Used to write occasional pomes but lately I wish to record the day I'm in.
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22. toddluck
3:55 PM GMT on January 06, 2012
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21. ycd0108
3:43 PM GMT on January 06, 2012
Mornin Tony:
I got confused just now - I read your comment and thought I was on your blog. Scrolled down and there were more of my comments. I wondered: "Why am I posting so much on Tony's blog?"
I'm back to reality now - just west of 123 Degrees and a tiny bit south of your Lat.
I read one review of the Senco nailer and it came up 8/10 for performance so I tried to make it work yesterday but still have trouble setting every nail. I'm guessing the shape of the nail magazine - this one is straight - and the hard recoil mean you have to hold the gun hard and flat on the work. That might be fine if you are doing bench work but for window trim in corners I gave up the new one and went back to my old 15 G. Bostitch with the angled magazine.
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20. plapman
1:32 PM GMT on January 06, 2012
Good morning.
The air nailer I have is a JobMate brad nailer bought at CT. Not as handy as cordless but at 100 psi it will set a 2" finishing nail no problem. Whwn the SIL was duing the washroom baseboard it had no problem with the 3/4 inch thick fake wood in the baseboards and into the 2X4 behind it. The 1 1/2 inch nails he used are all countersunk about an 1/8 of an inch. It sure beats trying to drive a nail in that hard glue and sawdust stuff they sell as wood now.
I don't know how it would stand up for professional use but for the odd jobs I use it for it's great and was was cheap. The small compressor I have, like the roofers use, was on sale at around $130 and the SIL used it to chip out the concrete floor.
Enjoy the day.
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19. ycd0108
5:10 AM GMT on January 06, 2012
Huge Halo on the moon so I tried to take a photo.
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18. ycd0108
4:40 AM GMT on January 06, 2012
We have clear skies just now and a moon way high. Probably means a bit cold tonight.
Speaking of colds: I'm hoping I'm getting over this one. I wake up with my nose leaking and worry that I might leave this mortal coil choking on snot. That did not come out right but that's my reality just now.
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17. toddluck
4:16 PM GMT on January 05, 2012
glad there was no damage
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16. ycd0108
4:07 PM GMT on January 05, 2012
Missed the meteors 'cause it was raining predawn yesterday. Sprinkling just now at about +4 C.
The farther we get into the winter without snow the better for my personal endeavors and I think the snow pack in the mountains here will be near normal at this rate. The boat shop was flooded yesterday morning so I cleaned out the catchment to the underfloor drain lines and it has subsided. I have to do that about once a year and usually the shop has to flood to remind me. The boats are up on stands or trailers and I don't store anything vulnerable on the floor.
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15. ycd0108
3:59 AM GMT on January 05, 2012
I'm thinking about that one. Could be. It's obvious that things change with extreme temperature - The chimney was built by a professional Bricky and we have lots of his works still functioning safely around the area. I'm guessing the chimney must be tied solidly to the roof or ceiling structure and had to deform somewhere to relieve expansion stress.
The itrick comment was me on the iPod. I am trying to learn how to use it and thought I was responding to your comment but obviously it is not working quite yet.
I read EarlB and someday I should be able to make a contribution there.
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14. itrickpony
1:06 AM GMT on January 05, 2012

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13. Ylee
5:30 PM GMT on January 04, 2012
Hi, ycd! Maybe the creosote had soaked in the brick ove r many years, so when the bricks get super hot, all the creosote runs out. This is what happens to our furnaces when they get real hot, only it's manganese that seeps out of the bricks into the aluminum.
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12. ycd0108
5:13 PM GMT on January 04, 2012
Mornin Pat:
Verrry interesting! I have heard 40 minutes so far but both the interviewer and the guests sound clear and informed while discussing strange topics.
Mornin Tony:
Mom gave up her driver's licence and I brought her old Plymouth back here for my Grand daughter. She really misses the mobility, though. The local transit there is a bad joke.
My vision has deteriorated slowly so I've compensated without really noticing. We only know what we've got when it's gone,eh?
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11. plapman
11:19 PM GMT on January 03, 2012
Good afternoon.
My problem isn't with not seeing small items. Due to a stroke I have lost peripheral vision on the left side. I can't see my hand until I put it's just about centered on my nose. That's why I loose the first couple of letters in the recipes. The darn problem has cost me my driver's license. I really have to be nice to the wife now or I'm a foot soldier. :)
My optometrist put prismson my glasses that help a bit, at least i don't run into door jams like I did with out the prisms.
But hey, you can't change the cards life has dealt you you can only learn to play them and continue enjoying seeing the top of the grass and not the roots.
Good to hear you helped your mom out!
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10. Patrap
4:59 PM GMT on January 03, 2012
One to listen and "chew" on

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9. ycd0108
7:17 AM GMT on January 03, 2012
For those who don't have a clue what I was talking about here is a link:
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8. ycd0108
6:00 AM GMT on January 03, 2012
Shucks! I got Tloml's cold. She had it for a couple of days but worked anyway 'cause she got "time and a half" for the stat. She found me asleep at the kitchen table at about 5:30 PM and sent me to bed. I got up to find some industrial paper towel to blow my nose.
The chimney inspection was interesting:
Jean has another wood heater in the Dining Room so there is no crisis but we pulled the offending stove out from the chimney and there were large drools of hard creosote stuck to the inside of the flue liner. I got the 28' extension ladder set up and crept up the metal roof with a tag line and tied it off around the chimney. We then looked at the crack that had developed in the chimney in the upstairs bedroom. She said she had slid some thick paper into the crack to stop the smoke after the firemen had left and there was no crack when I took off the tape she had put there to control the smell. To me that means the chimney got so hot it expanded and had to bend to release stresses. My solution was: Slide a stainless steel flue liner down the existing flue. We called the fellow who had cleaned and inspected the chimney in September and he agreed that was the best way and he will come up on Thursday and install it after another cleaning.The fact that the chimney had been cleaned not that long ago and the stove was a solid good design made us wonder just how there could be such a buildup of creosote in such a short time. I checked out the wood Jean burns and it looked just fine - you can tell by the weight of a piece about how wet it is. She has used this same set up for over 20 years with no problem. Of course we have to consider things like insurance and liability - not to mention peace of mind for the owner.
I heat partially with firewood as well and built my own chimney. Some years ago I had a chimney fire and let it go on thinking that since I had built a bullet proof chimney all the fire would do is clean out the flue. Soon after that event creosote started to leak from cracks in the stone work in our upstairs bedroom as well and that stuff is very aromatic. I put a stainless steel liner in the chimney flue and it has worked fine since.
I have an image of a 10' lance of blue flame standing out of the chimney and a sound of a JATO rocket trying to push my fireplace to China.
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7. ycd0108
5:51 PM GMT on January 02, 2012
Mornin Pat: Thanks for the calender. That picture will stand some study. I'm going to send a link to the calender to my mom.
Jim just phoned back (the guy I was going to work for today before I told the other lady I would inspect the chimney) so I told him how to find my blog and your comment.
After I started this entry I went to light our furnace and realized it was time to phone Mom since I only left a message yesterday and she did not call back. I told her also how to find the Mayan Calender.
She still hates the computer - especially has trouble with any email system we have signed her up with - but she is learning.
Shore: I am guessing from looking out the second story window here that we have warmed up to just above freezing here in the last hour. I'm not in an hurry to climb up on the metal roof I installed on Jean's house a few years ago if there is any frost there. She is the one I talked to last night about the chimney fire. If I recall it was a bit dicey even in dry warm conditions. Maybe I'll take some Fall protection and lasso the chimney.
The variety of foods we have seen in the recent past - both here on the blogs and on the tables we have been lucky enough to attend - is somewhat overwhelming. I am going to try some of the recipes myself. Tloml does most of the best meals around here and rarely has reason to complement me on one of my standard suppers - she calls my favourite: "Pea-Mush".
I can do a pretty decent breakfast omelet and soup and sandwich but maybe it is time to take an interest in the bigger cooking world.
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6. ycd0108
4:05 PM GMT on January 02, 2012
Happy New Year Todd.
The parties and get-togethers are done around here for a day or two. Maybe we can get back to work on our boat projects but I told one lady at last night's soiree I would bring over an extension ladder and check out her Chimney this morning. She had a chimney fire a few days ago and can't heat with the wood stove till the chimney is checked. It's only about -1 C. just now but the house gets fairly uncomfortable without the heater working.
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5. shoreacres
3:59 PM GMT on January 02, 2012
Good morning! I'm with you re: the ready to move on business. As a matter of fact, I'm giving myself until 55 degrees, and then I'm heading out. We're at 52.8 last I looked, so I'll be gone shortly. Full sunshine will warm things up nicely - I think today's supposed to be about 60.

There's nothing like a good potluck. Well, unless it's my very own jar of pickled herring that I don't have to share with anyone. And some good crackers, and a nice cheese.

Today - back to the healthy and just slightly boring. But I did have my blackeyed peas and cabbage yesterday - whether it brings luck and money I guess we'll have to see, but it was easy enough to do, and tasted good, too!

Have a good day. We're up to 53.2 and it's time to move!
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4. Patrap
3:59 PM GMT on January 02, 2012
Tic, tic, tic.......

There are now 353 Days until the Winter Solstice.

Enjoy your Monday.
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3. toddluck
3:54 PM GMT on January 02, 2012
happy new year
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2. ycd0108
6:22 AM GMT on January 02, 2012
Good to see you Ylee. This celebration time has pretty well worn me out - I'd rather go to work but this morning I got to visit with the oldest Daughter and my neighbour Gunther and then Charlo showed up with a parrot whose name I'm trying to remember. After some settling down (for the parrot) and a hot Rum we covered a few bases. Charlo is a bit Quebequois so I have to listen as best I can and ask him to repeat some sentences. Eventually the parrot deigned to sit on my shoulder. Luckily I was wearing a leather jacket.
Then Alice starts her car next door and I ambulate over to ride to an established New Years Day Soiree where the food is mighty fine and gets better and better as guests arrive. Many years ago I helped build the house we all attend on New Years Day. It is "Pot Luck" so as food disappears and new folks come in the table goes into "Steady State" so you need to control the urge to eat all the smoked salmon or deviled eggs just 'cause you are hungry - the next guest brings something at least as appetizing.
In fact my favorite tonight was the hostess' Lintel soup.
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1. Ylee
3:36 AM GMT on January 02, 2012
Hi ycd, congratulations of your four year anniversary here on WU! I guess you could say some of us are creating a chronicle for others to read in the future, as long as WU keeps the data on their servers.

I don't think we're at the melding stage yet. I for one think of modern technology as a tool, separate from being an integral part of my thought process.

Tloml sounds better than Herself! :)
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