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Now I smell the Rain

By: ycd0108 , 6:56 PM GMT on November 06, 2012

Jupiter kept a large raccoon up in the Black Walnut (upper left in the picture) last night for an hour or two. We went to bed and he came up and slept in the hallway which is unusual for him. Maybe one of the neighbors was setting off fireworks.
Though the picture below was taken a couple of days ago it could still be seen today with fewer leaves on the trees and the same rain and fog. Most of the leaves on the Walnut are from the bigger Maple further to the left and we are putting off raking till most leaves are down.

Foggy Fall (ycd0108)
Foggy Fall

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18. WunderAlertBot (Admin)
10:35 PM GMT on November 12, 2012
ycd0108 has created a new entry.
17. ycd0108
5:32 AM GMT on November 12, 2012
Been there:
http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2012/nov/11/venic e-floods-high-water-italy
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16. ycd0108
5:39 PM GMT on November 11, 2012
Mornin' Ylee:
Good afternoon your time, I think.
Speaking of pets bringing stuff in: "Fluffy" our long lived Terrier would alternate between laying in front of the fireplace and over heating and going out to cool off in the gravel in the wood shed. 'Course when she came back to warm up the gravel frozen in her pelt would melt off and grind in to both a sock and the hardwood floor if you happened to step on it.
I've been looking at the 7" Android and it certainly seems to meet and exceed all the wishes I ever had for portable communications and interface.
I was getting used to the Apple interface so it will probably come down to price. Maybe I can get Mom to attach a string to it and run it up my sleeve so I don't loose it.
Tloml never cottoned on to the iPod but I hope the slightly larger screen will make it easier. I wear a vest by habit and heard somewhere you can get vests specifically fitted for these devices:
I dunno if I want to see any more current images of damage in Myanmar - saw some here:
http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/world/strong- earthquake-strikes-myanmar-12-feared-dead/article5 182493/
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15. Ylee
4:14 PM GMT on November 11, 2012
Good morning, ycd! It's my job at home to clean the mouse bits off the walkway and deck! Not too long ago a cat brought in a fresh catch and started field dressing it in the living room. Fortunately I saw it, and using a paper towel, picked it up without leaving too much blood on the carpet and threw it out the door! Of course, I got on of those "Why did you do THAT for?" looks!

I would recommend a 7" Android tablet, but those are not as portable as an ipod.

Don't think there's a Myanmar cam; might have to check it out!
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14. ycd0108
4:00 PM GMT on November 11, 2012
Mornin' Pat:
I figured you'd catch that one. Thanks for dressing up the blog.
From Thetyee:
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13. ycd0108
3:55 PM GMT on November 11, 2012
0C. at YCD airport but colder here. Light flurries forecast this morning and radar shows some light blue returns moving this way.
Wind warning is still up on Marine Weather:
"Wind east 20 knots increasing to east 25 this afternoon then diminishing to northeast 15 before Monday morning."
The boat coming north should be almost here by the time the wind picks up and will have following seas at worst.
Another aftershock near Mandalay, Myanmar:
5.8 2012/11/11 10:54:42 22.757 95.901 9.8 MYANMAR
"Canton News reports that the death toll has risen to 21 people."
From Earthquake Report
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12. Patrap
3:49 PM GMT on November 11, 2012
Leaves are fallin' all around, time I was on my way
Thanks to you, I'm much obliged for such a pleasant stay
but now it's time for me to go, the autumn moon lights my way
for now I smell the rain, and with it, pain
and it's headed my way
Aw, sometimes I grow so tired
but I know I've got one thing I got to do

A-ramble on, and now's the time, the time is now
Sing my song, I'm goin' 'round the world, I gotta find my girl
On my way, I've been this way ten years to the day
Ramble on, gotta find the queen of all my dreams

Got no time to for spreadin' roots, the time has come to be gone
And though our health we drank a thousand times
it's time to ramble on

A-ramble on, and now's the time, the time is now
Sing my song, I'm goin' 'round the world
I've gotta find my girl
On my way, I've been this way ten years to the day
I gotta ramble on, I gotta find the queen of all my dreams
I tell you no lie

Mine's a tale that can't be told, my freedom I hold dear
How years ago in days of old when magic filled the air
'twas in the darkest depths of Mordor, mm-I met a girl so fair
but Gollum and the evil one crept up and slipped away with her
her, her, yeah, and ain't nothin' I can do, no

I guess I'll keep on ramblin', I'm gonna
Sing my song/Sh-yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah, I've gotta find my baby
I'm gonna ramble on, sing my song
Gonna work my way all around the world
Baby, baby/Ramble on, yeah

A-do-do-n-do-n-do-n-do, my baby/Baby
A-ramble on, baby
A-do-do-do-do-do-do-do-de-do-de-do-de-do-de-do-de , yeah, yeah/
I can't stop this feelin' in my heart
Everytime I feel I will leave, I really gotta part
Gotta keep searchin' for my baby/
Baby, baby, baby, baby, baby, baby, baby, baby, babe
I've gotta keep a-searchin'for my baby
My, my, my, my, my, my, my baby/
Yeah-yeah, a-yeah-yeah, a-yeah-yeah
My, my, my, my, my, my baby/
Yeah-yeah, yeah-yeah, yeah-yeah, yeah-yeah, yeah-yeah
Ooh, my, my, my-my, my-my, my-my, yeah/
I can't find my bluebird, I'd listen to my bluebird sing
but I, I can't find my bluebird
I keep a-ramblin' baby/ Ah, ah, yeah
I keep a-ramblin', baby/I keep, keep, keep, keep, keep
Babe, babe, babe, babe/
I keep a-ramblin', baby, baby, baby, baby, baby, baby, baby
My, my babe
Bay-ya-by/A-goodbye, goodbye, a-goodbye, baby
Well, something's wrong

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11. ycd0108
4:19 AM GMT on November 11, 2012
Dang! Forgot the camera.
Got the RentaCar dropped at the marina on this side and boogied down to the other marina ~2 hours run each way.
I don't know what the otters down there eat but they poop a lot of real sticky just where you are loading so we spent a while washing boots and still probably soiled the carpets in the boat.
The new owners got away without hitting anything but it wasn't pretty - bow thrust could not beat wind and tide so the helmsman simply hauled the boat out of the box in reverse. Got a call to tell me they were docked in Victoria - all good.
Four+ hours on the Highway on a long weekend is not my "cup of tea" so I'm happy to be sitting here just now.
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10. ycd0108
5:31 AM GMT on November 10, 2012
Got my "Walkin' Papers" for tomorrow:
Drop the rentacar at the harbor on this side (east) of the Island and drive my pickup with two on board to put them on the new (to them) boat (west side of the island).
Maybe I'll put the old Cannon Digital in the glove box just in case.
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9. ycd0108
4:36 PM GMT on November 09, 2012
First frost on the deck this morning.
We are starting to shop for a replacement for the lost iPod. I need a slightly larger screen - the iPod screen is just fine for the younguns but too fine (read too finely detailed) for clumsy big fingers and these tired old eyes.
I was handed an iPad and told to video my grand daughter singing with her music class two nights ago.
The larger screen was much easier to see and control - of course the video will be pretty shaky.
Apple still sends me Promos for the latest iBox. Don't they know I've lost the iPod?
Guess I should start wearing a vest with bigger pockets or wait till they produce H.U.D. (Heads-Up-Display)with a keypad that is tattooed on my left fore arm or "Voice to text" built in.

Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
8. ycd0108
4:20 AM GMT on November 09, 2012
We will see if this works:
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
7. ycd0108
12:15 AM GMT on November 09, 2012
Thanks Rob:
I got off pretty light.
There was a news item near here a while ago:
Ranger with dogs chased a good sized cougar through the window of a lady's house and the dogs came in as well. Then the Ranger leaps through the window and shoots the cougar. Bad day!
Afternoon calpoppy: Tloml went out to shoo a raccoon that had stirred up the hen house but the raccoon just sat a few feet away on the top of the wall, about eye level and growled. Though I would not trifle with Tloml when she is in defensive mode the raccoon stared her down. She opened the door and hollered (she hollers now and then):
"OK Girls, it's every one for themselves!" and shooed the hens out the door. The chickens were good flyers and I don't think we lost any that night.
I think I related this incedent a while ago but it relates to your "Poor bat, bad cat":
One cat we had would bring mice in (or hopefully catch them in the house) and leave the parts ocasionally on my path to the loo at night. Since I don't like to turn on the lights when I'm half asleep but still know my way to the bathroom One night I stepped on the leftover bits and bones in bare feet. Needless to say me and the cat went on tolerating each other's behaviour till one night she brought a barely damaged mouse in to play under the bed. I got up and knelt on my side and tried to catch the mouse as it came to me. The mouse runs back and the cat takes a swipe at it wanting to keep this game going. I eventually formed a reasonable plan: Pick up cat. Lock her outside. Go back to bed. Forget the mouse.

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6. RobDaHood
9:40 PM GMT on November 08, 2012
5. calpoppy

"Look what I brought you Mama!"
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
5. calpoppy
9:27 PM GMT on November 08, 2012
I left my garage door open while I ran to the store, this is when I lived in the mountains. Came back to find moma racoon with 4 young ones munching on the bag of dog food. I had to get a broom to scoot them out.

Another time one of our screens had fallen out. I woke up in the middle of the night with my cat with a bat on my bed. I picked up the cat who still had the bat and took them downstairs and outside to get the cat to let loose the bat. Poor bat, bad cat!
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
4. RobDaHood
5:51 PM GMT on November 08, 2012
Good Racoon story.
Good reason to have big dogs! :o)

(of course, a hundred pound dog chasing a raccoon through the house creates a whole new drama)

Good luck finding your stuff.
Good luck with the doors.
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
3. ycd0108
5:16 PM GMT on November 08, 2012
By the way:
The iPod musta' slipped out of my pocket somewhere on one of the three job sites we visited the day it disappeared I've been back to two of them raking leaves to try to find it and gone through all the coats and vests I might have been wearing.
You won't see any more blurry images here for a while unless I find it under the bed or in the piles of Maple leaves where ever I go.
I also lost the UBS patch chord to down load photos from the digital camera a while ago.
Dang! Guess I'm gonna have to upgrade to the new "unloosable" technology.
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
2. ycd0108
4:30 PM GMT on November 08, 2012
Good morning Rob:
We did have a raccoon in the bedroom once:
Lady visitor was sleeping in the basement "suite" here and since it was a hot summer night she had left the door unlatched and put a small dish of food down for her dog just inside the door. Naturally enough "Rocky Came In"!
Misty went after Rocky who, again naturally, found his/her way up two flights of stairs.
The visitor had caught her Misty by then and put her in the car - a cornered raccoon can make a mess of a dog - and Tloml had gone downstairs. I was thinking of getting up and there was Rocky on the shelf by the bed.
Tloml hollered: "There's a raccoon in the house!"
Me: " I can see that."
Tloml: "Well, catch it!"
I had another chat with Rocky as I donned some night clothes - soothing murmurs on my part and low growls on Rocky's script.
I backed out of the bed room, left the door wide open and went down to open all the other doors.
Sat the two ladies down at the kitchen table well away from the stair and the path to the door. Pretty soon Rocky ambled by with a wink and a smile.
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
1. RobDaHood
7:38 PM GMT on November 06, 2012
Maybe Jupe was just sleeping there to guard you in case the wily little booger got in the house!
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