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By: ycd0108, 5:43 PM GMT on November 23, 2013

100 comments is enough, notwithstanding that over half of them are mine.
It just takes too much time to scroll up and down.
Did I mention that I was a "Lazy Man"?
"I am a lazy man. Laziness keeps me from believing that enlightenment demands effort, discipline, strict diet, non-smoking, and other evidences of virtue. That's about the worst heresy I could propose, but I have to be honest before I can be reverent. I am doing the work of writing this book to save myself the trouble of talking about it.
There is an odd chance that this is what someone needs to read in order to feel better about himself. If you are a kind person and want to know what to expect when enlightenment strikes and why it comes to you, with or without psychedelic help, this is for you." from the forward to "The Lazy Man's Guide to Enlightenment" by Thaddeus Golas.

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Something is happening

By: ycd0108, 5:27 PM GMT on November 01, 2013

I came to this morning wondering how come I'm so different from the child, teenager,young man, husband/father, middle aged carpenter and other things I was as the years passed.
Is this normal aging (maturing?) or is something else happening?
As a child I was totally confident that all adults knew exactly what they were doing, anyone in any government position was even smarter than that and large business operations became more trustworthy as they became more well known.
I wasn't sure about churches but thought they must be pretty decent deep down or why would anyone bother to take Sunday off?
Somewhere along the line I must have
Walked "in to the room
With a pencil in your hand."
Because now I and the other "adults" I see around me don't have a clue what they are doing, politicians are at best incompetent liars and at worst successful Mob Bosses and large businesses somehow stuff their profits from "developement" in tax havens.
Churches: I don't have much exposure beyond the occasional well dressed visitor so all I've noticed is the officials who get convicted of abuse of some form.
I did have a point - oh yes:
How different do you think you are from the person you were during the first third of your experience on Earth?

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