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By: ycd0108, 2:35 AM GMT on June 27, 2013

Forgot the camera but lookey here:
http://www.alberniheritage.com/mclean-mill/welcom e-mclean-steam-sawmill
Crazy weather last few days: downpour, sunshine, downpour, downpour.
We took the RV up Island to park overnight at Sproat Lake:
http://www.env.gov.bc.ca/bcparks/explore/parkpgs/ sproat_lk/
The petroglyphs were worth the admission fee.
This morning we got up early as one is wont to do after a hard night of cribbage (one game - I won) and early to bed.
Tloml mentioned that the Mclean Mill Museum was on our way home and danged if the TomTom GPS didn't know how to find it.
How they can cram just about any detailed directions in to that tiny box I don't know but there we parked again.
The Old guys pictured in the link above were all busy preparing for some "Logger's Games" this week end so we got to wander through the quiet mill past the "No Admittance" signs and try to figure out how the logs got turned into boards.
I have fooled around sawing lumber from logs with the "Alaska Mill", helped as best I could on a Cat powered 54" "Head Rig" mill but this mill could and still can cut up to a 5' diameter log and produce beams up to 42'.



... and other stories

By: ycd0108, 1:51 PM GMT on June 15, 2013

http://www.hyemeyohstsstorm.com/sevenarrows/emouse2 .htm
I told that one to any kid (of any age) that would listen.
And here is the lead up to the story that I need to read now:
http://thetyee.ca/Life/2013/06/15/The-Magic-Canoe /
Have a good week end.


Let's just assume.....

By: ycd0108, 1:22 PM GMT on June 09, 2013

"There is no such thing as global warming".
I feel so much better now.

Now imagine what our world looks like in 100 years:
1) How many humans walk the Earth, float on the Seas, burrow underground, dive to underwater cities or rocket to and from orbiting life support systems?
2) Are there any other species besides pampered pets or farmed animals?
3) How's the weather?

Totally aside:

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Canadian Mining Corps

By: ycd0108, 1:20 AM GMT on June 03, 2013

Not a great week so far:
Edit: Had to "Post and Go" 'cause the kids came by to help Tloml with the one surviving Bee Hive and I needed to ride "OffSider".
Re reading the post turned up some serious deficiencies:
Musta been 1995 'cause I was delayed for about 9 hours and no one was meeting me at Schipol.
Spent a number of hours with some Canadian equipment operators/trainers working in Kagikistan - the Lufthansa 747 had a damaged windshield.
I think it was in Frankfurt but who cares?
I had just been turfed out of an "Aid project" and was a bit shocky. A number of Canucks have walked this path before me:
"“Rwanda will never ever leave me. It's in the pores of my body. My soul is in those hills, my spirit is with the spirits of all those people who were slaughtered and killed that I know of, and many that I didn't know. … Fifty to sixty thousand people walking in the rain and the mud to escape being killed, and seeing a person there beside the road dying. We saw lots of them dying. And lots of those eyes still haunt me, angry eyes or innocent eyes, no laughing eyes. But the worst eyes that haunt me are the eyes of those people who were totally bewildered. They're looking at me with my blue beret and they're saying, "What in the hell happened? We were moving towards peace. You were there as the guarantor" -- their interpretation -- "of the mandate. How come I'm dying here?" Those eyes dominated and they're absolutely right. How come I failed? How come my mission failed? How come as the commander who has the total responsibility-- We learn that, it's ingrained in us, because when we take responsibility it means the responsibility of life and death, of humans that we love.”
― Roméo Dallaire

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