38(?)th Annual Human Race

By: ycd0108, 2:12 PM GMT on May 26, 2013

It's not really a Race and a number of the participants wear collars and leashes but this event has been celebrated since about 1975.
Though just now it is cloudy and cool we are supposed to get some sun later.
We will bring the electric scooter in the pickup so Tloml can "pace" the few people who actually run. I will probably be tasked with lighting the "infernal flame" (kindling in a bucket that runners leap over at the finish line) as I did last year or maybe "Walkin' the Dog".

S'not what matters

By: ycd0108, 1:19 AM GMT on May 19, 2013

My truck driver was killed a day or so ago - very suspicious circumstances and not related to the road.
I have been behaving as a rumor courier this way and that way. Nothing I can link to this story shows up on internet news - maybe nobody gives a &+(# when your driver dies.
I ain't going to tell you the rumors.
All I want to say is this man should not have died this way.

Window of the Soul

By: ycd0108, 4:58 AM GMT on May 18, 2013

Today's experience (eye measurements for cataract treatment) got me thinking that I have seen some very strange things since the retina came loose on March 20 - most of the images are generated by computer controlled machines to record the workings of one's problem eye, some are just artifacts of a specialist focusing an intense light through your dilated iris and others are what you recall of actual operations.
Dunno if I'll get to the operations but I'll start with what I got to see today:
The very patient Tech lady set me up on one machine:
"Chin on the rest, forehead on the other rest, blink.
Eyes wide open, focus on the bright dot - hold that - blink." What I saw was the bright dot with red spots spaced evenly in a circle around it.
I'm not really sure in what order this series of tests were taken in but another image comes to mind:
a road to the distance with a pumpkin or a water tower out there which comes into and goes out of focus repeatedly as she makes records of that I guess. (She has to constantly repeat this Mantra:
"Blink. Now open wide. Focus on the bright dot.")
She recommended the next level of testing which I would need to pay for (So far this whole experience has cost me nothing but two months of my time, hotels and transport - put that in yer "Obamacare" worries.) Since I figured one of my credit cards had at least $200 left I said "OK".
So now I'm looking in to another computer with a familiar bright dot and concentric blue circles.
Blue is my favorite colour but hard to appreciate in these circumstances.
All I'm trying to do is keep my chin and forehead firmly on the rests and blink when told to.

Another "Election"

By: ycd0108, 6:03 AM GMT on May 15, 2013

Yeah. The Fascists won. I'm not surprised - just a bit disappointed.
B.C. Voters are much like I was as a child: Self interested.
'Course the self interest does not extend to their progeny unfortunately.
The world is going to Hell and these people vote for a bunch of idiots imagining it will all be OK
T'would be amusing if it was not so sad


By: ycd0108, 6:23 AM GMT on May 08, 2013

Just curious:
Any other guys out there wondering who designed the modern toilet?
For me it's a bit shallow aND i AIN'T BRAGGING.
I'm complaining.
I travel a bit and I can MANAGE A "SQUAT TOILET" - built quite a number in my time with Aid Orgs.
What I can not deal with is toilets that soak yer apparatus in cold water.
Just sayin' eh.
I'm imagining some female engineer/designer (of toilet bowls) thinking there is no need for much distance from the seat to the water level (God forbid the designers are Male).
What I am seeing (and feeling) is that most public toilets are designed for folks without apparatus hanging about.

Room 506

By: ycd0108, 3:09 PM GMT on May 06, 2013

Woke up this morning in an hotel room looking out at other high rise buildings in the early dawn.
We made it to an 0600 hr. appointment on the Campus of the University where Tloml and I met about 45 years ago and I drove back to 506 by 0630. There's not much traffic at that time of day.
I've got about 4 hours to kill before I have to check out and guest access to WiFi here so guess what I decided to do: Start a new blog and hope it posts successfully.
Most people in this situation would enjoy the attractions of a fairly sophisticated town - maybe have breakfast in one of the multitude of ethnic restaurants within easy walking distance or go shopping.
I, on the other hand, behave like the country hick that I happen to be. I'll probably go have a two egg breakfast in the hotel restaurant.
Though this area looks very affluent there are a lot of pan handlers and homeless people as well. For some reason I seem to be a favorite target of these folks so it costs me all my spare change to walk three blocks.

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