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By: ycd0108, 2:14 AM GMT on January 27, 2013

Here's a story:
http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-middle-east-21185 791
Sometimes you are delayed in Frankfurt and land in Zurich, sometimes EasyJet brings you in to London Luton alive. I appreciate that in an airline. I can not praise the "crew up front" enough. After the initial run where we "bonged out" due to side winds the Captain comes on and says quite calmly: "We are going to fly around a while and go in when things calm down."
Landing was not smooth but the 737 shivered in to the dock with winds shaking the tail. The "Boys and Girls up front" probably had the brakes set well before we touched the Tarmack.

Notions (foggiest)

By: ycd0108, 6:58 AM GMT on January 22, 2013

Took a couple of pictures this evening as the fog rolled in. James Thurber had some illustrations to go with "Sands of Dee" which have stayed with me yo these many years.
Gonna go back and see if the picture I want has been approved.
Edit: The photo came up reasonably well:
Moonshine on fog with a maple branch in the foreground.
I fiddled with the SamGal's settings and cranked the exposure to max. I'll bring it over here now. Tloml is mumbling something stage left so I must be off.

Living Roof

By: ycd0108, 4:56 PM GMT on January 19, 2013

Just 0C. and foggy this morning. No rain or snow in the forecast, high 5C.
Gunther and I went and loaded the pickup full with lumber for scaffolding and strapping the roof and got a walkway secured along one side. The other side will take some doing because the scaffolding there will need to reach 20'. We also picked up the post and plank system for the high side but the posts are only 18' with existing extensions. Actually we did not bring the 20' aluminium plank because there is a limit to how long your load can legally extend beyond your rear bumper - no one seems to know what the limit is but I'm guessing 10' might be noticed. Besides that we already had a load lifting weight off the front tires.
So I'm hoping for a bit of a warm up today: secure footing and hoarfrost don't work together for me anymore.
Once we do get the combination of solid scaffolding and dry weather above freezing I will tackle the
"Living Roof":
The ancient (30 year old) asphalt shingles are in bad shape and covered, possibly held together, with massive clumps of moss. Removing the moss disturbs what's left of the shingles.
I know the normal advice is to keep your roof cleared of moss but I tried zinc strips and pellets and the moss thrived.
I'll try to get a decent photo of some of the moss before it is ripped up.

All the Road Running

By: ycd0108, 4:09 AM GMT on January 07, 2013

The boat has to be shunted out so the RV can snuggle under cover.
Just the way it is after 15 years, 20+grand and no joy.
Next up: THE RV:

From "Earthquake Report"

By: ycd0108, 4:46 AM GMT on January 02, 2013

USGS Southeastern Alaska Jan 05 08:58 AM 7.7 5.0
I did not feel it
Now back to the old blog

I braced myself for the traditional 01, 01 gathering this afternoon:
Shave, bathe, stuff all my pockets with kleenex, don clean clothes and made a stab at remembering first names of the "usual suspects".
All I really have to do is show up and not embarrass myself nor Tloml - that's not always easy even on a good day.
I've been "Under the weather" for a few days but won't bore you with details like the amount of kleenex required to keep your nose from dripping nor the need to warn all the Ladies not to kiss me - much as I'd like to give this malady away.
The Hostess is very special to us after yo these many and everyone arrives with a plate of their choice. Tloml spent the morning making light puffy bisquits.
As is normal the gathering came together well.
At some point the Hostess' brother-in-law brings out the book he has just written:
So now I need to read it.
Looks interesting.

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