The Old Year

By: ycd0108, 5:28 PM GMT on December 30, 2011

Has only a long day left to live.
About 39.5 hours if my figuring is correct.
(That would be for those of us on P.S. Time: UTC - 8)
I guess I'm both an Optimist and a Pessimist because I will be attending the event with both attitudes:
Making sure the old one passes and checking the pulse of the new one - lots of clean towels and hot water and "Pat 'im/'er on the Po-Po".
I can not complain about my personal 2011:
I won't say that I learned how to blog - that skill set changes day by day - I just blog anyway.
Got some things done: the boat was not a complete success but "if it ain't right, FIX it!" (the rebuilt engine tore itself to pieces less than 2 miles from the dock. It is now (again) rebuilt and just needs wires, hoses, coolant and drive bolted on)
The underground electrical and communications cable
installation was a bit of a long grind but a windfall a couple of weeks ago would have ripped down the overhead line had it not been cleared away.
My immediate circle of friends and family managed fairly well.
And I got to touch bases (or at least keyboards and monitors) with some people here.
YCD airport Current Conditions:
Light Rainshower
100.1 kPa
24 km
Air Quality Health Index:
74 %
WSW 15 gust 32 km/h
The local Low has moved east and we have stronger North West winds forecast for this morning.
I've got quite a list of detailed ripping to make window liners for an addition I've been working on since the Spring so I should light a fire in the shop (and one under my Po-Po).
Have a good New Year!



By: ycd0108, 1:18 AM GMT on December 27, 2011

Been out and about with my ancient partner, Ron. That would be - lemme see - we rode together for about 14 years in the late '70s and early 80's and took the habit up again on the water for a few years. In the later '80s some "economy" came back here and we built some decent houses on the local islands. He graduated to "building Inspector" while I went on putting concrete on the trenches. We went to visit my Father-in Law who is generally a pain but he likes Ron. (He thinks I only married his daughter to get his money)
I don't see it as that simple: He is an arshole and so am i but I married his daughter to get two fine daughters and three fine grandkids.
Nuff Said



By: ycd0108, 4:21 PM GMT on December 24, 2011

Around on the blogs reading Xmas greetings.
My line:
Best wishes to all who read this and everyone I read.
It seems to me that we just got through Halloween when ThanksGiving came along and now this.
We are basking under a plume of warm air: yesterday's high was maybe 6 degrees C. and overnight we are up to 7 C.
Sat. images show a big puff coming north from Hawaii - unlikely to have a white this year but that's OK with me.
My theory is that if I have lots of firewood stored we will get a mild winter. If the woodshed is not filled the "Frozen Logger" shows up.
I have a good jag split and stacked so we will see.
The pickup had a hiccup the other day: we were out on back roads and at some point I wanted to engage the front wheels to get through a mud puddle - nothing. No matter what I did (shift in neutral, reverse for 20') the front drive would not engage.
This is a concern here because if it does decide to snow we depend on the 4x4 to get in and out.
Next morning I tried again and "ping" we have all wheel drive. I called Al, my mechanic, and he said to keep checking because it's difficult to diagnose a problem if it is not there.
Way back (my 40 year old daughter was 3) we took our '64 Valiant to the "west" coast in early November and walked the beach there late in the evening - warm sundown and we went out at low tide and picked some mussels and made a stew well after midnight. The next morning we looked out at 4" of wet snow coming down - must have been accumulating about an inch per hour - bundled the five into the Valiant (no heater) and set off. First vehicle we see is the only snow plow within 50 miles in the ditch. We stopped at Uculet for fuel but the power lines were down so no one could pump fuel. Couple of hours later the pumps were working again and about 20 vehicles fueled and set off behind a Grader at about 10 knots. we all worked together to stay with the convoy - if a car could not make a hill those behind would push and those ahead would come back to help. Meantime a convoy was coming the other way as well behind another Grader. The two machines pulled off when they met and the two convoys passed and the snow kept on falling. By this time the snow was packed up around my wheels and steering was restricted. The throttle was also embedded in snow so I left it alone because I did not want it to stick at high RPM.
Needless to say: we made it over "the Hump" to Pt. Alberni. We went to a laundromat where we took off our clothes and put them in the dryer and sat around in blankets till the clothes were warm and dry.


Great Day

By: ycd0108, 1:51 AM GMT on December 19, 2011

We took the pickup out on some back roads and logging roads today. Sun shinin' and no snow even as we climbed higher. Hit some closed gates (Most of this area was "Crown Land" and logging companies were granted leases - a few years ago it turned out that these companies suddenly "owned" the timber leases - go figure).
Kinda pretty in a sad way: the roads were made specifically to log out the best timber and anyone can wander out there and get some great views of mountains and whatnot now that the trees are gone you can see for miles. 'Course you are looking across a "Stump Ranch".
Anyhoo Herself enjoyed it and so did I. In a former life I did a bit of logging and most of the areas we looked at had been replanted. There is still a lot of "second growth" forest and some that has never been logged.
Theories abound as to how to manage a temperate Rain Forest and most have proven they lack something. The "Boots on the ground" just try to do their job and survive


out of the woodwork

By: ycd0108, 3:45 AM GMT on December 18, 2011

Got some of the storage miasma sorted. Pissed me off that Newt got browny points for acknowleging our duffus P.M. and the pipeline. I guess that's why they call them "Browney"

Updated: 4:34 AM GMT on December 18, 2011



By: ycd0108, 9:38 PM GMT on December 12, 2011

A Lady we met some years ago got her Brother in Law to bring her up from Washington State to pick up a bunch of "Family Gredunza" stuff we stored for her when her uncle, a good friend of ours, died last year.
My Buddy was quite artistic and collected some interesting stuff. He published a number of books and his wife, who preceded him by a few years was also a prolific painter and poet so we had canvesses and ornate frames and boxes of stuff we figured his family would know what to do with. He willed his rock collection and books on geology and geophysics (in a former life he was a Geography Prof.) to me. Years ago he gave us a stained glass Spider Web that hung in the corner of one window with the real webs and Herself found a dusty second Spider Web in his house while cleaning up so we now have matching webs in two windows. We sat around with the visitors last night and told them anything they saw could be added to the load but I think what they were most impressed with was the stone fireplace tower I had built here in the '70s. They both took photos of it - maybe I should post one here - but at 60 - 70 tons and 35' high it would not fit in the pickup.
Gotta go hang some Christmas Lights


Home before sundown

By: ycd0108, 1:59 AM GMT on December 10, 2011

I took a video of the takeoff and parts of the flight home. The propellor looks bent and seems to be slowly spinning backwards (in the vid) - I was in the starboard (co- pilot)seat on a clear sunny day. I don't think I will try to post it on Utube but I showed it to Herself and she said: "This is much better than your (many) pictures of helicopters and float planes."
Mom was looking pretty good when I left to catch the plane: Sunny day so she was striding back to the house to get her sun glasses. She was happy I came over and probably relieved to say a fond goodbye. We do love each other but a couple of days in the small apartment is enough for both of us.
We got her switched over to Gmail and I monitored her through some surfing on the Web. Put a few "Favourites" on her home page so she can check my blog and weather and news with a click or two.
I glued her "Clip n Flip" Magnifyer glasses back together and when I tried them it made a difference for me: I can read the display clearly through the upper part of my bifocals which means I do not need to look over my glasses or tip back to look through the lower reading part. She also found the magnifyer clip on much better.
When I put the glue on I overdid it and after I left the glasses on the window sill to set I found that some of the "Crazy Glue" had drooled out across the lenses. I think a couple of new "Drool Free" clip ons are on my christmas list - one for her and one for me.


minus 3 degrees

By: ycd0108, 3:44 PM GMT on December 09, 2011

Frost on the pumpkin.
Looks like I remembered my password because I'm on my mother's computer just now and I think we have it working for her. We switched her back to Gmail and some of the frustration is gone. Can't do much about her control of the mouse but we have been fiddling with magnifying clip on glasses and if anyone has a method that enhances screen view for people like us - aging - I would like to hear it. I actually found the clip on lenses allow me to see well through the upper (long distance) part of my glasses as opposed to the need to crane back to look through the bifocals.
We flew over on a Beaver and I'll see what plane I'm on this afternoon. There was delay on the way here due to fog so we circled down over the salt chuck till the pilot could see a "dry slot" and stuck the plane in there. The inlet was glassy smooth - but no wind can mean foggy conditions. Should be good visability later.
I'll see if I can get Mom to comment on here after she gets up and has a coffee or two.



By: ycd0108, 9:36 PM GMT on December 06, 2011

I don't know which aircraft I'll be on but the small airline has Beaver, Turbine Otter and Cessna on floats.
I got a "Sonny Boy" call from Mom the other day: "When can you arrange to come over?" Whenever she asks for 'Sonny Boy" it is time to arrange a trip. The two ongoing jobs I have been working on are waiting for other trades or the owners to get ahead of me and Mom wants me to show her how to work the infernal computer I set up for her last spring. I am starting to suspect the ISP there is a bit iffy because last time I was there I could make it work but as soon as I leave she runs into stalls and simply gets frustrated and shuts it down. Other people there have tried to help as well and they seem to be able to get it to work. Could be it has something to do with her being well over ninety years old, almost blind in one eye and shakey on the mouse but she also does not understand or can not handle the "pop ups".
I probably won't be able to log in for a few days but I will be reading the blogs if the thang works for me.
I showed my neighbour the WU and blogs the other day and I would not be surprised to see her join or at least lurk.


Uploading images

By: ycd0108, 6:30 PM GMT on December 03, 2011

I found an old panorama photograph in a pile of stuff cleaned out of our neighbour's basement and had strict orders from Herself not to scrounge through the stuff 'cause we already have enough.
How could I resist?
The sheet is about 3' wide and standard 8.5" high.
Printed in white pen across the bottom is: "C.N.R. Construction Camp - Bridging South Sask. River Near Elbow, Sask. 1925"
When I scanned the section I could fit in the scanner at 600 dpi it came up so clear that I started looking for ancestors in the faces of the boys (and one Lady) there.
I tried to upload the scan to my "Recent Photos" but the file got stuck somewhere in the process - or maybe it will show up later.
How did the cameras in those days take such a picture?


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