The "Yellow Wood" Path

By: ycd0108, 5:33 PM GMT on November 25, 2011

I'm learning how to work with this blog, I think. I did not like the previous blog entry 'cause it did not say what I wanted.
Herself and I are not on the verge of divorce (yet) - the discussion was about whether or not to commit to another adventure off shore. She tends to simply leap ahead into a trip or project while I like to "Shapeshift" the futures possible. She gave me a week to come up with a commitment. I work better with a deadline.
I did not want to lose the comments either - not that they go away entirely but who is going to go back and check "previous Blog Entries" when so much is flowing past?

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All Hell for a Basement

By: ycd0108, 3:25 AM GMT on November 23, 2011

Sounds like Kenneth is "Going Gently".
I was watching a video that Shen posted on Todd's place and when the menue pops up I listened to Big Sugar doing "All Hell For a Basement".
There is a bit of a story behind the song:
http://www.google.ca/#sclient=psy-ab&hl=en&source =hp&q=all+hell+for+a+basement+meaning&pbx=1&oq=all +hell&aq=3&aqi=g4&aql=&gs_sm=c&gs_upl=0l0l1l1763l0
Some claim that Rudyard Kipling passed through Medicine Hat, Alberta and saw the gas wells flaring. He said the town was pleasant enough but it must have "All Hell for a Basement!"


Kenneth Cat 4

By: ycd0108, 3:19 PM GMT on November 22, 2011

Dat's one well groomed hurricane in the latest image Patrap has on Dr.Master's blog. Discussion of whether or not K. is annular: his eye does not look annular but I guess we will see when he moves over cooler water.


Kenneth - Cat 3

By: ycd0108, 7:21 PM GMT on November 20, 2011

According to Dr. Masters Kenneth is unusual in that:
"Kenneth formed from some unusual wave-like motions in the atmosphere over the Eastern Pacific that were not associated with African tropical waves"

We made it! "strongest storm this late" and whatnot. I'm happy that my namesake is no threat to land and I did mention I was rooting for intensification. Of course If I was out there anywhere I'd be asking for abatement. Few boats wander in the areas Kenneth is headed and if they are there they are (hopefully) solid craft with experienced crew.
- Back to normal program -

What did I promise? Oh yeah: an account of "Being There":
Let's see. I went in to an aid project in Liberia in the fall of '92. I was Wat/San Field Logistics. Everything went fine up the "Grapevine" but the whole team was jet lagged when they got there and I did not recover till I got back here for a few years - come to think of it - it does not go away. ever
Early on I was riding in a borrowed U.N. vehicle and we were approaching a settlement near the front lines. There was this old Gramma sitting by the track and as we passed she just held her hands up to us. She is now right here.
'Course I can carry on. What were you thinking? Pause
OK I took off my glasses - they tend to get steamed up.
So we took over some dwellings and the museum for our warehouse. We were not allowed to bring in cameras or maps. I had found "Journey Without Maps" in a Toronto book store which had a map in it. The area we went to just said: "Cannibals" anyway so I tore the map out and kept the rest.
The point: We naturally had a few birthdays amoung the team in those months and went to extraordinary lengths to make a party in devastation. I got a bit tired of this and "went off my feed" for a while but I liked the Nurses and my favourite had a birthday so I attended. At some point one of the security guards threw a bowl of rice out the gate and the locals gathered there scrounged for the bits of rice. I went in and said: "Anyone want a ride? I'm goin' home" One nurse came along.
On the way home I radioed the Boss and asked him to shut the party down.

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By: ycd0108, 2:57 AM GMT on November 16, 2011

My favourite Paraprosdokian was not on the list.
Mom worked as a psyche nurse in Hamilton, On. as WW11 was gearing up. Dad was there for Radar Tech School when his brother who I am named after was killed in training in Britain - maybe '42. They were from the same small B.C. town but she had a boyfriend who went to fly over there and never came back about the same time.
For a comparison: I graduated in that town in 1965 with 41 others. 39 boys from that town did not return from that conflict starting in '39.
Mom had been good friends with Dad's younger brother so I guess they had lots to talk about when the news came. They were soon married and Dad went off for four years. Older twins showed up so Mom went back to the hometown and stayed with his parents (actually Grandpa did not survive the loss of my uncle for long).
The Point: Oh yes - Mom worked in the psyche Ward there and one night shift an inmate came to her and asked for a cigarret. Though both of them knew Mom smoked at that time Mom stated that she had no cigarrettes - the lady who asked was prone to swallowing lit cigarrets and staff were forbidden to give them to her.
The lady's comeback line became a family ikon:
"I always did like Liers. You, however, suit me too well!"

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"If we lived.."

By: ycd0108, 2:55 AM GMT on November 15, 2011

http://www.lyricsdepot.com/lucinda-williams/world-w ithout-tears.html
No Tricks: you gotta open the link and read the pome or I won't play any more!
Had this CD in my pickup before the MP3 blew a fuse


'Twas a Brah, Bricht, Moonlicht Nicht

By: ycd0108, 6:30 AM GMT on November 14, 2011

Waning Moon. Should get chilly soon - for now it's just coolin'. Digging up the gardens plots went well _ I had to hop off the machine quite often because I was rooting out potatoes where I had no notion they would be. Then Herself wanted to empty the barrel we use for compost. The barrel has proved itself to be "Bear proof" and has the tooth marks to prove it but the somewhat rendered compost was like clay and would not make it's way out of the smaller opening even after I lifted the barrel with an hook in it's bottom from the BackHoe arm. We dug the mixture out and shook and whacked the barrel and eventualy it was light enough for us to unhook and roll it over to another trench I had produced in the garden and dump it there by hand.
We have the sporodic Bear here and we attempt to discourage his/her attentions. He/She wanders about the neighbourhood and checks out compost and eats cherries, apples, prunes and pears in season. Couple of years ago she or he ate one whole bee hive - frames and all.
I have dealt with bears a few times here and on the "Mainland". They would prefer not to bother us and seem to assume the feeling is mutual.
So I do not shoot at them. For one thing my scariest weapon is a single shot "short" 22 which has not been fired or looked at for about 40 years and though I know where the 22 "Long" box is they won't fit in this thing. The last thing I want is to hit a bear with a bullet that just irritates


Fire in the Hole!

By: ycd0108, 2:12 AM GMT on November 11, 2011

Link to video of demolition of Condit dam in Washington State:
http://blogs.agu.org/landslideblog/2011/11/11/dra wdown-landslides-at-the-condit-dam/

GreyBeard Loon!"
The sun broke through this afternoon and I parked at the Hardware store near the entrance to the fenced yard where the sewer and water pipe is racked. A fellow older than I but in better condition (turns out he's 80 - I'm 64) was walking with me in to the store.
"Nice Sun." says I and walked (limped) ahead.
"What do you do?" he asked.
"I married a lady who works steady but I still work in construction - I just never learned how to make a living at it." I said.
"I was a Shrimp fisherman."
"I love fresh seafood."
The ancient was off and runnin': we stood for a while in the path of folks coming into the store - I got my plastic basket for plumbing parts assuming this would be a few pleasant minutes with an "Old Timer" and nudged us both off the main access route.
Well it turns out we both owned the same "double ender" style of fishing boat in the '70s - Chrysler Crown and 1 and 1/8th" cedar planking built in the '30s for the Japanese fishing fleet and plyed the same waters. Though my boat came with a valid "C" licence I never caught fish commercially. He had a few tricks for cod, shrimp and Abalony which I might pass on but not here. I drag him down the aisle to the PVC pipe fittings and attempt to remember what I was originally shopping for. The stories go on:
He docks in Porlier Pass and sees a bunch of kids trying to beat to death a Japanese buddy who happened to own a few acres at the head of the bay there. As the story goes his intervention was seamless (for him) and he gathered up the badly bent body and took it to survive at some local hospital. Then I heard about how he and his wife deal with "Mutual" funds.
Jim was at the store looking for large barbed fish hooks which are apparently getting rare around here what with "Catch and release" regulation and barbless hooks. By now I'm really lost - the rack full of PVC fittings has receded from my attention as I lean on it. How does one stray comment get such a conversation (or should I say: teaching session?) going?
He showed me the style of fish hook he was looking for and I think I have a number of them somewhere in the basement so I got his address.

"He holds him with his glittering eye-"


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Dr. Bones

By: ycd0108, 9:23 PM GMT on November 08, 2011

Cool and wet day so it was time to go see my chiropractor. Hard to believe my last visit was 2007.
She got some satisfying cracks (for her, at least) out of the spine and neck and Pulled my Leg literally. She always likes my legs to be about the same length. We won't know too much for a day or two but I have had good response to this before and I'm hoping. The back feels somewhat better already.
Dr. Masters' is always read here and the latest was special: the major storm in the Bering Sea will certainly affect local weather here and from what I'm starting to understand any package of energy has far reaching influence. Still waiting for Levi32 to put his "Daily Update" on the blogs.


Fucushima Visitors See#18

By: ycd0108, 12:26 AM GMT on November 02, 2011

Some people here might find this link interesting:
http://blogs.sacbee.com/photos/2011/09/japan-mark s-6-months-since-ear.html
Earlier entry:
Hate to say it but that's me: derelict. When I check DIY videos on the internet all the pictures show carpenters with the knees worn out on their jeans. Guess what? It goes deeper than that. You wear out enough jean knees and the part behind is worn out too.
Expletive! Anyhow my right has let me down. Can't really blame it 'cause I used it up over the years.
Now what?
Actually the whole right hand side is a bit of a mess - probably has to do with meeting a reinforced power pole at 70 mph as a passenger many years ago. the door I had been sitting beside stayed wrapped around the pole and we cartwheeled under the falling power lines.
I suppose that might have something to do with my bitching now - but
Hey! I'm still standin'
Albeit a bit off kilter

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