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By: ycd0108, 11:13 AM GMT on August 31, 2011

We actually "spent a long time watching" those "lonely wooden" towers.
Hoping that the cedar poles holding up our overhead power and communications lines would last for another year or two. Then our Strata group called in the local electrical supplier (B.C. Hydro) to inspect their system and they condemned our low tension line due to the rotting poles.
To me 220 volts is not that scary - I've felt it a few times but really the system should be safe for anyone so we got a quote to replace the poles: 14G if we did not need to bring in a drill. The drill is 400$/foot once it gets here and understandably it costs to get it here.
Let's see: seven poles say 3' drilling each would come to (rounding off with travel time) about 10G.
So we looked at going with underground cable and conduit. I don't have the final accounting yet but we may bring it in for less than the renewal of the overhead wire.
Whatever it costs the cable and conduit are now in the ground and most of the line is backfilled.
I'm attempting to explain the header I chose.

Found this article on BBC:
Looks like we have an added weather category:
weather underground on the bottom of the current list of:
1) Interstellar space weather
2) Space weather (near earth)
3) Atmosphere Science
4) Earth science (earthquakes,volcanoes)
5) Oceanography / Hydrology
6) Mantle and Core (Magnetic Field)

There could be another category inserted between #3 and 4: Human and other life, but that would require another list: 1)Religion; 2)Politics; 3)Economics; 4)Ecology; 5)Sex; 6)Money; 7)Life and Death; and so on endlessly........
I ain't goin' there!

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Power Underground

By: ycd0108, 4:50 PM GMT on August 11, 2011

Generally speaking: I have to upgrade electrical supply to my house.
All concerned prefer underground installation.
~ 800' from low tension supply
Likely need to step 220V up to 600V and step down at two locations.
Water, Cable and Telephone will be upgraded using the same ditch.
I have installed short runs ~200' and I have qualified Electricians involved.
Just wondering if folks on here have ideas or advice


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