Sunny breaks/Earthquake activity

By: ycd0108, 10:57 PM GMT on April 23, 2008

Warming up here currently. I hope we are finished with the past week: Hail/sun/rain/sun/windy and cool. 9.5" of snow last Saturday morning mostly gone except for the biggest snowball I ever rolled: it was at least 3' when I could no longer push it down hill and it is about 24" high and still 3' in diameter in the middle of the lawn. Herself mowed the lawn a day or so before the snow and my grandson likes nothing better than whacking snowballs to smithereens - it will be a memory soon enough.
Not too much interesting weather coming from the North East Pacific for the next few days.
I'm also interested in the recent uptick in earthquakes around the "Pacific Ring of Fire" and N.A. Continental such as Illinois. Off shore Oregon is close to my home so I've been watching activity there for years - part of the same system that affects Vancouver Island.
Episodic Tremor and Slip: If anyone has anything "Near Real Time" on ETS please post it here or email me.


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