Category 4 Hurricane Matthew Slowly Heading For Greater Antilles, Lucayan Archipelago

By: wxchaser97, 6:34 AM GMT on October 03, 2016

Major Hurricane Matthew
Matthew remains a powerful major hurricane. The hurricane does not quite have the impressive satellite appearance it did a couple nights ago. Deep convection, with cloud tops colder than -80C, wrap around most of the circulation. Only the NW quadrant doesn't have the -80C cloud tops, but they are still colder than -70C. The struggle over the past few hours has been trying to clear the eye out. Matthew still has a relatively cool eye, and...

Tropical Hurricane Matthew

Updated: 6:35 AM GMT on October 03, 2016

Dangerous Hurricane Matthew Approaching The Greater Antilles

By: wxchaser97, 8:07 PM GMT on October 02, 2016

Major Hurricane Matthew
Major Hurricane Matthew continues to churn as a powerful Category 4 hurricane in the Central Caribbean. The hurricane has attempted to undergo an eyewall replacement cycle (EWRC), but each time it looks like it is going to get fully underway, the current eye clears out and convection reorganizes. Matthew may finally be beginning to complete this process and stabilize an inner core again, but the ewrc process is complex and very hard to ...

Tropical Hurricane Matthew

Powerful Hurricane Matthew Becomes a Category 5; Major Impacts Expected

By: wxchaser97, 6:49 AM GMT on October 01, 2016

Major Hurricane Matthew
Matthew has continued its impressive rate of intensification. In 36 hours, Matthew has deepened 55mb, from 996mb to 941mb, and the winds have increased by 80kt, from 60kt to 140kt. The 11AM 9/29 advisory had Matthew as a strong tropical storm, and then 11PM 9/30 advisory classified Matthew as a Category 5 hurricane. The last Category 5 in the Atlantic was Hurricane Felix back in early September of 2007. Felix became a Category 5 in this ...

Tropical Tropical Storm Matthew

Matthew Rapidly Intensifies Into A Major Hurricane

By: wxchaser97, 5:57 PM GMT on September 30, 2016

Major Hurricane Matthew
In the face of 15-20kts of shear and remaining dry air/subsidence, Matthew has rapidly intensified into a category 3 hurricane. When I worked on my post last night, Matthew was beginning to really ramp up its intensification. I figured some RI was possible, but it did not seem likely to find Matthew a major hurricane today. Matthew has proved me, along with a lot of other forecasters, wrong. With help from a very favorable thermodynamic ...

Tropical Tropical Storm Matthew

Updated: 6:00 PM GMT on September 30, 2016

Matthew Becomes A Hurricane; Significant Threat To Caribbean Islands

By: wxchaser97, 1:59 AM GMT on September 30, 2016

Hurricane Matthew
Matthew continues to be a complex cyclone. Since last night, a combination of wind shear and storm motion was able to expose the low-level center away from the deep blowup of convection. When I woke this morning and saw that, I expected to find Matthew in a weakening trend. However, aircraft recon found a stronger surface low with winds near hurricane force. Since that time, deep convection has reformed over the center and the winds have incre...

Tropical Tropical Storm Matthew

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