Longest lived Atlantic TS's/hurricanes

By: wxchaser97 , 11:01 AM GMT on October 01, 2012

Hurricane Nadine (2012)
Hurricane Nadine has lived a long life in the Atlantic Ocean. Nadine has lived for a long 18 days so far and is forecasted to be tropical for another 4 days. That means Nadine will have lived 22-23 days depending on when she does go extra-tropical. Nadine has done just about everything a hurricane can do, except for becoming a major hurricane. She has became a category 1 hurricane three different times, weakened, strengthened, became a subtropical and extra-tropical storm, and she has done the unexpected numerous times. The environment and steering around Nadine has had the set-up just right for her to live this long. Not many storms have lived this long and is closing in on the top 4 longest lived hurricanes in the Atlantic. These top 4 are the hurricanes I am going to write about. Figure 1 shows Nadine's past track.

Figure 1: long past track of Nadine.

4th longest lived hurricane: Hurricane Kyle (2002)
Hurricane Kyle is the 4th longest Atlantic hurricane on record, 22 days. Nadine has a good chance of beating or tying Kyle's record of 22 days. Kyle formed on September 20th, 2002 and dissipated on October 12th, 2002. Hurricane Kyle was able to reach a peak intensity of 85mph and 980mb, a category 1 hurricane. Kyle formed from a cold front/trough interaction area near Bermuda. Kyle at first was a subtropical storm but warm waters and favorable conditions allowed him to transition to a tropical storm a few days later. Kyle made a turn to the west after becoming tropical and then meandered aimlessly toward the United States over the next couple weeks. Kyle was able to become a hurricane before the environment became unfavorable to support a stable hurricane. Kyle would then fluctuate between a strong tropical storm and a tropical depression for much of the rest of his life. Bermuda received small impacts while the east coast got heavy rain and some wind. After Kyle made landfall the 2nd time in the US he was absorbed by a cold front and dissipated. Steering was weak which allowed Kyle to drift toward the US. Luckily since he was slow moving he upwelled ocean water which combined with unfavorable wind shear at times helped keep Kyle at a lower intensity. Kyle is remembered for his records of time alive and how many separate times he became a tropical storm. See figure 2 for the track of Hurricane Kyle.

Figure 2: Shows how Kyle fluctuated strength on his way to the US.

3rd longest lived hurricane: Hurricane Inga (1969)
Hurricane Inga currently holds the 3rd longest lived hurricane record at 25 days. Nadine will most likely not reach this record lengthen of time as she will turn extra-tropical too soon. Hurricane Inga formed on September 20th, 1969 and dissipated on October 15th, 1969. Hurricane Inga peaked at 115mph and 964mb, a category 3 hurricane. Like the other hurricanes Inga was a slow mover and most likely had dealt with some upwelling issues. Eventually Inga began to lose strength as conditions deteriorated. Inga's circulation became elongated and not as strong and convection decreased. Inga died over open waters without affecting land too much. See figure 3 for the track of Inga.

Figure 3: Inga's track showing she didn't affect land much.

2nd longest lived hurricane: Hurricane Ginger (1971)
Hurricane Ginger lasted the 2nd longest in the Atlantic basin, first until 2004 when a re-evaluation on the 1899 hurricane showed it lasted longer. As Nadine begins to weaken I can say with 100% certainty that Nadine will not break this record. Ginger formed on September 6th, 1971 and dissipated on October 3rd, 1971. Ginger was able to get her wind speeds as high as 110mph and her pressure down to 959mb. Ginger didn't form from a tropical wave and slowly develop as Ginger was spawned by a cold core ULL. Ginger formed, moved, and died in the general area Hurricane Kyle would in 2002. Ginger however persisted longer and was a category 1 hurricane for a record amount of time. Ginger double crossed herself once and even completed a full loop. The environment she was in was favorable enough to allow her to remain a hurricane over water for that whole time. Ginger would eventually make landfall in North Carolina with 75mph winds. North Carolina received a good amount of damage but luckily Ginger weakened quickly after landfall. It wouldn't have been fun waiting to see whether you would have to leave or stay or if the hurricane would even come close to you. It is a good thing Nadine isn't a threat to the US as no one would truly know where she would go and how strong. Look at figure 4 for the track of Ginger.

Figure 4: Past track of Ginger and her ability to remain a cat1 for a record amount of time.

Longest lived Atlantic hurricane: 1899 San Ciriaco Hurricane
The San Ciriaco Hurricane was not like the other 4 mentioned above. This long lived hurricane was a typical Cape Verde hurricane and it didn't have as crazy bends and curves in it's track. Also the San Ciriaco Hurricane became a powerful category 4 hurricane with 150mph winds and a 930mb pressure. The hurricane went right over the northern Leeward Islands, Puerto Rico, Norther Hispaniola, the Bahamas, the United States, and the Azores. The San Ciriaco Hurricane caused millions of dollars in damage and thousands of fatalities. The hurricane probably formed from a tropical wave and slowly moved west-northwest while strengthening. It continues in this direction until coming toward Miami where it then mirrored the US coast until making landfall in North Carolina. After that it moved away from the US and weakened to a TS and the an extra-tropical storm. Instead of being finished, the San Ciricao Hurricane regenerated and even became a hurricane again before impacting the Azores. While no one can remember it first hand now this hurricane is still a very famous hurricane. See figure 5 for the longest tracked hurricane in recorded history in the Atlantic.

Figure 5: San Ciriaco Hurricane devastating the Caribbean Islands and the US.

Have a great Monday everyone and thanks for reading this special blog I did. I will have my usual tropical update late in the afternoon today, tonight or tomorrow morning.
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