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The new Weather Underground Beta Page has been Updated!

By: Product Team , 9:12 PM GMT on January 23, 2014

Thanks to everyone for posting their feedback. As we’ve said, and others have mentioned, we will continue to make updates to the beta page as we receive comments. Today is the first of many planned updates to introduce more data and refine page elements. Please continue to check back as we develop. The best place to be heard is in the feedback form on the beta page and in our help section, as we’ll be monitoring those responses more extensively. Again, thank you for participating in this, and we hope you’ll keep letting us know your thoughts.

To see the updates, please click here.

The views of the author are his/her own and do not necessarily represent the position of The Weather Company or its parent, IBM.

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25. WunderBlogAdmin (Admin)
9:53 PM GMT on January 07, 2016
Please visit the New@WU blog to leave feedback or other comments: http://www.wunderground.com/blog/WUNews
24. rutrho
11:21 PM GMT on June 20, 2014
got a jim dandy thunderstorm going on in central florida ....guess what ... no radar just how wonderful the site will be after some more changes . liked the old one just fine
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23. plapman
1:51 PM GMT on May 04, 2014

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22. wildwoodfarm
11:42 AM GMT on April 17, 2014
Not enthused about the Wunderphoto's changes yet... It takes so long to upload photo's and the comment s aren't coming in at all while I'm on the photo site. Everything just sits. I won't be spending much time on Wunderphoto's until it's more user friendly... Keep working on it! :) Thanks
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21. vsharris
7:24 PM GMT on March 20, 2014
Putting on my asbestos suit.... :-)

I like the new design! I like the clean look-and-feel, and I like the forecast graph! I understand that the forecast data are estimates (and the further out you go the less accurate they become); but the graph gives me a quick summary of what to expect for the next several days, which is exactly what I want.

I'm partial to the "meteogram graph" developed at the Norwegian Meteorological Institute. I especially like the way the temp line changes from red to blue when it goes below freezing. Also, the yr.no meteogram displays the expected amount of precipitation, while the WU graph displays the probability of precipitation; IIRC the folks at WU are working to find a way to display both, I hope they find one.

I'm not thrilled with the "Hourly" forecast graph (which is really a "one-day-at-a-time" graph); IMO, WU should replace it with a "Next 48 Hours" graph. Better still, let the user specify the number of hours to be displayed. IMHO, WU should have a goal to make as much of the page user-configurable as possible, so that each user could configure the page pretty much the way he or she wants it. (Of course, that's much more of a challenge -- what would the configuration editor look like?)

On a related topic, I have a suggestion for the WunderMap: there are layers for all sorts of information (sea surface temp, evacuation routes, ...) but two of the most basic weather map features are missing: isobars and isotherms -- please add layers to display these data.
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20. coastal984
3:03 PM GMT on March 08, 2014
Quoting 17. riblet2000:
* tap * * tap * * tap *
Is this thing still on?

Maybe not? Perhaps there was a sudden outbreak of common sense, and they're not going to dis-improve the page after all? Wouldn't be a bad thing!
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19. MsZola
3:22 PM GMT on February 27, 2014
Okay, the latest update is an improvement on the original.

I don't check this site on the phone, so I am looking at it with 1680 x 1059. I applaud the attempt to utilize more of the available screen real estate, but something is bugging me here.

I can see the local forecast and radar just fine, but for the forecast table below, it cuts off about halfway, making me have to scroll.

That is NOT the case for the current version. It looks like all that info has been moved to it's own div in order to create the fancy forecast graphic, but it looks strange on my monitor because there is a large amount of whitespace between the forecast and the graph. Maybe do the small forecast icons by themselves and then the additional info below it?

I would also like to know what is going to replace the menus on the old tabs? I use those all the time.
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18. ibikeride2
4:25 PM GMT on February 25, 2014
Please add "Nowcast" and option for NWS Forecasts
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17. riblet2000
5:35 PM GMT on February 23, 2014
* tap * * tap * * tap *
Is this thing still on?

Another couple suggestions and a possible bug. First the bug: The current conditions does not auto-update without a manual page refresh. In fact, earlier today I saw sporadic errors like "-8 seconds" in the last update time field next to the "Weather Conditions" label. Using Chrome on Win7x64.

Suggestions: First, zoom the radar map default out a couple clicks. By the time anything makes it as close as the current default is, you already are under it. Second, allow the hourly forecast to be collapsed. It takes up far too much vertical real estate for the info it provides. You might also allow a choice between your "bestforecast" product (which is an oxymoron) and the real NWS forecast.
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16. Tmax
2:43 PM GMT on February 02, 2014
You all need to keep the tagged at the top because i want you to answer the beta question. I say no no no!
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15. randlieb
1:17 AM GMT on February 01, 2014
Quoting 14. riblet2000:

Now that the weather radar is up at the top where it is supposed to be, please make the default view NEXRAD, no the Wundermap. As fun as it is to play with, the Wundermap is mostly eye candy, vs NEXRAD which is the meat of the matter.

Perhaps add another tab for the nexrad radar.
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14. riblet2000
6:19 PM GMT on January 31, 2014
OK so far so good. Thank you for implementing a few of my earlier suggestions.

Now that the weather radar is up at the top where it is supposed to be, please make the default view NEXRAD, no the Wundermap. As fun as it is to play with, the Wundermap is mostly eye candy, vs NEXRAD which is the meat of the matter.

And please pass this to those in charge of the PWS data: For the last two weeks the PWS postings on the forecast pages and the WU weather gadget have been horribly erratic. Even though the data is clearly being sent correctly and in a timely manner (verified through the 5 minute table entries for my PWS) the current conditions can be as much as an hour or more old on the forecast page. It also can't seem to keep the correct PWS selected, bouncing around to the ones around me. Since PWS information is your one big selling point, you really should be taking better care to properly display the data. This is happening on ALL versions of the forecast page, not just the beta.
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13. RobS
12:24 AM GMT on January 30, 2014
I agree with almost everyone else here, the classic site was my favorite site, but the current site is acceptable, the new beta is quite a step backwards I think.

While the forecast graph certainly looks pretty, it has no real value in my opinion. I dont see any issue adding this feature in, but it should not be the default view, I for one will rarely if every use it. It is hard enough to be accurate for just a high and low temp on a given day. I prefer the NWS descriptive view. As others have said, we want more data, not pretty graphics. Also, I assume this graph view is based on BestForecast which is highly unreliable.

Where is the option to select NWS forecasts? The Bestforecast system is absolutely dreadful performance in my opinion. I always default to NWS. There are far too many PWS stations that are set up incorrectly. Some of these issues include those set up in the sun without proper shielding or those situated too high or too low to the ground or just cheap stations that are inaccurate. Creating forecasts with these inaccuracies just does not work in my opinion. Due to these issues, it is also nice to view several local stations at once without having to click a box or tab, that way you have a much better idea of conditions in your area since you are able to filter out these error prone stations and also quickly see temperature trends (front coming through area for example). The PWS are awesome but you need access to several in your area in case of bag egg stations, to get a real accurate picture.

Forecasts based on elevation changes and microclimate conditions is a good idea...unfortunately sometimes stations do not do their areas justice as far as accuracy is concerned. The NWS point and click forecasts are a good example of how to implement this successfully.

Also I am a big fan of the current local radar (NEXRAD), not a fan of the regional radar or wundermap radar. The precip type view is terribly inaccurate on all (intellicast/weather tap sites are much better), but the NEXRAD does not default to this view so I always leave this feature off. Bottomline, Not a fan of the new radar view in beta, NEXRAD should be default.

I love the site, you have a great thing going here. please do not ruin it for the majority of current users.
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12. wmk7479
7:01 PM GMT on January 29, 2014
Quoting 8. BriarCraft:

I don't see how less is better. Less information. Less choice. Less community. How is that a step in the right direction?

Compared to the first version of the beta, there is a TON more pertinent information available. It's certainly not as much as the classic site, but it's much improved from the last version of the beta which is what I was getting at.
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11. BriarCraft
5:20 PM GMT on January 28, 2014
content deleted
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10. DaveFive
2:51 PM GMT on January 28, 2014
content deleted
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9. Skyepony (Mod)
1:16 PM GMT on January 28, 2014
This has nothing to do with the blogs. The blogs will continue on as they are, unchanged. They are attempting to update one page..the forecast page.

They are asking people to check out what they did so far, on that one forecast page, because they are far from done. They are asking for constructive feedback on what to work on next in that page (eventually all info from the forecast page will be there) & for innovative ideas & suggestions that have to do with the forecast page.
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8. BriarCraft
9:29 PM GMT on January 27, 2014
content deleted
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7. BriarCraft
9:26 PM GMT on January 27, 2014
content deleted
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6. wmk7479
5:11 PM GMT on January 27, 2014
A step in the right direction. Happy to see it!

If we could fill in the white space under Current Conditions that would be more pleasing to the eye and useful.

Also I agree with coastal984, the description of the current conditions is too detached from the graphic. Maybe the graphic needs to be larger, or a border or something. Just needs to be tightened up.

I know everyone hates change, but this is definitely a step in the right direction.
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5. cybernagel
2:37 AM GMT on January 27, 2014
This blog entry is a continuation of this thread:

http://www.wunderground.com/blog/wuproductteam/co mment.html?entrynum=2
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4. coastal984
1:56 AM GMT on January 27, 2014
OK... this is better. Not there yet by any means. But, I see you're listening, and you're trying. That's encouraging.

First, radar: Much better. I actually really like this implementation. Right size, right form factor. Kudos.

I still feel like the current temp is too large. While you're making that smaller, get your graphics guys to put some kind of defining border around the current condition icon (sun shine, clouds, rain, etc) it's just kinda floating out there in white space, too far vertically separated from the textual description of what it is.

I was very complimentary of the forecast graph/table module last time, and I still like it. But something has come to bother me: How wide everything is spaced on the "table" section. It takes a lot more eye effort to read across the various days to notice the trend. I wish it was more horizontally concise. (I also hope that we will be able to set a default tab for this - I hate to say it, as much as I like the graph, I see myself using the table more. I'd like the choice to set that as my default)

Still feels kind of empty... especially under the current temp. That's a big white blob of nothing. Fill it in with something... In the mean time, not much else to say until more features are implemented. Step in the right direction, though. Carry on.

*edit: Bug report: I can't customize the forecast graph in hourly view, only in daily view. It won't let me click any of the buttons to turn things on and off when I'm in hourly. Chrome up to day, W7 Pro 64-bit

*another edit: To all the dissidents that don't want to see change: Hey, I'm with you. The current site isn't broke, but they're gonna try and fix it anyway. At least they seem to be listening, this beta is much better than the last one. So instead of crying about things we can't change (news flash: they're gonna launch this new design come hell or high water, they don't go through build these redesigns and not launch them) let's give them constructive input and help shape this new wunderground site. At least they're being smart and beta'ing the site, and getting feedback, unlike Yahoo, who totally ruined the best sports site on the planet last summer and is now advertising for an entire new design team because people hated the new design so much.
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3. DaveFive
11:24 AM GMT on January 26, 2014
content deleted
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2. Tmax
10:38 AM GMT on January 26, 2014
So your still going ahead with this even with the negative feedback your getting. How stupid do you think we are? I mean really? Leave the page alone, the beta blows worse than a noreaster and frankly i would rather have the noreaster. Your going to lose more than you gain from this. The beta edition looks like its designed for kindergarteners and frankly i feel like your saying we are dumb and don't know what we are doing on the page. Leave the dumbed down page for the mobile users if you want but leave the main page alone for us desktop users. We like the information and those that run PWS like seeing their data in the classic format. I hated when you changed from the classic, but i got used to the new one and now you want to change to satisfy a certain segment of the population. That page has 0 to do with information and more to do with that no matter what you say. While everything may be going mobile you are blowing off those of us who helped you build this network. Without the users, subscribers and the PWS owners this nice neat little network of yours wouldn't exist! Point blank and bottomed lined for you, LESS IS NOT MORE!
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1. Daisyworld
7:17 AM GMT on January 26, 2014
I had posted this to the Community Support section last summer, but thought it might be beneficial to include it here.

I really like the ability to type in the IATA/ICAO code for an airport in the city field when searching for a weather station. I also like being able to see the aviation METAR for that airport when doing that. As mentioned in my support comment, it would be nice for pilots to also be able to see a link to the closest TAF report (Terminal Area Forecast) for that airport.

For example: There is a METAR for Ann Arbor Municipal Airport (KARB), but the airport has no TAF report. The nearest TAF is Willow Run Airport (KYIP) in Ypsilanti, but I have to navigate all the way back to the "General Aviation" page and type in "KYIP" to get the TAF.
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