Tropical Storm Ernesto, TD6 and Bahamas System

By: wolftribe2009, 3:26 AM GMT on August 04, 2012

Tropical Storm Ernesto is BIG TROUBLE for the Gulf CoastThe storm is steadily getting better organized in the Eastern Caribbean. Satellite images show that the storm's thunderstorm activity is increasing significantly. Visible Sat is also showing spiraling bands wrapping around the center of the storm, especially on the eastern side of the storm and what looks like the formation of a possible eye-wall is underway. The ocean temperature ahead of the storm is way into...

My thoughts on Tropical Storm Debby

By: wolftribe2009, 4:32 PM GMT on June 24, 2012

TS Debby getting her act together. IR Satellite was showing the cloud tops cooling earlier but new Visible Satellite showing the storm in the process of strengthening. Bands of thunderstorms wrapping around the western side of the circulation now which is something that hasn't been happening throughout her lifespan thus far. We could have a hurricane maybe as early as tonight.Tornadoes are an issue for the Florida as Watches are already out over the area. Last night...

Updated: 12:44 AM GMT on August 04, 2012

Tropical Storm Emily (8 PM: August 3, 2011)

By: wolftribe2009, 1:45 AM GMT on August 04, 2011

Well, in light of the confusion. I decided to post a message on what I think Tropical Storm Emily is going to do. I will post a more elaborate blog tomorrow. Tropical Storm Emily has stalled as of 8 PM. This is the second time that she has stalled in the last week. Forecasters have consistently stated that she was/is to turn WNW or NW but she has refused to do so. She has continued westward and has max winds of 50 MPH. I have continued to state that she would do thi...

TS Bret and TS Cindy (No Threat to Land)

By: wolftribe2009, 10:16 PM GMT on July 20, 2011

The 2011 Hurricane Season has had little impact upon the United States. I believe that is soon to change and more signs are pointing to that. At 5 PM, Tropical Storm Bret was located 31.9 N, 73 W and had maximum sustained winds at 45 MPH. TS Bret has been stubborn and refuses to go away. Convection continues to die out and re-fire up as he heads off to the North East at 8 MPH. This will likely continue until he moves at a faster pace towards the NE and moves over co...

Tropical Storm Bret (2 PM July 18)

By: wolftribe2009, 7:52 PM GMT on July 18, 2011

*I will be updating this blog whenever I can*Well it took a while but the second Tropical Storm of the season has formed and is finally here! The overall pattern of the storm has been anything but easy to predict. The previous movement had taken the storm "Southward" and sometimes "south east" but the storm is now moving North East at 5 MPH. Current Winds are 50 MPH with a Central Pressure 1000 MB. There has been an 11 MB drop over the last 36 hours. This is always ...

Updated: 9:25 PM GMT on July 18, 2011

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