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United Kingdom and Ireland dig out from snowstorm. Bangkok record heat

By: Christopher C. Burt, 7:51 PM GMT on March 27, 2013

United Kingdom and Ireland dig out from massive snowstorm. Bangkok, Thailand endures record heat

Portions of southwest Scotland, northwest England and Northern Ireland experienced their heaviest snowfall in 30 years last weekend (March 23-24) followed by bitterly cold weather making this the coldest March since 1962 according to the U.K. Met Office. Meanwhile, in stark contrast, Bangkok, Thailand has registered its hottest temperature on record.

A snowdrift buries a country pub in Cheshire County, England following last weekend’s blizzard. Photo by Rod Kirkpatrick for the Daily Mail newspaper.

A cold easterly airflow combined with a strong Atlantic low pressure system produced true blizzard conditions last weekend over much of the U.K. and higher elevations of northern Ireland. Wind gusts of 50-60 mph piled 12” of snowfall into towering 10-15’ drifts that trapped hundreds of motorists and buried livestock. Unconfirmed reports mentioned drifts up to 24’ on the Isle of Arran, Scotland and Cumbria, England according to a report filed by weather blogger Mark Vogan. As of Tuesday (March 26th) up to 10,000 sheep and lambs were feared still buried in snowdrifts and likely to have perished.

Farmer Donald O’Reilly searches for buried ewes in the Aughafatten area of County Antrim in Northern Ireland. Photographer not identified, from Reuters News Agency.

Extreme cold has followed the storm with a daily record low of -3.1°C (26.4°F) recorded at Shannon Airport, near Limerick in southern Ireland the morning of March 27th. The cold weather is forecast to persist through at least Easter Sunday (March 31st) with the potential of another significant snowstorm striking early next week, although this is looking less and less likely with each new model run.

The ECMWF model predicts cold air from Siberia to continue pressing westward over the British Isles for the next several days.

I will have a recap of the severe March weather in the U.K. in my monthly review of global weather extremes on April 10th.

Bangkok heat

Meanwhile, on the other side of the Eurasian continent, Bangkok, Thailand reached 40.1°C (104.2°F) on March 26th. This is the hottest temperature ever measured at the city’s official Metropolis weather station. The former record was 40.0°C (104.0°F) in April 2012 and April 1979. Other sites in the city, however, have reported higher temperatures in the past with the maximum being 40.8°C (105.4°F) in May 1983 at either the Don Muang Airport or Klong Toei (Bangkok Port) sites.

KUDOS: Thanks to Mark Vogan for U.K. information and Maximiliano Herrera for Bangkok report.

Christopher C. Burt
Weather Historian

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This should be March 1963 not 1962, maybe the Met office confused the two years. In another note they said 1963, which was, indeed a very cold March, after a record cold winter .
40.8C was recorded at the Don Muang AP. Klong Thoey is more "specialized" in high minima and high averages, being on the banks of a canal, in fact just less than two miles from the Metropolis Station which is near the Queen Sirikit Convention Center.
Hi from Texas =)

Can you please tell me why the sheep's bottoms are pink? They seem to have lost their fleece there. =(
Quoting ihave27windows:
Hi from Texas =)

Can you please tell me why the sheep's bottoms are pink? They seem to have lost there fleece there. =(

That's how the owners mark them as their property. Better than branding.
Quoting Bradenton:

That's how the owners mark them as their property. Better than branding.

I think I thought I was seeing their skin, but it's the paint stuff. I have actually been to the UK a couple of times and I recall the sheep having a paint or some sort of dye on their fleece to identify the owner. LOL, but the photo looked like their skin.

Thanks for responding =)
The lady sheep have had a visit from the gentleman sheep if they have paint on their rears. The gentleman sheep wears a paint marker and if he has 'paid a visit' during their specially arranged time together in a field somewhere the farmer knows. The colour will tell the farmer which day the lady was visited and therefore what the likely due date might be so that the gentleman sheep can buy in large packs of cigars...

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