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Severe Weather Marching Across The South This Week.

By: weatherguy03, 12:42 PM GMT on March 11, 2008

April 1st. Update:
Well Happy April Fools Everyone! I believe the joke is on Fox News today. I want to thank them personally for giving Obama the boost he needed in the polls!:) New poll numbers show him closing the gap in PA. Hillarys lead is down to 5 or 6 points. And the race between him and McCain has narrowed again with most polls showing McCain with a 2 to 5 point lead. Again, thanks Fox News keep it up!

As for the weather. Looks like we will watch the march of Severe weather across the South this week. The first system will affect Eastern Texas across Louisiana, Miss. and Alabama today as a cold front drapes across the area. Then we watch the evolution of our second system develop across Northern Texas tomorrow as a new Upper Trough comes out of the Rockies and dives into the South. This Upper Trough and strong cold front will march right across the Southern States this week ending up across Florida by the weekend. We could see a possibility of Severe storms across Florida Friday through Saturday.

March 29th. Update:
Well another day. Looks like Spring is locked in here in North Florida, no turning back now! We will be headed for summer in about 3 weeks!..LOL You can see the pattern beginning to change as our first trough of Low Pressure will be moving WEST into South Florida later this week. The shift into our summer tropical season has begun. This pattern, with strong High pressure to the North, will bring breezy to windy conditions across the Florida Peninsula this week with occasional coastal showers developing and pushing westward. Temps will remain slightly above normal.

March 25th. Update:
Not much to say about the weather across Florida and the Southeast the rest of the week, this will be perfect Spring Weather. The last night of the cold air tonite and then the moderate trend begins with above normal temperatures by Thursday. A cold front will get hung up just to the North of Florida this weekend with a slight chance of showers across the Southeast but mainly dry and warm weather across Florida. Enjoy!!

Latest polling numbers from Rasmussen show the race between Obama/McCain and Hillary/McCain. McCain continues to lead Obama by 9 points, this seems to have stabilized over the last 5 days, thus the McCain bump from the Rev. Wright story seems to have ended. This is good news for Obama. The latest Gallup Poll only shows a 1 point lead by McCain over Obama. The Hillary/McCain race seems to have tightened a bit during the last 5 days with McCain having a 5 point lead now over Hillary, again a Rev. Wright bump. But as you can see, the polls ebb and flow, and these small leads are insignificant in March, and shows how close this race really is. The latest PA poll shows Hillary now with a 10 point lead, this is a decrease from her 13 point lead two weeks ago. This goes to show you those talking heads on Fox News dont know what they are talking about..LOL I was listening the other night and they said that Obama may lose PA by 20 points!! Dont they wish!!..LOL My prediction is that Obama will lose by about 10 points just like he did in Ohio. Out of the big 4 states for the general election. PA is a virtual tie against both Obama and Clinton. In OH, McCain leads Obama by 6 and Clinton by 1. In Fl, its very close with most polls showing McCain with a 3 to 4 point lead over both candidates. MI is a virtual tie. So in other words again, its close for March!!..LOL Oh and more sad news for Fox News, as I also heard the other night that Obama was in trouble in NC. Well the latest polls show Obama with a 21 point lead!!..LOL

Spring Drought Outlook:

Long range outlook has the drier conditions in Southern Florida moving back North as we move into June.

March 20th. Update:
Nice quiet weather will dominate the Deep South and Florida over the next 7 days. The only bump in the road will come from a weak area of Low Pressure that will track across Central and South Florida during the day on Saturday. This will spawn some showers over this area later on Friday into Saturday, but overall precip. should be on the light side. Other then that the next 7 days looks very nice, with Sunny skies and temperatures which will start out alittle below normal this weekend and early next week to alittle above normal by the end of next week. Enjoy the Spring weather!!

March 17th Update:
I guess its time for a quick update..LOL Too much work getting in the way of blogging!!..LOL Well we will watch the progressive of Severe weather march across the South again this week, starting in Texas tonite and moving towards the East Coast by late on Wednesday. The greatest threat will be over Eastern and Central Texas, Louisiana tonite and tomorrow. As for Florida, the greatest threat will be over the Panhandle early Wednesday. The threat will weaken as this system moves into North and Central Florida Wednesday night. Could be another shot of rain for Florida over the weekend.

March 11th. Update:
Pretty quiet weather week, hey we need one! A few weak disturbances will touch off some showers and a few T-storms across the Deep South and Florida the next few days. These disturbance are fairly weak and are nothing like what we saw the last few weeks across the region. A more potent system will move across the Southern Plains on Friday, this may touch off some Severe weather across the Tenn and Miss. Valley and across the Southeast Friday thru Sunday. Florida will get into the act on Saturday will showers and T-storms as a cold front moves thru. Right now its too early to tell whether we will get an Severe weather out of this system. Temperatures will continue to be on the mild side through the week across Florida and rise to above normal levels by the end of the week. Spring is here!!

Today is the Mississippi Primary for the Democrats. And I LOVE MISSISSIPPI!!:) Obama holds a sizable lead in most polls and should easily win tonite. Then its off to Pennsylvania where we should see a hard fought battle for the next 6 weeks. Hillary has been polling about 15 points ahead of Obama in PA. So basically, unless we revote in MI and FL, neither candidate will get to the magic number before the convention. The latest Rasmussen poll shows McCain V. Obama/Clinton in a deadlock. Stay tuned!!

Drought Index:

The views of the author are his/her own and do not necessarily represent the position of The Weather Company or its parent, IBM.

Reader Comments

Well, what gets me is MP isn't the only one who posted the pic...but he's the only one that got the ban??
He might of done some stuff behind the scenes, who knows. He can get carried away sometimes. I love the guy, and if you ever meet him in person, he is a great guy. But sometimes his NEOCON ways get in the way of his thinking!..LOL
But then again, according to GR, Obama is the second coming of Hitler!..LOL
Context..and someone flagging the second one HG. It aint always what you see, the controls are in place for a reason.
Obama is the second coming of Hitler!..LOL

Ha, I needed something to laugh at and that was it. Bloody Ridiculous.
Fear is the Primary tool of the Far Right 03, you and I both know that. But the Fear thingie has run dry for them as of late. They the ones to fear the American Public has come to realize. Thus the huge crossover now occurring from Rep to the Democratic side.
He probably went off the deep end in the main blog or something...
I believe that Pat. As long as they keep this fear thing going they will lose in November. Whatelse to they have to run on?? Its been a failure in this Admin. for the past 8 years. I cant wait for the debates between Obama/McCain. I just find it funny everytime you turn on Fox News they are talking about Obama and the Rev Wright story, still!! It shows you how scared they are of Obama. They would love to have Hillary as the nominee.
TS2, the Far Right actually would like you to believe that!..LOL

Well gotta run, work calls soon. Gonna try and get outside and enjoy some of this day before work. See ya all later, enjoy your Saturday!!
Have a good one Bob!
Morning...foggy here
whz up rocket?

gorgeous...chilly, but humid morning here in SWFL...
Good morning, Bob and friends!!!

It is going to be a beautiful day down here, finally warming up a bit! I am over the cool temps we've been having for the past week.

Hope you enjoy your weekend!
I'm still waiting for 60 degree here! Haven't seen 60 degrees since 11/22.
Soon we will have 60 degree lows, yo!
Obama building leads in nationwide polls, and closing gap in PA. Too bad the primary isn't this Tuesday! I'm afraid of something bad happening that will make Obama loose badly with so long to go--another Wright type story will not be helpful.

fun photoshop (not really work safe though) Link
519. K8e1
hello st simons
nice links
For those of you that DON'T think Pastor Wright should affect your vote.

Isuggest you begin to understand human nature and how it works.

Now, if Obama went to the church every now and then, only sometimes, and really didn't know him personally it wouldn't be a big deal.

But come on, lets be real, ANY of you that know how this works will know that its possible Obama shares similar views.

Am I saying he does? NO I am not, I am stating it as a real possibility, in other words, we should think twice about whats going on here.

Its all possible that Obama has absolutely no appreciation for those ideas of Pastor Write, but the possinility also exsists, he very well does.

In that case, I suggest anyone who wants him as president, just needs to be very cautious, and DO there hoework and learn a lot about him.

I actually like Obama even though I don't agree with many of his viewpoints on politics, they aren't bad, but I'm a moderate conservative, so I do agree with some democratic ideas though.

We should all shoot for the midlle, it means balance
So that being said, we don't know a lot about Obama, and because of this other issue with his church, just be very catious if you're a Obama supporter.

I outright am not going to say don't vote for him, that would be a irrational statement.

Just me being a Bible based non-denominational Christian, I am just always careful to consider everything and make sure I know what I'm doing.

Although being human like everyone else, I often fail to do so as well lol, I aim for it though.
Oh, one more link. :) Link
Oh let's see. McCain--100 more years in Iraq. Me support him? Um, no. I don't think so. And Hillary, just can't trust her. And she voted for the war back in the beginning when she thought she needed to for political reasons.

And Obama is the best public speaker I have ever seen. He can inspire and lead. So I am going for him.

Anyway, the Reverend Wright thing doesn't bother me. 2 reasons why.

1) It's Obama, not Wright running. Obama has never said any of those horrible things

2) I have black friends, been to black churches (better food and singing than at the white ones, and less self-righteous) But those words and sentiments are very very common among the black community. Discrimination has left a lot of bitterness and deep wounds. (and if you don't think discrimination happens now, check out any frat row on a large campus)

Obama may well disappoint. But he hasn't disappointed me yet. McCain and Clinton already have.
Nice cool morning here...upper 50s and looking for a high in the 70s. Spring is winning all the flowers are in bloom..Its odd to see Camellias (winter flowers) still blooming with the azaleas(spring flowers) in full bloom...It is very colorful here
Very well said SSI!! Its the Far Right Rep. machine thats scared of Obama, and they should be, because he is going to be very competitive VS. McCain in Novemeber. Most people live in their little box SSI, and get their news from Fox!..LOL

Hey Jed. Congrats on the new car!! Jed, just look at Obama's website and you can learn alot about the man. Here is a good spot...Link

And here...Link

People dont realize its early yet. Once the debates begin between McCain and Obama we will get a good idea where both of these candidated differ on the issues. Right now all of the issues are getting clouded by all of this ridiculous political rhetoric.
Morning Rocket!! We have a backdoor cold front coming down the coast with a big NE surge moving down the coast. Gonna get windy and wet today. Much cooler then yesterday!! Azaleas are in bloom here as well.
yea them west movers can create quite a bang..
nothing like a back door cold front for creating thunderstorms with high hale possibilities
Yeah will be interesting to see if a convergence band sets up along the coast somewhere today. Could be some big rains along the SE GA or NE FL coast today. I will be at work watching it!..LOL
work...on Sunday??...lol new jobs suck:)
LOL. I only work like every 5th Sunday, so its not that bad. Its my turn today.
Thats not too bad..maybe one weekend you will make it to biloxi....LOL we can take the casinos for all their money(yea right:))
I would love too! I am looking at taking some trips this summer, but they would be during the week since I work alot of Saturdays. Me and my wife have been talking about that.
I wanted a convergence band--lol. I want some good rain!
Bob you best be going to biloxi this summer, expecially later summer, you can come visit me then and we can all hit up the casinos hurrah! LOL

After the Rangers lost today to the Penguins I was going through the stations and decided to stop on FoxNews to see what was happening there.

Their frist show was something about 'home-grown Islamic terrorism' where they detailed all the terrorist camps/busts/plots etc. since 9.11.01 and outlined the 'threat'.

After that 'special' (which apparently ran for two hours - thankfully I only caught the last 30min of it) the 'real news' came on where they proceeded to talk for about a half hour about democratic in-fighting, the Spitzer scandal, the Detroit mayor scandal (which they're talking about again right now), the Hillary/Bosnia thingy, a comment on rev. Wright, McCain's 'economic plan' then as they cut to commercial they said something about what's coming on the next segment and told the folks watching at home to 'Stay here for news without the spin".

I know you're all holding back laughter by now...
Enough said, right Sully!!..LOL Too funny!!

Well was a dreary day here today, I am glad I was working. Yesterday summer, today back to cool grey weather. No rain though. Misty, drizzle, foggy, but no rain. A strange day here..LOL 20 degrees colder today too.
Obama Bowls Like a Chick!!..LOL:

Hahah, his hand flaps around. Its soooo cute.
Happy Spring '03..and I see Robs here..u 2! State Cup Soccer weekend. Thank goodness we didnt fare well and it over..LOL

Great weather, getting a nice aligator tan.

Ahhh more soccer, when does it end!!..LOL

Well a rainy raw day here in North Florida today, a good day to work!! See ya all later.

541. mobal
Morning Libby!
Morning Bob. Hope you have a great week.

Good morning Bob,
I would like the summer trend to continue but I want my blue skies back! If it's going to be cloudy and dreary again I hope we at least get some rain out of it.
I had more damage than I would have liked in my flower garden from the cold because we were so sick during one of the freezes we were unable to protect them so I have been busy out there and some rain sure wouldn't hurt.
I hope you have a great day!
Morning all. You JAX folks enjoy your wintry Sunday?
Obama picks up 8 superdelegates today Link
Monday, March 31, 2008 - 9:39 AM CDT
HUD Secretary Alphonso Jackson resigns
Houston Business Journal

Nearly two years after a Dallas Business Journal report sparked a federal investigation of U.S. Housing Secretary Alphonso Jackson, the embattled administrator has resigned.

Jackson announced his resignation at a brief press conference Monday morning, citing personal and family matters. He will step down April 18.

The former president and CEO of the Dallas Housing Authority, Jackson has fought off charges of cronyism and the politicization of HUD's contracting processes for the last two years. The controversy was sparked by a report last May in the DBJ, which covered a speech Jackson gave in Dallas to a private group of minority real estate executives.

The secretary told the group he had canceled a contract after the contractor said he had a problem with President Bush: "Why should I reward someone who doesn't like the president, so they can use the funds to try to campaign against the president?" Jackson said. "Logic says they don't get the contract. That's the way I believe."

The secretary also told the audience "how government works. Once you get the contract," he said, "they just keep giving you tax dollars. ... The most amazing thing I've ever seen is the amount of contracts we give out every day. One contract can make you wealthy."

Jackson later apologized for the remarks about the contractor and said he had lied. Responding to a flurry of complaints, the HUD Inspector General launched an investigation.

According to an internal copy of the IG's findings, obtained by the DBJ through a Freedom of Information Act request, top aides to Jackson testified that they and other senior staff members were advised to take political leanings into consideration when awarding discretionary contracts.

Despite Jackson's edict, there was no evidence that "information regarding political affiliation was routinely or generally received, maintained or applied to the contracting process; however, there were some limited instances where political affiliation may have been a factor in contract issues involving Jackson," the report found.

Sworn statements Jackson made to the IG's office as part of that investigation -- and later before a Senate panel -- have led to an ongoing probe by a federal grand jury, the Justice Department, the FBI and the HUD inspector general. Jackson testified that had no involvement in the awarding of contracts.

More recently, Jackson has been embroiled in a controversy involving a Philadelphia redevelopment project. A lawsuit filed by the Philadelphia's housing authority claims that Jackson tried to punish the authority for its refusal to award a contract to one of his friends. The secretary and other HUD officials have denied any wrongdoing.

In a Senate subcommittee hearing earlier this month, Jackson refused to answer questions about the Philadelphia matter -- and about the IG's findings relating to his 2006 comments in Dallas. Jackson's lack of cooperation led two senators -- Patty Murray (D-Wash.) and Christopher Dodd (D-Conn.), chairman of the of the Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee -- to call for his resignation.

In a letter to President Bush, a close Jackson ally, the senators urged the President to ask Jackson to step down.

"We are deeply troubled by the growing number of allegations of impropriety on the part of HUD Secretary Alphonso Jackson and the Secretary's refusal to answer appropriate Congressional inquiries on these matters," the senators wrote. "Unfortunately, the allegations surrounding Secretary Jackson, as well as his rejection of appropriate Congressional oversight of his Department, undermine his ability to effectively address the current housing crisis."

Jackson was named HUD secretary in March 2004. He joined the Bush administration in 2001 as HUD's deputy secretary and chief operating officer.
Hi Bob-

Just wanted to let you know... we had to put poor Oscar the cat down today. His kidney's failed. I remember that he and Greg(?) the cat looked like twins.

Sad day :(

Hope all is well your way.
LOL...Bush gets booed. Very sorry to hear about your cat Mandy.

To those who are commenting on the Rev. Wright story, here's how I look at it, and how I see Obama's explanation. What Obama, IMO was trying to say that he was friends with Wright not because of those comments, but in spite of them. He was friends with him because of the other, presumably better things the pastor did and said. What he, IMO was trying to say was that he looked at Wright as a whole, and not just based on the worst things Wright did. Not saying I agree with that (the whole thing was blown out of proportion. Who cares what his pastor says anyway?), but that's what I think he was trying to say.

And sullivan, that's Fox News for you. I can't believe anyone with a brain would watch that channel, or at least pretend it isn't biased.
Kris- Find me one news outlet that ISN'T biased... Everyone loves to pile on Fox News, but it is FAR worse on CNN, MSNBC, Headline News, etc.... So let's get real here. Fox News leans to the right. ALL of the other broadcast media on television leans left.
Here ya go! Link

No evidence exists that CNN or network news tilts left, except for the baseless charges of conservatives who can't brook disagreement. In other words, if you don't agree with me you are biased is the conservative viewpoint.

Anyway, how robust a philosophy can conservatism be if it is so afraid of conflicting views? ;-)
The rest do have slight left leanings, but Fox is far worse. It is absolutely blatant in both the stories it runs and the way it presents them to the point where its anchors don't even pretend to be neutral.
Sorry to hear about that Mandy:( Greg has to have an operation on his ear, but he will be ok.

How many Presidents have gotten booed like that!! His Presidency has been a disaster! And if you wanna keep it going then vote for McCain in November!
C'mon Bob... It's a baseball game. Every President gets booed and cheered. Who cares.
boo them all...none are worthy of the task:)
Guys..... When does Wolf Blitzer pretend to be neutral? Or Dobbs? Or any of the hair helmet infobabes that are anchoring during the day?

Man. It's excuses for everything! No one can even admit that their political lean is RAMPANT throughout cable news and print media. Radio is really the only monopoly toward right wing.

Nash, he is a joke and so has his Presidency! Go back to watching Fox News with the rest of your NEOCON buddies!..LOL

Hey Rocket.
Lou Dobbs is great!! Maybe you should watch him sometimes.

Well been a long day. See ya all tomorrow.
And once again.... Name calling for those that cannot have an honest debate.

Ah, what fun.
And Bob.... I wasn't referring to the president.... It was about media.. But, you couldn't resist throwing in again about how awful Bush has been. Even though it was so off the response I gave.

Another Cabinet Level Post Position gone "POOF" in scandal..

How many is this now?

"Sorry Jackson...But the road ends April 18th"

"Keep Smiling for the Press though..Yeah, thats it."

March 31 (Bloomberg) -- U.S. Housing and Urban Development Secretary Alphonso Jackson quit following calls by lawmakers for him to step down amid a federal criminal probe into contracts the agency awarded.

``There comes a time when one must attend more diligently to personal and family matters,'' Jackson, reading from a statement, told reporters in Washington today. ``Now is such a time for me.'' His resignation takes effect April 18.
Lou Dobbs on Colbert Report

Lou Dobbs on Colbert Report
Just stopping by to say Hi! Hope you all are well!!
More people quitting huh Pat..LOL

Nash, I will always throw in how awful Bush has been, because ya know why, he has been AWFUL!!! BTW Nash NEOCON is a term of endearment for some, shoot Mobal loves it!!..LOL Embrace it Nash its ok!:) And Nash, after reading what you wrote on Oreo's blog last night, I am not sure who can have a debate with you!..LOL

UMBY!!! Whats up?? When are you going to visit me???
Good morning, Bob!!

Luckily for your in-laws it's going to be an 'okay' day for traveling. The warm front has pushed north and should bring temperatures up into the 50's over New Hampshire!

There'll be some low clouds and fog to contend with but that'll be much better than the freezing rain, sleet and snow we got here yesterday!

Concord, NH broke into their #2spot for seasonal snowfall yesterday with just over 115" this winter. They're now a little over 6" behind #1 and very well could make it this year. More snow is in the forecast early in the morning on Friday while should add an inch or two to the seasonal total and I'm sure you know, April is by no means sun and warmth here in the Great White North.
Good morning bob! Only three weeks of school left!
Morning! Its such a nice day out there, me and wife payed a visit to the beach this morning, fun fun.
Thanks for the update Sully. They left very early this morning. Very early!!..LOL

Hey Rob. Call me.
OOOO ok sweety...
Thanks baby!!:) Hey new pic from this morning, very nice sunrise.
Morning fellas!
Mornin' Crush!!
morning 03...april fools!!!
Morning Bob, weather gang.

Bombers try again tonight...

BLUE JAYS AT YANKEES, PPD.: The final Opening Day at Yankee Stadium was rained out Monday. The game will be made up Tuesday, which had been a scheduled off day for both teams.
Yep, gotta wait another day MP. Well for all of you womens college BB fans out there, yes I know you are out there!..LOL We have the Rutgers/UCONN game tonite. The winner moves on to the Final Four.
Congrats to the Rutgets women! I'll admit to being a fan of women's BB.

Do you think SC will be stormy later this week too? Friday is the date for our Special Olympics and they are already thinking about postponing. It takes several days for all the arrangements to be made or unmade.
Looks like you will be ok for Friday. Right now its looking like a later on Saturday, maybe Sunday event for SC. This time of year the models like to slow these fronts down as they head East.
Now thats for the Severe Weather. But it will be unsettled from time to time with that old frontal boundrary hanging around this week. So ya may not be dry on Friday.
Morning Bob!
Typical PA voter contemplating his choices...

Lou Dobbs catching himself..LOL I do love Dobbs though he is great. But you can see how careful you have to be nowadays!

I was searching for Dennis Miller video on the OReilly factor last night. He was sooo funny!! Yes I watch OReilly sometimes..LOL I love Dennis Miller.
Change? LOL Old boy politics ain't change.

Media, Non-Partisan Groups, And Even Obama Himself Set Record Straight On His Distorted "100 Year" Attack

Yesterday, Obama Acknowledged That Sen. McCain's Plan For Keeping Troops In Iraq Would Be Similar To The U.S. Troop Presence In South Korea:

"At The End Of The Exchange Obama Admitted That He Understands McCain Is Talking About The Korean Style Bases And Not A Hot War Like Iraq..." (Sunlen Miller, "Obama Claims Characterization Of McCain's Statement On Iraq Is Fair," ABC News' "Political Radar" Blog, www.abcnews.com, 3/31/08)

Question: "But I think that [Sen. McCain] talks about it in the spirit of Germany and Japan..." Obama: "And we've been in South Korea for 50 years. And he's used that as an example..." (Sen. Barack Obama, Press Conference, 3/31/08)
At The Same Time, Obama Continued To Distort Sen. McCain's Position As He Has Consistently Done In The Past:

"[R]ather Than Sticking To An Airtight Retelling Of McCain's Words, Obama Deviated From McCain's Comment On More Than One Occasion." (Teddy Davis and Talal Al-Khatib, "'We Can Run The Youtube Spot,'" ABC News' "The Note's Sneak Peek," 3/31/08)

Obama: "John McCain -- I mean, we can run the YouTube spot -- has said that we will stay there as long as it takes and, if it takes another 100 years, he's up for that commitment." (Sen. Barack Obama, Press Conference, 3/31/08)
Obama: "[I]t's certainly different from saying that we would have a high level of combat troops inside Iraq for a decade or two decades or, as John McCain said, perhaps 100 years." (Sen. Barack Obama, Press Conference, 3/31/08)
Obama: "And when it comes to foreign policy, John McCain says he wants to fight a hundred year war, a hundred years he says, as long as it takes." (Mike Dorning, "Obama Fires Away At McCain," Chicago Tribune's "The Swamp" Blog, www.chicagotribune.com, 2/9/08)
Obama: "[W]e are bogged down in a war that John McCain now suggests might go on for another 100 years..." (Sen. Barack Obama, MSNBC Democrat Presidential Candidate Debate, Cleveland, OH, 2/26/08)
Obama: "[Sen. McCain] says that he is willing to send our troops into another 100 years of war in Iraq..." (Sen. Barack Obama, Remarks On Primary Results, Houston, TX, 2/19/08)

Non-Partisan Fact Check Groups Call Democrat Attacks On Sen. McCain's "100 Years" Comment False:

Non-Partisan Factcheck.Org Calls DNC Attacks On "100 Years" Comment A "Serious Distortion" And "A Rank Falsehood." "The DNC's message portrays McCain as bent on fighting an 'endless' war in Iraq. DNC: We can't afford four more years with a President who fights an endless war in Iraq. ... On the war, McCain scoffed at Bush's call to leave troops in Iraq for 50 years, saying 'Make it a hundred!' That of course is a serious distortion of what McCain actually said to a town-hall meeting in New Hampshire back on Jan. 3. ... There's little doubt that McCain is less eager than either Clinton or Obama to bring troops home without further suppression of insurgent attacks. But it's a rank falsehood for the DNC to accuse McCain of wanting to wage 'endless war' based on his support for a presence in Iraq something like the U.S. role in South Korea." (Factcheck.Org Website, www.factcheck.org, Accessed 3/25/08)

Non-Partisan Politifact.Com Calls Obama Attacks On "100 Years" Comment "False." "Obama twisted McCain's words in the Cleveland debate. He said, 'We are bogged down in a war that John McCain now suggests might go on for another 100 years.' As we explain above, McCain was referring to a peacetime presence, not the war. So we find Obama's statement False." (Politifact.Com Website, www.politifact.com, Accessed 3/25/08)

Numerous Media Outlets Agree That Democrats Have Mischaracterized Sen. McCain's Position:

The New York Times Reports That Democrats "Mischaracterize And Distort" Sen. McCain's "100 Years" Comment. "But the timetables, flippantly tossed out, have been condensed into sound bites by his Democratic opponents, turned into fund-raising appeals and mashed into YouTube parodies. Many of the sound bites mischaracterize and distort what was said in Mr. McCain's six-minute exchange on Jan. 3..." (Kate Phillips, "McCain Said '100'; Opponents Latch On," The New York Times, 3/27/08)

The Atlantic's Marc Ambinder: "[D]emocrats imply that McCain wants to keep US troops in Iraq for 100 years under the same conditions they're fighting right now. Which is simply not what McCain said. McCain explicitly said that US presence in Iraq long-term would be predicated on the absence of violence and on the establishment of stability in the region." (Marc Ambinder, "100 Years Of Solitude? McCain And Iraq," The Atlantic's "Marc Ambinder" Blog, www.theatlantic.com, 3/31/08)

The Associated Press: "[Sen. McCain] and the Democrats vying to run against him in the fall are engaged in a debate of sorts over how long U.S. troops should stay in Iraq and under what circumstances. That's a genuine point of contention. But Hillary Rodham Clinton and especially Barack Obama have distilled McCain's position into sound bite oversimplifications, suggesting he foresees a war without end in anyone's lifetime." (Calvin Woodward, "Dems Take McCain Out Of Context On Iraq," The Associated Press, 2/29/08)

Fox News' Carl Cameron: "[M]cCain has never said he wants war and never advocated 100 more years of war-making in Iraq. In January, he indicated at a New Hampshire town hall meeting that maintaining a postwar presence in Iraq would be fine..." (Fox News' "Special Report," 3/31/08)

National Review: "Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have suggested that this means McCain 'wants to fight a 100-year war,' in Obama's words. This is so obvious a distortion that it must backfire against Democrats over time, especially if they nominate Barack Obama, who has so loudly advertised his commitment to civil discourse..." (Editorial, "The 100 Years War," National Review, www.nationalreview.com, 3/26/08)

Obama Is Adopting The Same Old School Political Tactics He Claims He Opposes By Distorting Sen. McCain's Remarks For Political Advantage:

An Unnamed Obama Advisor Admitted That The Obama Campaign Planned To Use Sen. McCain's Remarks As A Political Tool. "'It's seldom you get such a clean shot. It's such a remarkably clean shot,' said a senior Obama adviser, who asked that his name be withheld so that he could be candid. 'The 100 years' comment is a frame,' the adviser explained, to nail home the message that McCain is 'more of the same.'" (David Paul Kuhn, "Dems To Hammer McCain For '100 years,'" The Politico, 3/25/08)

Democrats Hope To Use Sen. McCain's Comment "As The Linchpin Of An Effort To Turn McCain's National Security Credentials Against Him." "Though it's not exactly an accurate representation of McCain's views, Democratic strategists view the '100 years' remark as the linchpin of an effort to turn McCain's national security credentials against him by framing the Vietnam War hero as a warmonger who envisions an American presence in Iraq without end." (David Paul Kuhn, "Dems To Hammer McCain For '100 years,'" The Politico, 3/25/08)

Democrats See Sen. McCain's "100 Years" Comment As Their Equivalent To Sen. Kerry's "$87 Billion" Comment. "Some Democrats see the '100 years' comment as this year's equivalent of 2004 Democratic presidential nominee John F. Kerry's infamous 'I actually did vote for the $87 billion before I voted against it' remark -- a statement that Republicans used over and over again to underscore their contention that Kerry was a liberal 'flip-flopper.'" (David Paul Kuhn, "Dems To Hammer McCain For '100 years,'" The Politico, 3/25/08)

"Democratic Strategist Bob Shrum Said It Was Clear To Him What McCain Really Meant -- After All, McCain Spelled It Out At Length. His Candor Gave His Opponents A Huge Opening To Portray It Otherwise." (Ron Claiborne, "McCain's '100 Year' Remark Hands Ammo To War Critics," ABC News, www.abcnews.go.com, 3/31/08)

The Washington Post's Charles Krauthammer: "But a serious argument is not what Democrats are seeking. They want the killer sound bite, the silver bullet to take down McCain. According to Politico, they have found it: 'Dems to hammer McCain for '100 years.'" (Charles Krauthammer, Op-Ed, "A Rank Falsehood," The Washington Post, 3/28/08)

Krauthammer: "As Lenin is said to have said, 'A lie told often enough becomes truth.' And as this lie passes into truth, the Democrats are ready to deploy it..." (Charles Krauthammer, Op-Ed, "A Rank Falsehood," The Washington Post, 3/28/08)

"This Statement Has Been Used Ever Since By Democrats In Their Quest To Win Over The Anti-War Vote That Makes Up Much Of The Democratic Party's Base." (Bonney Kapp, "Obama V. McCain On The 'Hundred Year War,'" Fox News' "Embeds" Blog, www.foxnews.com, 3/31/08)

GScotsman - I thought that was just me in the morning, guess I know there are other people out there like me as well.
I can Hold my breath longer than a Jarhead,watch!

Talking points says...

I just thought I should let you know some of the ladies are posting pics of their feet.....I recall how much you liked feet Bob...lol
Campaign Speech in Jacksonville, FL

What: Campaign Speech in Jacksonville, FL

When: April 3, 2008 8:30 a.m.

Where: Cecil Field, FCCJ Aviation Center of Excellence, Aviation Hangar 14
13510 Aerospace Way
Jacksonville, FL32221

Come hear U.S. Senator John McCain deliver a campaign speech in Jacksonville, Florida on Thursday, April 3, 2008 at 8:30 a.m. The event will take place at Cecil Field Airport.
Lou Dobbs, who I don't like very much, has been the only person bold enough to talk about the north american union. most people don't know, you'd think it would be on the tip of everyone's tounge's. a EU type governemt with US/Mexico/Canada and currency as the amero. gotta go with obama now. not that he would change that, possibly delay it a few years.
I would be Honored if you accompanied me to Fla for my Big Speech Thursday.We hope to get in 9 Holes after, ..if you'd care to Join us.

Feet?? Where??..LOL

Ok GS, thats why its a free country.
Well I am glad I am off on Thursday or traffic would be terrible!!..LOL
Welcome to Jacksonville Senator,The Podium is right this way..

Well GS you can vote for Jesse Ventura!!..LOL

I am going to stick with PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE

and write in MisterPerfect.
Vote for Me..
Im Strong,Independent..and not a-skeered to wear Pink.

pat... it's time......

for the 'you know who...' guy.... in pink sprawling on Canal St..

And again GS the difference on the You Tube thing is that was John McCain's exact words. I havent heard Obama say anything Anti-American.
Thank you GS, and I except your nomination.
I also Fought with Gov Schwarzenegger against the Predator..

Actually..Jesse has taken on a New Look and role,Campaigning for this Guy in Texas..

Kinky!! He was on OReilly last night. He has been a regular Monday guest now. He was drinking Tequilla last night..LOL
I better send Kinky a lil e-mail saying Jesse is scaring the Kids though.
Obama Calls For Nearly Doubling Capital Gains Tax; Unaware Of Harmful Effects On The Economy And Reduction In Capital

Yesterday, Obama Reiterated His Support For Nearly Doubling The Capital Gains Tax Rate; Claiming It Wouldn't "Distort ... Economic Decision Making":

CNBC's Maria Bartiromo:
"He [Obama] wants to raise taxes. ... Right now, as you know, the cap gains tax is at 15%. He has yet to give us a specific number, how high he wants that number to go. He has said, and he told me today, that he won't go above 28%. So we are talking about the possibility of a doubling in the capital gains tax." (CNBC's "Closing Bell," 3/27/08)

Obama Said Raising The Capital Gains Tax Wouldn't "Distort ... Economic Decision Making."

Obama: "I think that we can have a capital gains rate that is higher than 15 percent. If it--and if it, you know--when I talk to people like Warren Buffet or others and I ask them, you know, what's--how much of a difference is it going to be if it's 20 or 25 percent, they say, look, if it's within that range then it's not going to distort, I think, economic decision making." (CNBC's "Closing Bell," 3/27/08)

**Special MP comment: What a great orator...with the help of a teleprompter...LOL..please

ECON 101: Higher Capital Gains Taxes Would Harm The Economy:

FLASHBACK: In 1963, John F. Kennedy Said That "The Tax On Capital Gains Directly Affects Investment Decisions."

John F. Kennedy In 1963: "The tax on capital gains directly affects investment decisions, the mobility and flow of risk capital ... the ease or difficulty experienced by new ventures in obtaining capital, and thereby the strength and potential for growth in the economy." (Editorial, "A Capital Gains Primer," The Wall Street Journal, 10/15/07)

Bloomberg's Amity Shlaes: Raising The Capital Gains Tax Rate Would Make The U.S. Economy "Less Competitive." "When the capital- gains rate is low, America feels like doing business. When the rate is high, the country turns its attention elsewhere. ... If a capital-gains rate increase alone, however, makes it into 2008 law, the U.S. economy will become less competitive compared with other economies at a crucial time. And if you don't mind me saying, that's a spread that can affect a lot of relationships." (Amity Shlaes, Op-Ed, "Wife-Swapping, Taxes And Spreads Are All Related," Bloomberg.Com, 8/1/07)

Martin Sosnoff, Chairman And Founder Of Atalanta/Sosnoff Capital,
Said Higher Tax Rates On Capital Gains And Dividends Will "Dampen The Stock Market" And Reduce Investment Capital. "Higher tax rates for capital gains and dividends are bound to dampen the stock market. The macro picture is that the more you drive down after-tax rates of return, the less capital you have available for reinvestment." (Martin T. Sosnoff, Op-Ed, "Blackstone And Taxes (Ours)," Forbes.Com, 6/29/07)

ECON 101: Capital Gains Tax Cuts Help America's Seniors And Middle Class Americans:

**Special MP comment: Tax Cuts Help America's Seniors And Middle Class, period.

The Wall Street Journal: "But it's not only the wealthy who will take a hit from higher capital gains taxes. Recent surveys indicate that roughly 52% of American adults own stock in some form, and last year 8.5 million of these investors paid a capital gains tax." (Editorial, "A Capital Gains Primer," The Wall Street Journal, 10/15/07)

The Tax Foundation's Scott Hodge: "[T]he Reliance On Capital Gains And Dividend Income Tends To Rise With Age." (Scott A. Hodge, "Reliance On Capital Gains And Dividend Income Tends To Rise With Age," The Tax Foundation, 12/14/05)

The Joint Committee On Taxation Reported Figures Demonstrating That Middle-Income Americans Benefit From Lower Capital Gains And Dividends Tax Rates. "Figures from the Joint Committee on Taxation (JCT) help support the idea that more middle class Americans benefit from this tax break. In 2005, about 20 percent of the taxpayers who were expected to report capital gains income -- and 24 percent of those expected to report dividend income -- earned less than $50,000 annually, the JCT data showed." (Joseph J. Schatz, "Tax Break Tries On 'Middle Class' Label," Congressional Quarterly Weekly, 2/17/06)

36 Percent Of Taxpayers With Capital Gains Income Are Over Age 55. (Scott A. Hodge, "Reliance On Capital Gains And Dividend Income Tends To Rise With Age," The Tax Foundation, 12/14/05)

27.6 Percent Of Americans Over 75 Have Income From Capital Gains. (Joseph J. Schatz, "Tax Break Tries On 'Middle Class' Label," Congressional Quarterly Weekly, 2/17/06)

Taxpayers Age 55 With Capital Gains Derive About 22 Percent Of Their Adjusted Gross Income From Capital Gains Income. (Scott A. Hodge, "Reliance On Capital Gains And Dividend Income Tends To Rise With Age," The Tax Foundation, 12/14/05)
Taxpayers Age 80 With Capital Gains Derive More Than 24 Percent Of Their Adjusted Gross Income From Capital Gains Income. (Scott A. Hodge, "Reliance On Capital Gains And Dividend Income Tends To Rise With Age," The Tax Foundation, 12/14/05)

NOTE: Obama Acknowledges That Millions Of People Own Stock And Benefit From Lower Capital Gains Rates.

CNBC's Maria Bartiromo: "But it's not just the Warren Buffets of the world who own stocks, so..." Obama: "Of course not." Bartiromo: "...let's hypothetically say that ... cap gains tax goes from 15 percent to 25 percent." Obama: "Right." Bartiromo: "You're impacting a lot of people." Obama: "Right." Bartiromo: "A hundred million Americans own stocks today." Obama: "Absolutely." Bartiromo: "So it's not just the rich." Obama: "No, no, no, absolutely." (CNBC's "Closing Bell," 3/27/08)

**Special MP comment: Another fiscal sock-puppet. Let's just tax every drop of income Americans make. The Great Orator sounds all too convincing, doesn't he? LOL..please again.

ECON 101: Higher Capital Gains Taxes Have Historically Translated Into A Decline In Tax Revenues:

Yesterday, Obama Claimed Raising The Capital Gains Tax Rate Will Increase Tax Revenue And Help Fund His Spending Proposals.

Obama: "[W]hat it will also do is first of all help out the federal treasury, which is running a credit card up with the bank of China and other countries. What it will also do, I think, is allow us to make investments in basic scientific research, in infrastructure, in broadband lines, in green energy and will allow us to give us--give some relief to middle class and working class families who have been driving this economy as consumers but have been doing it through credit cards and home equity loans." (CNBC's "Closing Bell," 3/27/08)

But The Wall Street Journal Notes That Higher Capital Gains Tax Rates Result In A Decline In Tax Revenues. "For the past 40 years, capital gains tax increases have been associated with a decline in tax revenues. Rate cuts have generated more tax collections." (Editorial, "A Capital Gains Primer," The Wall Street Journal, 10/15/07)

"One Reason Is That Higher Rates Give Investors An Incentive To Hold Their Assets To Avoid Paying The Tax." (Editorial, "A Capital Gains Primer," The Wall Street Journal, 10/15/07)
Alan Reynolds, Senior Fellow At The Cato Institute: "[I]nvestors Would Sit On Stocks Rather Than Sell And Pay The Tax." (Alan Reynolds, Op-Ed, "Tax Delusions," New York Post, 2/15/08)


How can a Senator Be Anti-American?..LOL

I guess Illinois is just as wackalooned as Fla.

But their Primary counts.
Rules are Rules Ladies and Gentleman.
Mittichigan you too.
So more weather in the next 48 hours, wew spring is here.

Well I'm off to the gym call ya when I get back bob.
The Luck of John McCain..Link

As McCain put it himself on Tuesday night, "Nothing, nothing, nothing is inevitable in America." He knows well that the door of chance swings both ways. Indeed, midway through his victory speech Tuesday, McCain's teleprompter failed.

No man should be robbed of his personal wealth -to be redistributed by a buercratic behemoth - to those undeserving of it's merit.

You may tax consumption and you may tax luxury - but robbing a man of ambition for accumulated gains - that he can then pass down to his family - is IN FACT .... UN-AMERICAN

The fundemental failure of the equal distribution of wealth in a society is the failure of education.

education and vocabulary are the vehicles of opportunity.

Robbing the educated man of his wealth - to subsidise failed schools and tenured MORONS is immoral and UN-AMERICAN.
nor shall we say that unbridled greed and the gutting of the great engine of capitalism and industry for mear personal gain - is acceptable.

if you build the infrastructure of tomorrow for a profit - you will be rewarded justly.

if you build only googles, yahoos and smoke and mirrors financial instruaments to accumulate personal wealth - be you damned for your herasy.

while bridges rot, roads crumble, buildings fall and industry vanish - the captain of industry makes his escape to the far off islands - let the demons of greed follow him to the gates of hell for abandoning the higher moral cause - and his country.

Robbing the educated man of his wealth - to subsidise failed schools and tenured MORONS is immoral and UN-AMERICAN.


This is good for a nice chuckle... This is a piece of an article where Hilary compares herself to a fictional character.

PHILADELPHIA (AP) - Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton says she has something in common with legendary film boxer Rocky Balboa—she's not a quitter.
Recalling a famous scene on the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art from the 1976 Oscar-winning film "Rocky," Clinton said that ending her presidential campaign now would be as if "Rocky Balboa had gotten halfway up those art museum steps and said, 'Well, I guess that's about far enough.'"

"Let me tell you something, when it comes to finishing a fight, Rocky and I have a lot in common. I never quit. I never give up. And neither do the American people," Clinton said in excerpts of prepared remarks to be given Tuesday to a meeting of the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO.

I just love how she talks as if Rocky is real:-) Yeah, yeah I understand the symbolism behind it. Just thought it was funny.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008
Senator Hillary Clinton’s lead in the Pennsylvania Primary is shrinking.

The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey in Pennsylvania shows Clinton leading Barack Obama by just five percentage points, 47% to 42%. For Clinton, that five-point edge is down from a ten-point lead a week ago, a thirteen-point lead in mid-March and a fifteen-point advantage in early March.
Let us chart a new course in education.

Let us forge new industry and infrastructure to build tangible assets to pass down to our posterity, and mold the new future of America from within.

Let us break open a new era of hope - not as a socialist utopia - but as a foundation laid with bricks and mortor - steel and iron - forged with the hands of working class men and womon who share in the rewards, and who do not need a GOVERNMENT - to steal from the captians of industry but are paid a fare wage.

Where are the men of integrity - why not a Bill Gates of the Automotive Industry - why not such a thinker and philantorhpost to lead a new era of infrastructure and industry to revolutionize energy.

This is just scary. It won't be long until we read an article about a fetus killing its parents....

if you build only googles, yahoos and smoke and mirrors financial instruaments to accumulate personal wealth - be you damned for your herasy.


condemning the providers of the superhighway....seems a bit over the top....

Are you having fun yet MP getting your stuff from GOP.COM..LOL But no honestly me and my best friend Kevin were talking about the Capital Gains tax stuff the other day and I dont think its a good idea. My friend Kevin is heavily into the stock market and he will not vote for Obama unless he changes his stance on this. Now I dont believe he will double it, he will most likely come down to an increase to 20%.
I don't think Obama is dumb enough nor reckless enough to actually double to 28%. His advisors would wrangle him in pretty quick on that one.
Ric - if you build ONLY these.

Together with NEW infrastructure, transportation, and energy industries that create actual THINGS - they are assets.

I am much more disturbed by the trivial nature of our economics, closing in on our humanity.
Day traders investing in the latest gadget, gizmo or toy. THINGs are "made in China"

We don't make many "things" any more.

That should worry us to some extent.

This a lovely day!!

Just got home...
Got a nice bottle of Jacob's Creek Shiraz and a nice block of Jarlsbergg swiss.

A great way to spend what will hopefully be the first 60°F day of the year! Currently: 58.5°F.
Well double would be 30%, he has never said that. Thats just one of those scare tactics the GOP will use. The word double sounds scarier!..LOL
Now ya talking Sully. I just went out by the pool for a bit. Its warm today. 81F right now. Dew Point of 66F. Yeah, summer is just about here..LOL
Bob... how can you sit there with a straight face and actually justify higher taxes.

If I work, invest in my 401k, invest in stocks, and invest in companies to provide the capital for growth - and I EARN a reward for that investment - who on god's green earth gives OBAMA and the socialists the right to take my money - and invest it in some failed inner city school where the teachers are as dumb as bricks, teaching gerneration after generation of mortor heads and brick welfare buildings.

Taxation of income, or the wealth of a family, to redistribute it through the failed, bloated buacracy of Government in Washington is IMMORAL and UN-American.!!!

Tax me when I take my Capital gains to buy a really big boat. But do not rob me and my family of my earned wealth to give it to some sloth.!!!
did someone mention wine and cheese??


After getting our taxes done last night...my husband and i said a little prayer and hoped it be as nice of a return next year...
Also some seabreeze storms developing across Central Florida. Yeah its summer!!..LOL

GS, did ya hear what I said. I didnt like it..LOL But yeah GS how is that 401K doing under the current Bush plan..LOL Or those stocks.

I gotz the spring feverz...lol

Also got a nice steak for dinner tonight and a new bag of kingsford! This is NOT, I repeat, NOT an April fools!

There will be grillin' tonight! *in Inigo Montoya voice...
Man that sounds good. Its just me and my son for a week so it looks like Chicken Nuggets and Mac-n-Cheese!..LOL But yeah I remember those first days in the 60's after a long winter!
Bob - I'm also glad that summer is here. Woo Hoo!

Gulfscotsman - you are hitting the nail on the head. I agree wholeheartedly with you today, well so far anyway.

HG - how's your bracket?
TF:my brackets look OK...

My best one has 1030pts...

the one that was doing the best that i told you about is at 1000pts right now...I had wisconsin going to the final four

So now two of my other brakets are beating that one...one has 1020 pts
I heard you ... and then heard you say that you would likely think it could go to 20% which is a 5% increase on top of the already IMMORAL and UN-American 15%.

I am calling for the ABOLOTION OF ALL TAXES on income and investment.

0% = zip = nada = zero


It belongs to me... and to MY FAMILY.

If I choose to SPEND IT on a luxury item, such as a Yacht, a third vacation home in the Islands, a Lambergini, or a package of cigarettes, cigars, booze etc. TAX me on consumption, equal to the taxation currently accessed on my wealth ( or in most cases lack thereof )

Consumption based taxation encourages savings, yet people will still buy things. The increase of savings and investment will grow the capital base for the improvements to infratstructure and the making of 'things'

Oh no here comes another one to gloat about their bracket!!..LOL

Hey listen when it comes to an election I will look at each candidate issue by issue and compare and put check marks by each one that I agree with. The person with the most check marks is the one I will vote for. I will not agree with everything my candidate proposes, its impossible. So far Obama has more check marks then McCain for me, but again I stress, its early. Let wait and see what happens when they go head to head and all the issues are laid out on the table. I could still change my mind, but so far Obama gets the nod for me.
Some check marks are larger than other check marks though.
Well thats not going to happen GS. Well unless Huck or Ron Paul became President, and well the American public didnt want them. So what does that tell ya?? Now dont get me wrong I liked Huck, its just socially we are very far apart.
Bob - you are not a sheep.

Keeping an open mind is good.
Well thanks GS. I try to. I vote for both Rep and Dems. Who knows what will happen in the next 7 months?? I actually liked McCain back in 2000. He just hasnt given me anything in 2008 yet. Then he started to cosy up to Bush and it turned me off. I liked the "Maverick" McCain!!..LOL
I have no problem giving money to those less fortunate...I just want it to be done on a local level...i want my tax money to support the people in my community...

If I had my choice, the federal government would have nothing to do with welfare or charity.

I was taught that community service is our responsibility and giving to our community is not only a good thing, but it's smart. Keeps property values up and crime rates down. I've heard so often, people say things like...my tax dollars take care of that...
I cannot bring myself to vote for McCain just yet. Since he will win Alabama anyway probably no point in voting for someone I am not comfortable with.
637. weatherguy03 4:50 PM GMT on April 01, 2008
Oh no here comes another one to gloat about their bracket!!..LOL

HEY! Are you talking about me?!?

and just for the record I am LAST right now, Scarlett is even beating me ;)
But no honestly me and my best friend Kevin were talking about the Capital Gains tax stuff the other day and I dont think its a good idea. My friend Kevin is heavily into the stock market and he will not vote for Obama unless he changes his stance on this. Now I dont believe he will double it, he will most likely come down to an increase to 20%.

Are you crazy Bob? The rate is already too high!! If we're going to get raped at the gas pump at least lower the tax on capital gains!! 52% of Americans invest in the stock market!! I'd like to see the percentage of people that like 5-13% tax increases!! ZERO

Are you having fun yet MP getting your stuff from GOP.COM..LOL

Oh yes, Bob. Factual reporting is the bomb!
Gypsy!!..LOL Yeah well I am not too far away!! I do have UNC and Memphis in the Finals for whatever thats worth!..LOL
Is McCain gonna lower the Capital Gains tax?
I agree HG. Many communties benifit from involvement by local business and chartitable contributions.

Direct giving is the best.

Any level of Buacracy that takes my money, pays some idiot a fake job salary to shuffle paper, then skims off the top to pay higher end salaries to supervise the paper shuffle, and then finaly gives a few pennies on the dollar to the ones in need - should not be allowed to exist.

Is McCain gonna lower the Capital Gains tax?

He's not going to raise it and smile while he does it..

Come on Bob, every financial expert in the country thinks Obama's tax plan on this matter is way over the top. Rank and file.
LMFAO!!! Go see the Doc's blog!
Oh and Bob...if you had brackets worth gloating about you would be too!

I've got UNC and Memphis in the final also.
I would be HG!!! Good Job BTW! And same to Tornado!

Thanks for the answer MP.
Oh yeah Kris, Doc had me going for a bit this morning. I was very tired and actually believed it for a minute!..LOL
Bob you support the most liberal Senator in 2007. Captial Gains tax increase is just one of the ingredients in the cake. Bob likes to pay more in taxes as long as he doesn't have to see Bush's face on the news. That's a terrible logic to life.

stormmaven thinks doc is getting some smoke from me because I live like 2min from woodstock or seomthing. I dunno...lol
It's funny how politics can make people have such animosity for one another just because of differing opinions.
LOL MP!!!! Now that's just a funny picture, regardless of your political leanings:-)

Too funny!
LOL that was a great entry in docs blob. Plus this is the first time since I'v been here I actually saw him comment on his blog. The guy actually has a sense of humor wow!
Bob you support the most liberal Senator in 2007

I really doubt Obama is the most liberal senator. His voting record is more along the lines of doing what the democratic party has been telling him to do, I'm sure. They've been grooming him for the presidency so of course he's going to be keeping nose clean by doing what the party has been telling him. I don't think his voting record really reflects his true beliefs
Sounds good to me MP!!!..LOL Nah, MP doesnt hate me Kris, at least I dont think he does!!..LOL

Listen to his interview from the Barometer Bob show last year. I forget what day it was but I'm sure it's archived on his site. It was a good interview and quite funny.
Well Sullivan, that's a little problematic for me personally, regardless of whether it's Obama or McCain... If I have no idea as to what their true beliefs and intentions are, then I'm voting blind.
Yeah well who knew that Bush would have one of the biggest increases in government spending. Ya just never know.
To me, both candidates suck, just in their own way. Just FYI.
Interesting story...

657. weatherboykris 5:13 PM GMT on April 01, 2008
It's funny how politics can make people have such animosity for one another just because of differing opinions.


160. weatherboykris 4:20 AM GMT on April 01, 2008
What's wrong with Europeans? They're kind of wussies, but besides that they're cool.

Like that, Kris?...or like this passionate liberal said one night:

30. SoSadTooBad 4:06 PM GMT on March 26, 2008
You are a fool MP. Your Republican jackazzes in Washington are the kings of overspending and they do not even have enough respect for our troops to properly outfit them for this conflict.

The last comment is the biggest stretch attempt I've seen since Jared started eating Subway


We're voting blind every election. You should know this by now.

Every president gets in and promises the world and nothing changes. Those people that still look to politicians for inspiration, change, meaning in life, etc are already lost in the weeds.

People need to learn to start doing for themselves and stop depending on the gov't to bail them out at every turn otherwise they'll be left behind.
Yeah well who knew that Bush would have one of the biggest increases in government spending. Ya just never know.

Maybe he should have raised all tax rates up 12% to make you happy then, Bob.
LOL...the comments on this are hilarious...Barrack Obama Sucks At Bowling

And MP, did you just call me a wuss?
Maybe he should have raised all tax rates up 12% to make you happy then, Bob.

You wouldn't have to raise taxes...just stop spending $1667 per second in Iraq. Only some idiot from Texas would actually call it fiscally responsible to lower taxes and increase spending.

OH NO.... the bush wonder......gave us tax cuts......even while his own guys said this in 2006

The Congressional Budget Office, the Joint Committee on Taxation (JCT), and academic researchers have all have found that tax cuts that are not accompanied by offsetting revenue increases or spending reductions — and are financed by borrowing instead — can harm the economy over the long term. The research, including the administration’s own analysis, also indicates that even if tax cuts are paid for, the economic benefits generally are relatively modest, with any increased revenues that result from stronger economic growth offsetting only a small fraction of what conventional cost estimates indicate the tax cuts will cost.
I love Weatherguy03!! Bob knows I love him.
Yeah I posted him bowling yesterday. He bowls like a girl!..LOL I guess I cant give him a checkmark on bowling!..LOL

Nah, he shouldn't of went into Iraq, that would of made me happy:)
Well the "Maverick" was against those cuts twice, well I thought he was until he had to start cosing up to Bush.

If Obama can't bowl he's done for (bowling #1 participation 'sport' in America).

Don't want to piss off the bowling leagues...hahaha
He bowls like a girl!..LOL

glad bob is not dyslexic
It's not that the president promises the world and can't deliver...compromises are made in legislative processes and many times the compromises lead to mediocrity...
Yeah Kris I dont hate anyone over politics, thats silly!!..LOL I even call Nash a NEOCON in love!!
Bob bowls like a girl?
You wouldn't have to raise taxes...just stop spending $1667 per second in Iraq. Only some idiot from Texas would actually call it fiscally responsible to lower taxes and increase spending.

Yeah Kris, lets put a spending ceiling on a war that the Senate passed 77-23. Way to go. We can spread democracy with tin-can phones and rubber bands and paper clips for weapons. The Iranian Invasion...brought to you by Staples

But don't forget about the Invasion Tax.

I even call Nash a NEOCON ...uh is that anything like a whackaloon???

a name is a name???:))
Yeah Kris, lets put a spending ceiling on a war that the Senate passed 77-23. Way to go. We can spread democracy with tin-can phones and rubber bands and paper clips for weapons. The Iranian Invasion...brought to you by Staples

Well what the hell can you do MP? At the rate this is going, we will be totally screwed financially in 4 more years if we stick with the war and tax cuts.
Well we know why some in the Senate approved that war. It was called the false case..LOL But yeah we have keep funding it as long as our troops are over there in harms way. Nothing we can do about that.

McCain getting all up on Bush was just a political stunt pulled by the GOP to make the party seem united (remember, this was when McCain was having some BIG problems with the GOP base).

McCain hates Bushs' guts for what Bush did to him in South Carolina in 2000. IIRC, McCain said that he was against the tax cuts when first proposed because there wasn't any spending cuts to offset them.

God, if nothing else tax the oil companies that make 40 some billion dollar profits.
Whackaloon..NEOCON, yeah its all the same!..LOL
The research, including the administration’s own analysis, also indicates that even if tax cuts are paid for, the economic benefits generally are relatively modest, with any increased revenues that result from stronger economic growth offsetting only a small fraction of what conventional cost estimates indicate the tax cuts will cost.

Well pointed out Ric. But the words that pop out on me are modest & increased revenues. No matter how slight, its 10 times better than rasing taxes as high as 13% like Mr. Obama will.
Yeah Kris, lets put a spending ceiling on a war that the Senate passed 77-23. Way to go. We can spread democracy with tin-can phones and rubber bands and paper clips for weapons. The Iranian Invasion...brought to you by Staples

MP... you have finally just blurted it out... thank you.... SPREAD DEMOCRACY.

AHH YES.. the Bush Doctine... aka.... DEMOCRATIC IMPERALISM.

Lets shove this beautiful country of ours and our fabulous rightwingnut politics down the throats of every other human being on the planet with the biggest guns and bombs and tanks and blood of as many young Americans as it takes.

By god we will have order on this damn planet.!!!!
686. weatherboykris 12:34 PM CDT on April 01, 2008
God, if nothing else tax the oil companies that make 40 some billion dollar profits

and if you do that oil company's resonse will be go up on prices at the pump to cover the new tax...then what 8 bucks a gallon???
And McCain was correct Sully. Yeah I know why he did it and that still doesnt sit well with me. But I believe we will see him start to distance himself from Bush as we get closer to November.
If they tax oil co's more money then we'll all be paying even more for gas.

Now that the CEO's at exxon/mobil got that 10 billion dollar taste in their mouths they're not going to be too willing to let go of it. They'll just cite some BS reasons to raise their prices even more.

It is the smart thing to do.

Bush has ben a failure since day 1.

His housing policy (get as many people into a house as possible) is a big reason why our economy is in the tank now.

First interest rates were dropped to make loans 'affordable'. Then as the price for everything went up (gas, food, you name it) people could no longer afford the loans. Forclosures happens, banks start going under, feds pour liquidity into the markets to 'stop the bleeding', the value of the dollar decreases, spending power decreases, products priced in dollars (namely oil) go up, inflation runs amuck...

This is a HUGE mess.

Bush set this country back a generation. Both domestically and in foreign policy.
694. WBK5
Hey Bob. This is weatherboykris. Do me a favor and ban my old name from your blog, ok? And what do you think of my new handle?
Well, Bob can call me a NEOCON. It's all good. We're passionate and debate the issues so nothing wrong with that.

Now, as for my whackaloon term, you may visit my blog for clarity. Not political, more of a social thing:-)
Lets shove this beautiful country of ours and our fabulous rightwingnut politics down the throats of every other human being on the planet with the biggest guns and bombs and tanks and blood of as many young Americans as it takes.

But we can't do it with a $1667 per second budget, obviously. No, we need to get a cost of war under a thousand dollars a second, do it in less than a year's time so the media can profit off the ratings and in the mean time we'll double the tax on our own private investments. We'll stuff our rightwing politics down the throat of the world and drown ourselves in leftwing fiscal idiocy until there is only one economic class...poverty all around...try some..mmmmm.
let's not blame Bush for everything.

The houseing bubble burst for the following reason.

I lend you money at sub-prime... say 4% for 36months. I sell the securities created from that mortgage.

The next guy comes along and won't re-extend or refinance the balloning loan, and your payments go to 6% then 8 % then 12% - and you are in risk of foreclosure.

Rather than renegotiate with you as a human being - the greedy mortgage banker takes your house which you owe ... say 80K on.. and sells it for 100K pockets the 20k even though the house is worth 150k.

And this goes on and on and on... until the housing markets collapes and the greedy bastards cannot even get the 20k profits from undercutting the market.

then those same damn greedy bastards that have been paying themselves 135 BILLION ( with a B) in bonuses and gifts for being so "f"ing brilliant - come to you and I for a hand out.

So we bail out Bear Sterns.


or -

Shoot the bastards or let them jump off their tall buildings in Manhattan.

Don't blame icompetence and let these sorry SOB's off the hook.


Ummm I have a dumb question MP.

What if we do not want the WARSAW PACT and Eastern European puppets of the USSR to extend their reach to Mexico and Canada?
nuke em into the stone age. what else.

I understand that part about the 'loan sharking'.

But a good portion of these loans would've never been made available in the 1st place if Bush didn't have the 'home ownership is the end all be all' policy
Basement boy .. were you responding to my question?
Home ownership and property are some of the basic fundementals of Freedom and prosperity.

Just because the loan sharks wanted to rip off poor black people in the inner cities, and execute the immoral strategy that I had outline, and then extended that to the other middle class taxpayers once that well had run dry... is not to be equated with opportunity.

Good = own a home

Bad = loan sharky take your home, sell it under market value and still makey money.

really bad = stupid BUSHHY and co. too busy playing Alexander the GREAT and CEASAR to watch Wall Street pillage Main Street.

Thieves, liers, crooks, thugs, evil dooers.

let them jump I say... let them looooooos BILLIONS AND BILLIONS AND splat their skulls on the pavement below for all to see.

They are already IN the stone age.
What if we do not want the WARSAW PACT and Eastern European puppets of the USSR to extend their reach to Mexico and Canada?

well we'll just cut spending further. Americans will have to dump their own garbage and empty their own septic tanks for a few years. We'll raise taxes too! Maybe as high as 15%!! Because that's what Americans want.

I can't argue any of those points, my friend.

My while point is that these loan sharks wouldn't of had gotten away with so much if not for Bush &co. backing up their every move to inflate those home ownership #'s so he could tout how good of a job he was doing (remember, increasing home ownership was one of his top promises during his 2000 campaign and top priority coming into office).
703. nash28 11:07 AM PDT on April 01, 2008

They are already IN the stone age.

well, then take away their Bronto Burgers.
well we'll just cut spending further. Americans will have to dump their own garbage and empty their own septic tanks for a few years

the governement doesn't provide these benefits...we pay for these outright
hey! I dump my own garbage! Into a can, and then my mom takes it out to the curb on trash day!
Sullivan- There's one thing people conveniently leave out of the discussion when railing on about the housing debacle....

Personal responsibility and accountability. As I have said before, I was one of the dumbasses who chose NOT to throughly read my mortgage papers at the closing table. My wife and I just wanted the house. We blinded OURSELVES with this notion that we had to have it no matter what.

No one twisted my arm. No one held a gun to my head. I did not do due dilligence and I signed into a bad deal. Bush didn't. I did.
That should put an end to the "If Bush hadn't........then we wouldn't be in......."

If you wanna blame Bush for the mess in Iraq, I'm with ya. But the housing issue is a stretch.
well we'll just cut spending further. Americans will have to dump their own garbage and empty their own septic tanks for a few years

the governement doesn't provide these benefits...we pay for these outright

The government should not provide those services beneficial to health. We should be paying for important things like hippy museums and rehab for celebrities. Maybe I can manage to get taxed 15% higher on a CAPITAL LOSS...that would be fun.
if I lose $200 at the track, will I get taxed on that? bastards!

Things don't always work out for everyone. However, if you were given a loan that you couldn't afford then you were taken advantage of, hate to say.

That's why we're in this mess. There was a lack of oversight.

If you didn't have any substantial change in income then you should still have your house. If you don't then you were sold a raw deal.

Second Cousin, twice removed, to the SpiderPig
hey! I dump my own garbage! Into a can, and then my mom takes it out to the curb on trash day!

Just what chores around the house do you do then? Besides eating all of the deviled eggs and olives at night...
nope..you can't blame the housing crisis on bush...but you sure can blame him for the crap that spewed forth yesterday
Wow - this blog is moving faster than doc's blog during a hurricane.
it's all those deviled eggs and olives. keeps things movin, if you catch my drift.
nope..you can't blame the housing crisis on bush...but you sure can blame him for the crap that spewed forth yesterday

Oh yes, Bush has that effect on a lot of people. For those of you that are not familiar with the news Ric speaks of from Yesterday:

Teen Convicted of Vomiting on Teacher
March 31, 2008

TOPEKA- A Kansas teenager convicted of intentionally throwing up on a teacher got a unique punishment Monday.

For four months, he will be on call to assist Johnson County police agencies anytime someone gets sick in a vehicle. An odious, odorous task, as Spanish teacher David Young well knows.

The youth leaned forward toward him and vomited "all over" his body, Young testified Tuesday.

"I was just sort of stunned," he said. The teacher said the student made no effort to turn away or move away.

Two other students testified that the teen had indicated, before and after the incident, that he was acting intentionally.

One girl said that at lunch right before the class, the boy told her: "Pay attention in class today, I'm going to read Bush's inception speech."

Another girl said that the boy previously told her that he intended to throw up on Young on the last day of school. That girl was out of the classroom when the incident occurred, but she testified that she saw the boy in the hall afterward and he said, "You missed it. I did it but Bush is to blame, not me."

The boy was receiving a failing grade from Young and earlier in the school year had been suspended because of an incident in Young's class, according to testimony. Details of that incident were not discussed.

The boy did not testify at Tuesday's trial in front of Johnson County Magistrate Judge Michael Farley.

The boy's attorney, Brian Costello, argued that the vomiting was nothing more than an "unfortunate accident" brought on by the boy's nervousness over his final exams.

But Farley said that he couldn't ignore his own experiences in assessing the evidence. People who feel they are getting sick try to "minimize the impact," he said.

"He didn't make any effort to turn away or even ignore the president's rhetoric," the judge said.

After Farley found the youth guilty, Young told the judge that he considered the boy's actions "an assault upon the dignity of all teachers" and said he hoped to receive a "full confession and apology to president Bush."

Farley placed the boy on probation for one year with the cleanup requirement. He said the vomit detail would count toward community service.

In addition, the boy must adhere to a 9:30 p.m. curfew on weeknights and 11:30 p.m. on weekends. He must also listen to the president's weekly radio address and salute the flag every moring. He also is forbidden from using tobacco, alcohol or drugs and must submit to random testing whenever ordered.

If you wanna blame Bush for the mess in Iraq, I'm with ya. But the housing issue is a stretch.


You must understand that there's a difference between having a direct effect - Iraq

And having an indirect effect - Housing crisis
it's all those deviled eggs and olives. keeps things movin, if you catch my drift.

I bet your mom hates it when you dump into the garbage can. You're lazy Peach..gosh!

Vomit detail. Gotta say though... The little turd had it coming!
Mister, I dont take a dump into the garbage can!

Just cus you take a leak in the kitchen sink!
AFD- They just keep coming:-)
Mister, I dont take a dump into the garbage can!

Just cus you take a leak in the kitchen sink!

Peach, is your sink to high for you? Or are you too lazy to even stand and pee? GOSH!!
thats what shower drains are for Mister. dont you know anything.
The constitution of the United States of America grants no right to free vomit.

while certain acts of performance art are or at least have been protected under the first amendment - vomit is not included.

the ZEALOT judge in this case extended the full punishment of the RULING PARTY to this juvinile offender of the greatness of his excellence King George. Though the ruling party has insistantly said it does not torture - subjecting this youth to the Weekly Radio Broadcast of Duhr Fuooler is bordering on violation of the Geneva Convention.

the president was quoted as saying.

the president was quoted as saying.


Finally George said something without stuttering. 'So?' That'd be a good campaign theme...

MP 2008 - "So?"
"whatchu, whatchu, whatchu want?" is better.

Spider Pig /Beastie Boys 2008

Peter Gabriel.
whos that old man? bad hair plugs whoever he is.
PT - That's an old Peter Gabriel, he was once in a band called Genesis back in the late 60s, early 70s which was very successful. His solo career on the other hand was pretty crap IMO. =P
Spider Pig /Beastie Boys 2008

"Mr. Chairman, Mr. Vice President to be, this convention, my fellow citizens of this great nation:

With a deep awareness of the responsibility conferred by your trust, I accept your nomination for the presidency of the United States. I do so with deep gratitude, and I think also I might interject on behalf of all of us, our thanks to Detroit and the people of Michigan and to this city for the warm hospitality they have shown. And I thank you for your wholehearted response to my recommendation in regard to George Bush as a candidate for vice president.

I am very proud of our party tonight. This convention has shown to all America a party united, with positive programs for solving the nation's problems; a party ready to build a new consensus with all those across the land who share a community of values embodied in these words: family, work, neighborhood, peace and freedom.

I know we have had a quarrel or two, but only as to the method of attaining a goal. There was no argument about the goal. As president, I will establish a liaison with the 50 governors to encourage them to eliminate, where it exists, discrimination against women. I will monitor federal laws to insure their implementation and to add statutes if they are needed.

More than anything else, I want my candidacy to unify our country; to renew the American spirit and sense of purpose. I want to carry our message to every American, regardless of party affiliation, who is a member of this community of shared values.

Never before in our history have Americans been called upon to face three grave threats to our very existence, any one of which could destroy us. We face a disintegrating economy, a weakened defense and an energy policy based on the sharing of scarcity.

The major issue of this campaign is the direct political, personal and moral responsibility of Democratic Party leadership --i n the White House and in Congress -- for this unprecedented calamity which has befallen us. They tell us they have done the most that humanly could be done. They say that the United States has had its day in the sun; that our nation has passed its zenith. They expect you to tell your children that the American people no longer have the will to cope with their problems; that the future will be one of sacrifice and few opportunities.

My fellow citizens, I utterly reject that view. The American people, the most generous on earth, who created the highest standard of living, are not going to accept the notion that we can only make a better world for others by moving backwards ourselves. Those who believe we can have no business leading the nation.

I will not stand by and watch this great country destroy itself under mediocre leadership that drifts from one crisis to the next, eroding our national will and purpose. We have come together here because the American people deserve better from those to whom they entrust our nation's highest offices, and we stand united in our resolve to do something about it.

The time is now, my fellow Americans, to recapture our destiny, to take it into our own hands. But, to do this will take many of us, working together. I ask you tonight to volunteer your help in this cause so we can carry our message throughout the land.

Yes, isn't now the time that we, the people, carried out these unkempt promises? Let us pledge to each other and to all America on this July day 48 years later, we intend to do just that.

I'll confess that I've been a little afraid to suggest what I'm going to suggest -- I'm more afraid not to -- that we begin our crusade joined together in a moment of silent prayer. God bless America."

--Spider Pig Acceptance Speech at the 1980 Republican Convention

Another glaring example of what kind of asshats we're dealing with here....

Oh boy! I have heard it all now....

The TSA is now going to implement "mood lighting" and "soothing music" to help calm passengers who are waiting in line to pass through security. They are also touting this as a way to find a terrorist in line. Yes, you heard me right... They think this will help to find the fly in the ointment assuming the terrorist starts going apecrap while Barry Manilow is blowing out of the speakers!!!

ROFLMFAO!!!!!!!!! This is DEFINATELY going into my stupid people file!
I love Peter Gabriel

We are Shaking The Tree
Barry Manilow makes terrorists go apecrap???
Nash has anyone told you that you have the funniest vocabulary on this site?
Barry Manilow makes terrorists go apecrap???

Oooooooo Like Mars Attacks and that yodeling cowboy made the martians brains explode?
Yeah, something like that!
660. sullivanweather 5:17 PM GMT on April 01, 2008

I really doubt Obama is the most liberal senator.

Obama: Most Liberal Senator In 2007

By Brian Friel, Richard E. Cohen and Kirk Victor, National Journal
© National Journal Group Inc.
Thursday, Jan. 31, 2008

Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., was the most liberal senator in 2007, according to National Journal's 27th annual vote ratings. The insurgent presidential candidate shifted further to the left last year in the run-up to the primaries, after ranking as the 16th- and 10th-most-liberal during his first two years in the Senate.

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, D-N.Y., the other front-runner in the Democratic presidential race, also shifted to the left last year. She ranked as the 16th-most-liberal senator in the 2007 ratings, a computer-assisted analysis that used 99 key Senate votes, selected by NJ reporters and editors, to place every senator on a liberal-to-conservative scale in each of three issue categories. In 2006, Clinton was the 32nd-most-liberal senator.

In their yearlong race for the Democratic presidential nomination, Obama and Clinton have had strikingly similar voting records. Of the 267 measures on which both senators cast votes in 2007, the two differed on only 10. "The policy differences between Clinton and Obama are so slight they are almost nonexistent to the average voter," said Richard Lau, a Rutgers University political scientist.

Indeed, the similarities in Obama's and Clinton's voting records last year were extensive. Both supported most measures aimed at withdrawing U.S. troops from Iraq. Both supported comprehensive immigration legislation including a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants. Both voted to support most Democratic positions on health care, education, energy, and the budget, and both voted against most Republican positions on those topics.

But NJ's vote ratings are designed to draw distinctions that illuminate the differences among lawmakers. The calculations ranked senators relative to each other based on the 99 key votes and assigned scores in three areas: economic issues, social issues, and foreign policy. (House members were scored in a separate set of rankings. The full results for both chambers will be published in our March 8 issue.)

On foreign policy, for example, Obama's liberal score of 92 and conservative score of 7 indicate that he was more liberal in that issue area than 92 percent of the senators and more conservative than 7 percent. Clinton was more liberal than 83 percent of the senators on foreign policy and more conservative than 16 percent. The ratings do not mean that she voted with liberals 83 percent of the time, or that she was 83 percent "correct" from a liberal perspective.

The ratings system -- devised in 1981 under the direction of William Schneider, a political analyst and commentator, and a contributing editor to National Journal -- also assigns "composite" scores, an average of the members' issue-based scores. In 2007, Obama's composite liberal score of 95.5 was the highest in the Senate. Rounding out the top five most liberal senators last year were Sens. Sheldon Whitehouse, D-R.I., with a composite liberal score of 94.3; Joseph Biden, D-Del., with a 94.2; Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., with a 93.7; and Robert Menendez, D-N.J., with a 92.8.

Clinton, meanwhile, tied as the 16th-most-liberal senator in 2007 with Sen. Debbie Stabenow, D-Mich.; both had a composite liberal score of 82.8. Clinton's home-state colleague, Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., was the 15th-most-liberal, with a composite score of 83.

Overall in NJ's 2007 ratings, Obama voted the liberal position on 65 of the 66 key votes on which he voted; Clinton voted the liberal position 77 of 82 times. Obama garnered perfect liberal scores in both the economic and social categories. His score in the foreign-policy category was nearly perfect, pulled down a notch by the only conservative vote that he cast in the ratings, on a Republican-sponsored resolution expressing the sense of Congress that funding should not be cut off for U.S. troops in harm's way. The Senate passed the resolution 82-16 with the support of both Obama and Clinton. The 16 opponents included mostly liberals, such as Sens. Russell Feingold, D-Wis., and Sanders.

Clinton took the conservative position four other times in NJ's 2007 ratings. (See how Obama and Clinton voted in the three issue categories in this PDF.) The one that registered the loudest on the campaign trail was a vote that she cast in favor of an amendment sponsored by Sens. Joe Lieberman, ID-Conn., and Jon Kyl, R-Ariz., that called on the Bush administration to reduce Iranian influence on Iraq and to designate the Iranian revolutionary guard as a terrorist organization. The "sense of the Senate" amendment was approved 76-22.

How Ratings Are Calculated:

A panel of National Journal editors and reporters initially compiled a list of 216 key congressional roll-call votes for 2007 -- 107 votes for the Senate and 109 for the House -- and classified them as relating to economic, social, or foreign policy.

Polidata, a nonpartisan political data-analysis firm, downloaded lists from the House and Senate websites of how all the members voted on the key votes. Those lists were then sent to the Brookings Institution, where the Information Technology Services division performed the data processing and statistical analysis. The ratings system was first devised in 1981 under the direction of William Schneider, a political analyst and commentator, and a contributing editor to National Journal.

The votes in each issue area were subjected to a principal-components analysis, a statistical procedure designed to determine the degree to which each vote resembled other votes in the same category (the same members tending to vote together). Ten of the 216 votes (eight in the Senate and two in the House) were dropped from the analysis because they were statistically unrelated to others in the same issue area. These typically were votes that reflected regional and special-interest concerns, rather than general ideology.

The analysis also revealed which yea votes correlated with which nay votes within each issue area (members voting yea on certain issues tended to vote nay on others). The yea and nay positions on each roll call were then identified as conservative or liberal.

Each roll-call vote was assigned a weight from 1 (lowest) to 3 (highest), based on the degree to which it correlated with other votes in the same issue area. A higher weight means that a vote was more strongly correlated with other votes and was therefore a better test of economic, social, or foreign-policy ideology. The votes in each issue area were combined in an index (liberal or conservative votes as a percentage of total votes cast, with each vote weighted 1, 2, or 3).

Absences and abstentions were not counted; instead, the percentage base was adjusted to compensate for missed roll calls. A member who missed more than half of the votes in any issue category was scored as "missing" in that category (shown as an asterisk [*] in the vote-rating tables).

Members were then ranked from the most liberal to the most conservative in each issue area. These rankings were used to assign liberal and conservative percentile ratings to all members of Congress.

The liberal percentile score means that the member voted more liberal than that percentage of his or her colleagues in that issue area in 2007. The conservative figure means that the member voted more conservative than that percentage of his or her colleagues.

For example, a House member in the 30th percentile of liberals and the 60th percentile of conservatives on economic issues voted more liberal than 30 percent of the House and more conservative than 60 percent of the House on those issues, and was tied with the remaining 10 percent. The scores do not mean that the member voted liberal 30 percent of the time and voted conservative 60 percent of the time.

Percentile scores can range from a minimum of 0 to a maximum of 100. Some members, however, voted either consistently liberal or consistently conservative on every roll call. As a result, there are ties at both the liberal and the conservative ends of each scale. For that reason, the maximum percentiles are usually less than 100.

Members also receive a composite liberal score and a composite conservative score, each of which is an average of their six issue-based scores. Members who missed more than half of the votes in any of the three issue categories do not receive a composite score.


If you read the rest of my comment I said that most of his votes were probably pushed onto him by the democratic party. Do you believe he'd have the same voting record is his plan wasn't to run for president? The DNC wanted to 'liberally' sugarcoat him to make him look good to liberal voters.

If you listen to his speeches and read his website, he's certainly not as liberal as some of his democratic party counterparts.
I disagree with you Sulli, I think he's the most liberal Senator by far. And if Howard Dean is controlling the outcomes of measures on the Senate floor then why should a junior Senator PUPPET have the chance to lead the free world for 4 years? yeah, yeah, I know, the arguement is always about Bush. Bush is the number one topic in presidential debate. Well Bush won't be around much longer, but everyting else associated with his administration WILL BE. So do you think Obama wipes the koolaid off of his lips with his sleeve or what?

I want to see all 3 Candidates in my office immediately...
Had a nice time with Weather Weenie Rob and Family this evening, cute little baby Desmond and his nice wife. Looks like some good seabreeze T-storms across Central and South Florida this evening. Welcome to summer!
Yeah Bob. The local guys kind of screwed the pooch on the forecast calling for only a 30% chance of rain with it all clearing out by 8pm tonight for Tampa.

Check the radar:-) This stuff is barely moving.
Hills and I can attest that the skies in Apollo Beach right before sunset were gorgeous! If you like dark cumulonimbus clouds with lighting that is:-)
That reminds me... Bob, didn't you say a couple of years ago that you came to our lovely city to visit Hills?

What did you think of Apollo Beach?
skies in Apollo Beach right before sunset were gorgeous! If you like dark cumulonimbus clouds with lighting that is:-)

That is excellent. I wish I was there then.

Bob - I'm heading to Jersey tomorrow. Do I need hide my wallet in my socks or anything?
Yeah, it was nice to sit on my back portch and watch it develop. In all honesty, Tampa RARELY gets supercell type storms. Now, this wasn't even remotely close to supercells, but being a Dallas native and looking at skies that sort of resembled the May time Dallas skyline as the dry line retreats with an approaching trough and you see those storm clouds really build high into the atmosphere...
I was watching some nice inland storms to the west of me all the way home, summer is back! Expecially when you can see those thunderheads many miles away and it gives ya a heck of a light show.
Jersey?? Uh Oh!!..LOL. Tell my Cousin Guido I said hello!!..LOL Good Luck.

I wasnt that impressed with Apollo Beach, but then again I am not a fan of that area of Florida. I mean it was nice with the canals and all, but I just dont like that area. I am more of an East Coast Florida guy. The beaches here are much nicer.
Well I am off for the night. I have to watch Rob's favorite, Womens college BB, GO RUTGERS!!!

John McCain tells funniest joke ever told.

If you saw the fox morning show earlier one would think these guys had never heard a joke before in their life. Suddenly, John McCain is the funniest guy on the face of the planet, or something...

At least according to fox news they are.
I was watching F&F earlier and and it showed John McCain "insulting" David Letterman (pretty poorly actually) after Letterman made some jokes up about McCain.

D/L did a lot better with the jokes.

Anyways, have a super Wednesday.
Looks like the frontal boundry will inch ever slowly south..will it make it to me???maybe,maybe not summer is winning the battle and this may just be the last front we see on the coast for awhile....
good rains here last night :)
We got soaked yesterday here in SWFL...we had 20% chance for rain and it rained on and off for like 4 hours...LOL

Summer pattern
Well hello people. Looks like some good seabreeze T-storms again for SW Florida today. I actually drove through a few seabreeze showers here on my way home from work but the upper levels are alittle too dry so they didnt about to much.
Obama takes lead in PA

I am not sure how accurate this polling is, but I have seen these pollsters before and they did have Hillary with a big lead a few weeks ago.
Heya Bob! How was work?
It was good. Not working as much this week because my wife is out of town so I like the break!!
We are sooo slow this week...it's driving me razy.. where's the wife, is she working or having fun?
Working. She wishes she was having fun..LOL
I don't know, I want to believe Obama will win PA. I really really do. But I wonder how many dittoheads are gonna vote for Clinton to screw up the primary and keep the conflict going.

After the New Hampshire primary poll fiascos, I won't believe until all the chads are counted.
This is true SSI, ya never know with these polls!!

Well another summer day in Early April for Florida. Will see another round of Seabreeze induced storms across the Peninsula today. North Florida has escaped most of the activity the last few days, but today they will get into the mix as a frontal boundary sagging into South Georgia will serve as a focus for storms. Could be a rather unsettled weekend for Florida as our trough over the Southern Plains moves Eastward stalling a front somewhere over North or Central Florida this weekend. This will provide a focus for numerous showers and T-storms both Saturday and Sunday.
So it won't be a good weekend to work on my summer tan? lol

No work today?
Clinton irked by Richardson endorsement

LAURA KURTZMAN, Associated Press Writer
1 hour, 58 minutes ago

SACRAMENTO, Calif. - Former President Clinton is still smarting over New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson's endorsement of Barack Obama.

During a private meeting with California Democrats this past weekend, Clinton grew red-faced as he talked about how he expected Richardson, who was a member of Clinton's Cabinet, to back Hillary Rodham Clinton for the presidential nomination or at least stay neutral, according to several people who attended.

Instead, Richardson endorsed Obama late last month, calling him a "once-in-a-lifetime leader."

"He sort of gets a little redder and redder and redder, but he wasn't off the deep end as I had seen him in the past," said Inola Henry, an uncommitted superdelegate. "It was sort of like, 'Gee, I'm a martyr.' He seemed more hurt than anything."

Clinton used his appearance at the state Democratic Party convention in San Jose to lobby California's 21 uncommitted superdelegates to support his wife.

After posing for a group photograph with the former president, superdelegate Rachel Binah told Clinton she was disappointed that one of his allies, strategist James Carville, had compared Richardson to Judas after he endorsed Obama.

Clinton, according to several people present, distanced himself from Carville's remarks. But he went on to say that he had not expected Richardson to endorse the Illinois senator, especially since the New Mexico governor had invited Clinton to Santa Fe to watch the Super Bowl on Feb. 3.

"He did say he certainly had been led to believe that he was going to get the endorsement," Henry said Wednesday. She was one of about 15 superdelegates — some uncommitted, others backing Clinton — who attended Sunday's meeting with Clinton before he addressed the convention.

Aleita Huguenin, another superdelegate, remembered Clinton saying, "We thought he'd let us know if he did an endorsement." But Huguenin said the comments about Richardson were "a minor blip in the whole meeting."

According superdelegate Chris Stampolis, Clinton said only that Richardson had promised not to endorse Obama, saying, "'He told me to my face five times he would not do that.'"

Binah did not respond to repeated requests for comment, but she previously told The Associated Press she supports Clinton. Other superdelegates interviewed by the AP said it was Binah's statement that prompted Clinton's comments about Richardson's decision.

Pahl Shipley, a spokesman for Richardson, said his boss never promised to endorse Hillary Clinton.

"He never told the president or anybody else, for that matter," Shipley said. "The governor respectfully disagrees with the president."

Richardson, the nation's only Hispanic governor, endorsed Obama on March 21, shortly after the Illinois senator gave a speech about race. It was a blow to the Clintons because of their long association with Richardson, who served as Clinton's energy secretary and ambassador to the United Nations.

Clinton's campaign declined to comment, except to say the former president was in California to promote his wife's candidacy.

"President Clinton discussed the importance of this election with Democratic Party members and how after 46 primaries and caucuses, by virtually every measure, this election remains a very close race," campaign spokesman Luis Vizcaino said in a statement. "President Clinton is incredibly popular in the Golden State, and the convention was a great opportunity for him to speak directly with members of the California Democratic Party."

Bob Mulholland, a spokesman for the state party who attended the private meeting, said Clinton expressed himself passionately but insisted the meeting was productive.

"I left the meeting feeling this was great," Mulholland said. "The guy had time to talk to us about the campaign."
Dont pout Pres. Clinton!..LOL

No work today, but I have alot to do today so it will feel like work. Momma has me working today!..LOL
Yes...Mothers know how to put ya to good use.

Have fun! :)
"He told me to my face five times he would not do that."

LOL MP politicians cant even be honest with them selfs unless they all agree to take money from us to line their pockets.....
The real trouble starts when hillary loses to obama then gives her support to McCain.....I can just feel that happeneing
Good afternoon Bob,

Sounds like you are still on vacation; even thought it is a working around the house vacation.. it seems all of mine are that kind! LOL

been OK weather down here, low 80's but always that PM Thunderstorm or being p/c and looking like it is going to rain anytime now.

Will be glad when it is really and truely that wonderful beautiful weather we get in April and May before the rainy season really starts.

Take care!!!
Hey bob you miss me!?

Get this I got below 200 pounds today! I was 199.9. LOL That means I'v lost 20 pounds since january. Hurrah!
Good for you Rob!!! Its a great feeling when ya get below 200. I hope to never see it again!!..LOL

Oh I wish vacation Gamma, just a lighter schedule this week.
Lighter Schedule?? Oh, that's the greatest thing to ever get if you are a working man or woman. =P
Luckily for me, I'm off work until Mid-April. yay for me. XD
Send rain 03....lotsa rain!!!!
Still need the rain huh Auburn?? Well we got some more today and I have some storms off to my West they are trying to sneak in.
Spetrm, congrats on gettin below 200! How tall are you? 5'9" 150 here

Mike is 258---but then he is 6'7" so you have to make some sort of allowance for that ;-)
spet...is 4'3 :-)
Ha Ha!! You said it Ric not me! Thanks MP!!
4'3 HA! naa i'm about 5'8. I'm not that short ya A' holes!

My computer has been down all day! You know how hard it is to give out weather information without the internet. GOD!!
My computer has been down all day! You know how hard it is to give out weather information without the internet. GOD!!

Do you have Chronic Telephone Neck Pain?

I do call out to get weather from our forcast office in norfolk. But its a pain to call every 15 minutes. GRRR Plus I'm looking at the radar on TWC. LOL I'm all ghetto. Or was ghetto. Much better now.
no Nextel radio?
its broke, go figure, the wx office wx radio is broke!
was it at least a slow weather day?
Nope had a severe storm move about 8 miles to the south of us. Good thing it wasent here, but everyone wanted to know about it.

Heres a 3 hour loop on it. At least the backup airforce wx sites worked. But only half the time. BLAH!!

Yeah that looked good...
Yeah that one blew off to my North. I have some steady rain. Looks like more trying to come up from the South before the heating of the day dies.
I'm dry dry dry down here here here
Ya know bob I think that large cell by daytona may linger even after the sunset, probally out till midnight. They did that last night and there definatly is an abundant amount of moisture in the atmosphere. (my dp is at 67) You may get another storm yet. I don't think it'll make it to me though.
Really MP, there was a few large cells over the center of the state. You must be well to the south and east of the seabreeze eh?
Yeah ya may be right with that front nearby and the upper level energy. Storms should drift to the North as the front lifts back Northward tonite.
I just found out an interesting fact. There was a cyclone in 1970 that hit bangledesh and killed more that a million people. A MILLION!! Can you imagine if that death toll happened in the u.s. IT would be crazy.
Wew, Bob says I may be right!! O ya score one for rob! LOL
Wow, 1 million!! Rob you are right alot of the times dont sell yourself short! This pattern is so crazy for the beginning of April. Very summerlike.
George Harrison Did a Concert For Bangladesh..great Gig.

I haft to sell my self short, if I think I'm right then I start busting on forecast.
Dude check out some of these cells over Oklahoma, Nasty!!!


And heres a link to that storm in 1970, I guess it was called bhola.
Man the sky was a cool purple color tonite as the sun was going down with the storm. Very interesting.
wait a minute! You guys are talking weather and there's love to spare around the blogs?? What is going on here? Am I in the right place?
Join BarometerBob Live from the NHC Conference in Orlando.Bob will be interviewing the NHC Director shortly at 8pm EST. Stormchat Link
LOL. Yeah well why not?? Actually I am burnt out on the political talk. I know Rob will be happy about that! Not that I wont talk about it again, just giving it alittle break.
Thanks Pat.
I can't believe season is less than two months away...
HG. Is it Poker Night??..LOL
Yep...I tell ya...If my husband keeps winning the way he is...it might be poker night more often...

Well HG I think we are going to be in for an active season this year so get ready!
That's what I hear...

What factors have you been looking at?
HURRAH, no political talk. LOL Its cool for a bit but ya,

I have since 15hundred foot cieling over me. No sunset tonight. Lame, would have like to have seen the purple though.
Isnt there a weak la-nina setting up?

Also the upper level westerlies I think will remain north...
I have been looking at the SST's and La Nina. Above normal SST's off the African coast. I believe those will begin to spread Westward as we move into the season which will in turn heat up the MDR(Main Development Region). And it looks like we will have La Nina transitioning into Neutral as we move thru the season. That also leads to an active season. But I think the big thing that stands out for me right now is the Above Normal Eastern Atlantic temps. We havent seen that the last few seasons.
Bob you getting some TS yet?
Some thunder, not alot. Lt Rain. Not too bad.
Was 2005 a neutral year? I remember the air over the atlantic was considered very moist that year and wind shear was really low...

When will the steering pattern set up? It's crazy that we are already in a summer like pattern...good for the fire season...bad for SSTs.

Still have to see how the shear will behave...is shear typically lower in neutral years?

HMMM my orders are for august 10th, we may get a chase in before I leave. A good time would be from the 1st through the 9th since I'll be on leave probally.
Yes 2005 was Neutral. And you bring up a good point about the moist air. We werent that moist last year in the Tropical Atlantic. Yes shear is lower in a Neutral year. We will know more about the summer time steering pattern by the beginning of the season. But the winter pattern and early Spring has been very consistent with a strong Subtropical High over the Western Atlantic. We will see if this continues.
I've been peeking at the maps and steering patterns...haven't had time to compare with the archives, yet...

I am gonna have to take notes.
I see CSU's next hurricane forecast will be released on April 9th...
Yep, and it looks like Gray wants to raise the numbers a bit.
I thought Gray was taking a break after 2005 to study global warming?
Nope. Gray has been at the Hurricane Conference in Orlando.
Global Warming has nothing to do with canes, I wonder why people think that. If you average out this decades storms compared to last decades. Its actually lower.

Bob when do you think this tropical airmass might take off. Or is it here to stay?
Well, Dr.Gray didn't think global warming had anything to do with hurricanes either. Or increase in their numbers. Neither do I for that matter...not saying it isn't possible...just in my opinion, the data is inconclusive...

I remember my Mom worrying about the next ice age when I was younger...?
Its not hear to stay, at least for North Florida. Looks like we will get wedged in again on Tues/Wed. as High Pressure build down the Appalacians. So look for some cooler NE winds. Then next weekend it looks like another front will bring in drier air. The Subtropical Ridge does break down a bit which is good.
Hmmm I kind of expected that bob. Well I'm enjoying theses afternoon thunderstorms while they last. Theres definatly enough moisture around for some storms tomorrow.
Yep, about the same tomorrow. Then pretty widespread on Saturday. Then depending on where the front ends up it could be drier or another very rain day for Jax. Looks like the farther South you go on Sunday the more storms you will get.
Last week I was a war monger. Today, I represent peace. Queer huh?

Peace is the way.

Understanding is the key. We can still argue and disagree without blind hate.
I'm zoning out. Tired and sore and I am going to the gym in the AM...so I'm off for the night!

G'night weather weenies!
You sound like a uniter MP. Maybe you are Obama!!..LOL Nah its cool MP, I give you props! They will listen to you.
See ya HG. I am off. May be back on later or not. See ya all.
Night bob, I'll be here till mid-night. Wife is at work with me and were watching tv...
ok 5'8" that's cool :) Anyway, Geraldine Ferraro is going off the deep end on Fox news. She just said one minute ago, while complaining about Obama playing the race card. "Well you know I am not a political person"

Excuse me?! You were a New York City Congresswoman from Queens, and you were a vice-presidential nominee!

Honey--that's as political as it gets!

LOL yeah. Mike turned and looked at me, took out his pipe, and said "Oh no she didn't!"

Regardless of the merits of whether Obama played the race card against Ferraro, she just didn't help herself when she said that.
Anytime someone brings up race its not good. If they want to help themselves just leave that out of politics and look at what helps everyone. I know thats hard but ya... using the race card is cheap.
How about this from a CNN guy?

Glenn Beck
Sea Breeze is starting to pop in the center of the state,
Behind the darkened Sears Tower was the city of Chicago, with lights shining brightly as far as the eye could see. For one hour the Sears Tower knew what it was like to be Al Gore: A larger than life symbol, blocking our view of reality.

Good commentary Mr. Beck.

More Than 1,000 in Iraq's Forces Quit Basra Fight

April 3, 2008 Link

BAGHDAD More than 1,000 Iraqi soldiers and policemen either refused to fight or simply abandoned their posts during the inconclusive assault against Shiite militias in Basra last week, a senior Iraqi government official said Thursday. Iraqi military officials said the group included dozens of officers, including at least two senior field commanders in the battle.

The desertions in the heat of a major battle cast fresh doubt on the effectiveness of the American-trained Iraqi security forces. The White House has conditioned further withdrawals of American troops on the readiness of the Iraqi military and police.

The crisis created by the desertions and other problems with the Basra operation was serious enough that Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki hastily began funneling some 10,000 recruits from local Shiite tribes into his armed forces. That move has already generated anger among Sunni tribesmen whom Mr. Maliki has been much less eager to recruit despite their cooperation with the government in its fight against Sunni insurgents and criminal gangs
JeFF Beck is doing commentary now?,..LOL
Jeff Beck rocks!
I wonder if thousands of years of oppression through theological beliefs hinders the will to fight for freedom for the next thousand years...

Big Oil is not evil. Yeah - what does the govt do with all those gas tax proceeds anyway?
Good afternoon. Well almost good evening. Another summer day. Much drier up here today but the fun should begin tomorrow. Oh I like Glenn Beck.
All the fun stuff is missing me to the North Bob. Oh well, maybe tonight. Might be a good lightning show.
So, I've been working on barotropic non-divergent vorticity system of equations for over 2 days and getting NOWHERE!!! The manipulations are brutal. Takes me the whole width of the page to get one written. Bob, the insanity is getting unbearable.....Anyways, hope you've been doing well...Only 22 more days of school for me...
Good luck Alec its almost over!!

Stop trying to scare me! LOL
Sully it still scares me and I have been out of school for years and years..LOL
Those are the aspects I'm not really looking foward to. I'm 'okay' at math but not great. I'm definitely going to be spending a lot of time at mathworld this summer to start brushing up.
Hmm...I've just been banned from KEEPEROFTHEGATE's blog....hahaha
LOL. Oh well, I am used to stuff like that!! I was terrible in Math but I did it. Worked hard.
I'm going to school soon as well. NOOO scary. LOL
The hard part is putting together the equations of motion(which require partial derivatives, atmospheric physics, and a brain that can handle it!LOL) Then breaking up the i component of wave solutions and taking integrals with imaginary parts, plugging in ODE functions within derivatives.....gets really messy!

Sorry sullivan....LOL

You should scan one of your worksheets and post it. I think I'll have nightmares if you did that...LMAO
ooo sully its not that bad, don't worry about it. You'll be able to handle college with ease.
My favorite political show will start on WJCT (jax public station) at 9:30, The McLaughlin Group. Always a fun show :)

Ya know it is interesting about the banning thing--to my knowledge I have never been banned!
Bob the outflow from the storms down by you are creating some life inland. With the storms going in a NE direction I may get something here in an hour or so. Neato.
Ya know I'v had run in with that guy as well on Dr. Masters blog. It was over something stupid if I remember. Just a touch person is all....
Cool. Oh you are a good boy SSI:)

Yeah some good rain here. Alittle LTG and thunder.
nah sullivan...wouldn't want to give ya nightmares!lol

Damon haunted me with those horrid integrals when I was taking calc a few yrs ago!lol
Is it hurricane season yet? Yawn.....
Yo EJ where have you been hiding??..LOL
work has been crazy and my oldest son is in the midst of baseball season. I will be at the TPC however. I'll be looking for you. LOL
If I keep eating, you will find me hovering over Sawgrass with a goodyear painted on my side! LOL
Ha Ha!! I am gonna try and go on Thursday again. I will let ya know. Hey we still need to get together one night after work.
Yeah, it's pretty funny.

I asked keeperofthegate "Cyclopsychic?" on his blog cause he had out his 'hurricane forecast' and the kid bans me...lol

Talk about touchy...
Hey 03...I got a little rain today ...just like ya said...hoping for more tomorrow
The undercard
before tomorrow night's main event....
I still have your cell number programmed.
I'll give you a call. If it has changed,
e-mail me the new one.
Still the same, but I got a new phone so I dont have your number anymore they erased my phone book!!
I have a cell phone...errr somewhere around here...dont know the number for it...just pay the bill every month...cause my wife says I need it...LOL
How wierd. McLaughlin Group was a repeat! Stale political news = bleh. Hope we get some good rains tomorrow. Officially, almost a inch fell earlier, but less than 2 miles from the offical station, we had barely 0.3", which wet things down, but did not give us a good soaking.
Bob you needed a new phone, yours like an old phone that had to parts and you held one to your mouth and the other to your ear.
March 2008 reading for CO2 @ Mauna Loa Observatory are out. CO2 rose to 385.91 ppm in March, and was 1.42 ppm higher than in March 2007. The 12 month rate of increase fell from 1.84 ppm in February 2008 over February 2007. This is the second consecutive month that 12 month CO2 rises have slowed down significantly, and the 12 month rise is now the slowest since 2004 Link
Tornado watch issued for n fl.
Yep fun ride home tonite from work!!..LOL Some LTG and thunder right now here. Exciting. More rain.