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By: watchingnva, 2:55 PM GMT on August 11, 2013

So..After a lovely week down in Florida for vacation, we arrived back home very early this morning. Slept pretty good in my own bed. The trip was nice, my son enjoyed the beach, pool and theme parks. There was a lot of running around, but We did manage to get some relaxing in, especially on Friday. While down there, got to see some very nice storms around Tamp and Orlando. A boat load of rain and lighting, but very little of anything else. Watched a few wall clouds form, but nothing materialized. The lightning show a couple of the nights we were there was amazing. Very vivid and frequent, haven't had a great lightning filled storm like that here in central VA in a long time. After some picking up and chores this morning and afternoon, gonna relax and get ready for the morning. Start training for my new job bright and early tomorrow morning.

Ill let you know how that next time.



last day..

By: watchingnva, 4:16 AM GMT on August 02, 2013

So, after turning in my 2 week notice last Monday, Today was officially my last day at work...It actually turned out to be a very good day. I found out some good news about some payroll hour issues I was having. After getting some technician issues worked out, the rest of the day went slow and smooth... I got to get around and say my goodbyes... Got the info from those I want to keep in touch with, etc. Left on good terms for the most part.

I had to be off tomorrow to watch my son who had no sitter, so it all worked some housework and yard work to do. Still have some packing to do as well, as we will be heading down to Orlando on Saturday. Hence why this Dorian fella needs to dissipate and drift away. I can handle the summer afternoon storms down there, but cloudy all day and blah im not a fan of.

Well im gonna think about heading to bed here in a few so I can be somewhat productive tomorrow morning...

till next time...



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