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Waiting for the gathering storm - Isaac 004

By: wanzewurld, 8:21 PM GMT on August 29, 2012

This should be a short entry but perhaps not; I never know how a blog will end or what direction it will take!

I got out yesterday afternoon and did some repair work on an old, but sill perfectly serviceable generator for a garden supply and nursery; I got the call and by the time I'd made it there we were in the midst of a deluge. Stub, the wonder dog and I stood out in the rain and wind inspecting the machine for obvious problems - Me with an umbrella and Stub walking and running around in the rain obviously enjoying himself - That's some dog, Stub, the wonder dog!

We got back home about 4 hours later leaving another satisfied customer in our wake and euphoric over the prospects of having a minimal storm to walk around in and photograph. I set up my little video camera that does time lapse videography and aimed it at the clouds with fairly nice results catching the ebb and flow of the storm with different types of clouds at different elevations and different speeds; if nothing else it was a learning experience!

About dark-thirty I came inside leaving Stub, the wonder dog contented with his location sitting on the front porch in a wicker chair. I came in, got a bath, and went back to the porch to see he was still sitting there with no inclination to come inside so I went in to watch the news on television and catch up on happenings on the web; that was the same place I was found at 7:30 this morning with the only difference being a change in the status of my consciousness! I fell asleep and stayed in a deep, restful, much-needed sleep for about 10 hours!

I went to the front porch and Stub was there on the same chair in a similar state of unconsciousness but woke up, stretched, shook off the webs of dormancy, and came inside for a few bites of his food followed by a leap up onto the bed to resume his prior activity - or inactivity, as the case may be.

He came to fully awake status when I headed for the back door and joined me outside for the gusty breezes and driving drizzle. I hear from the weather sources that Columbia is forecast to receive 10 to 20 inches of rain by Saturday and I do believe it won't hurt us a bit! The ground is softened from rainfall a week ago and open to receive the bountiful rain coming our way; it will also be a welcome reprieve from all the hot weather we've been having lately although not as hot as it has been up until we got some rain starting about 3 weeks ago. Some of the rains were in the company of frequent lightning and thunder ranging from distant, deep, rolling booms to the sharp crack of those bolts close enough to make Stub and I jump a bit in our chairs under the carport; I've just never known of another dog who enjoys inclimate weather like Stub and he's a welcome companion watching the rainfall with me.

We've been getting rain ranging from drizzles to downpours and wind going from a steady, gentle breeze to limb-breakers accompanied by gusts that are almost frightening with their onset and duration.

This is a storm such as I've never seen before and I'm truly thankful it's nothing major but gentle, as hurricanes and tropical storms go bringing a welcome respite with its rainfall and moderated temperatures.

Well, that's about it for now; I'm off to see if there's anything of note to photograph. As always, leave me a note if you come here and I wish you good fortune and the comfort of good friends.


Waiting for the gathering storm - Isaac 003

By: wanzewurld, 3:45 AM GMT on August 28, 2012

I went to town to take care of a few items I'd put off as long as I could but needed to take care of them before September and I supposed today was the last day I could be certain I'd have time. Me and Stub, the wonder dog rode around town looking to see how today differed from other days and most of the grocery stores, gas stations, fast food shops like McDonald's, KFC, etc were all busy with cars queued in long lines waiting for carry-out orders although ALL of them were curiously devoid of customers inside or cars parked for inside service - Now that was strange!

Stub, the wonder dog was unusually subdued as we drove around and he hardly scratched or nudged my arm wanting a scratch, pet, or rub; that was highly unusual! Normally he can only go about 5 minutes tops before requesting attention - I use the term "requesting" in the most liberal sense of the word - Insisting or demanding would be more descriptive of his bid for attention. He sat looking out first one window and then moving on to another; he discovered the large rear window in my PT Cruiser, StarCruiser, just a couple of days ago and realized he could lay on the armrest between the front seats and see where we'd been instead of having to sit or stand on the narrow perch watching where we were going! One time today as we were stopped at an unusually long traffic light I looked over to see him with his rear legs stretched tall and his forelegs stretched out in front of him gnawing on a chew toy; his back was presented in a strange reverse curve and the part of his anatomy presented to me was... Well, it was downright rude! I stood it for a few seconds before aiming a forceful puff of air directly at the center of his derrière; that got his attention and he withdrew into the copilot's seat making sure I would have no further target!

The traffic was heavier than usual but only marginally; I suppose if all the people lined up at gas stations, eateries, and parked in lots were on the road it would have been noticeably heavier than usual but I took advantage of the daylight growing dimmer by the quarter-hour due to high, thin clouds and drove out in the country to get some cloud and sky videos with my own narration to remind myself of my impressions and to dictate a brief but concise history of Isaac along with remembrances of Katrina and Camille.

Thankfully, Isaac should come nowhere near those legendary monsters but I'm looking forward to being able to walk and possibly bicycle in the midst of this current seductress.

I slept about an hour last night and my mindless prattle is beginning to dry up so I'll hit this again on the morrow.


Monday, August 27, 2012, 22:44 CDT


Waiting for the gathering storm - Isaac 002

By: wanzewurld, 12:10 PM GMT on August 27, 2012

Well, I went out driving around a bit after midnight and the highways were normal for that time of night in this small town. In times past Columbia was something of a hub with 3 larger highways and several smaller ones converging; with the advent of Interstate 55 and 59 a few decades ago the traffic dropped off fairly drastically. We are still at the junctures of 98, 35, and 13 though and get our share of vehicles on short jumps and people connecting to I-55 and I-59. When Katrina hit, the traffic picked up considerably when those two Interstate mega-movers snarled with Gulf Coast evacuees and it seems that almost everyone is either kin to somebody here or knows somebody who resides here!

We had our share of trees downed, power was lost for several days, and our local disaster preparedness was stretched to a breaking point - Not that we had much preparedness to stretch in the beginning!

Civil Defense directors all seem to be cut from the same bolt of cloth, I've observed; when a hurricane threatens they all have major, multiple, and at times, simultaneous orgasms! They get a distorted and puffed-up self image that colors their decisions and political plums are often handed out in the form of spare generators, MRE's, radios, etc. Most of them are too busy being important to actually accomplish anything and the bulk of good works are accomplished by dedicated and selfless minions who simply see problems and solve them with no expectation, realization!, or recognition; these people don't need that though, they are simply being themselves and have no grand illusions of their own self-worth.

Here's to them!

I didn't sleep much last night mostly due to Stub, the wonder dog's barking at shadows and taking reward for his vigilance in the form of sharing the same space occupied by my feet! I may wind up using him for a wind sock before this is all over! He seems to sense some excitement in the air and probably has no idea what it's all about because the worse weather he's ever seen has been the occasional severe thunderstorm; to his credit though, he seems to enjoy sitting out under the carport with me and reveling in the brilliant flashing lights and thundering crescendos following the strokes of lightning along with me - He's the first dog I've ever had that wouldn't run for cover at the first clap of thunder so I'm grateful for the company. He also enjoys walking in the rain with me but dearly loves the rough toweling that comes when we return to shelter. For the next few hours he's like a kid who's eaten too much sugar and the only thing that settles him back to his usual manic state is repeated towelings. I have found a kindred spirit indeed but he rivals myself for pure stubbornness and single-minded action.

Last night was beautifully clear and the waxing gibbous moon, about 5 days from full was bright and well defined in an uncommonly still night with low humidity which quenched the refraction of Columbia's city lights. I didn't take any photos because I didn't see anything worthy of recording but, in hindsight, the stillness and absence of vehicles in shopping centers would probably make a good contrast for days and nights to come; "Hindsight" is the operative word here!

If you read this blog, I'd appreciate any comments - good, bad, or indifferent so just jump when you feel froggy!


--- Monday, August 27, 2012 06:57 CDT

Updated: 12:16 PM GMT on August 27, 2012


A strange radar image

By: wanzewurld, 2:11 AM GMT on August 16, 2012

I just saw the strangest think I think I've ever seen before; on the Wunderground Nexrad radar for August 15, 2012 there was a squall line that came across Mississippi just north of Columbia. The strange fact was not that it missed Columbia, that happens all the time with rain storms frequently parting and re-forming around us!

What was so odd was a thin ring of rain expanding to the south for several, at least 3 hours and moving south toward New Orleans. This thin band of rain formed and remained a circumferential band for several miles. I got out and noticed a tremendous line of alto cumulus clouds to the south just about where the line was located on radar. If anyone would like to see it, it showed up on the New Orleans Nexrad radar 08-15-2012. It should show up in the archives.


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