Adventures of a Warrior of Light

By: visualpurple9 , 6:29 PM GMT on November 16, 2005

I am a Warrior of Light in an alternate reality that often blends into this one. On my purse gleams a goddess sigil, a trifold interlinked geometric form in silver and black. On my backpack is a Startrek communicator-badge logo and I carry ProtoSnakie, a four foot long stuffed entity,curled into a blue, purple and green spiral and strapped compactly in a sling over my left shoulder.

I am a Warrior of Light, riding a Greyhound bus and warding it from harm by an infiltrating Agent of Evil. My partner works this event with me, we who share a warm smile of recognition as we board the bus in Mariana FL, yet do not know one another’s names.

The Agent, who boards at Montgomery AL, sits between me and my partner, with me one row further back.

The attack begins simultaneously on the physical, emotional and mental levels as soon as the bus leaves the depot. Something is wrong with the wheel and axle of the bus, danger of breakage, accident, especially at two specific curves coming into Birmingham! The Agent speaks his convictions loudly, in a carrying voice. Since the bus pulls over at one point due to a suspected problem with the tire, his fearful convictions can be dangerously contagious. My partner and I contain the Agent’s attack, dousing it with optimism, prayer and light, gradually neutralizing it over a period of two hours.

I feel it when the probability line we’re aiming for slides into place ~ a small and gentle shift of energy. The bus glides flawlessly through the two sharp curves called out by the Agent over an hour previous.

I step carefully from the bus in Birmingham, sore and dull from the prolonged effort of holding the designated positive frequency of Light. My partner in the effort and the Agent himself disappear into the bus depot crowd.

I recall the beginning of my journey down into the Deep South more than a week ago. I remember waiting over four hours in the overheated swelter of the crowded Atlanta GA bus station.

I recognize him when I see him, this other Warrior of Light, yet my mind doesn’t dwell on it. Rapidly and smoothly, for more than an hour, I find myself being drawn into a lively discussion of chaos theory, the power of thought and the mind-bending movie “What the Bleep Do We Know.”

I find myself explaining that I no longer am trying to understand life or endeavoring to know what’s going on, that I can rest in “I don’t know.” I find myself unfolding the background information that I formerly depended on my mind so much that I was stuck in my head and greatly lost to feeling connection with others ~ hence, my letting go of needing to know.

I share that as I understand chaos theory, there is a vaster hidden order in what appears to be chaos. That all orderly systems eventually break down and reach bifurcation points, great nexuses of change, where the system shifts into a new kind of order. That I, along with many others, consider us, humanity, to be at just such a bifurcation point now, and that therefore it is essential for me to cleave to the light, to the positive and beneficial in my thoughts, feelings and connections, that I do not wish to add to negative energies.

Because, I share, we are as if in a great battle, and it is between the Forces of Light and the Forces of Darkness, given that we exist in a realm of polarity, of the appearance of opposites (up-down, good-bad, light-dark). That in this battle my energies are aligned with the Forces of Light and thus also is the direction of my thinking and feeling. I will not strengthen the energies of darkness by allowing fear, anger or adversarial relationships to dominate in my life. I will respond to darkness with light, as best I can.

And I share that, to me, one demonstration of the working of the Forces of Light is that we can have such a discussion as this in the gritty environment of the Greyhound bus station in downtown Atlanta.

At this, we both nod in agreement as we shift from foot to foot with many other weary travelers waiting in long lines at midnight for the bus that will bring the next leg of our journeys.

For me it is Foley AL, on the Gulf Coast, where the Battle between the Forces of Light and Darkness continues.

As a Warrior of Light, I tend to register the presence of archetypal entities, those great primarily unconscious old reptilian forces making their homes in the rear of our brains, above the spinal column. They guard their ancient survival routines in a powerful seductive dance of emotions. Anger. Greed. Jealousy. Envy. Possessiveness. Attachment. Selfishness.

Here in this alternate reality I can see the grip these forces have established in my ancestral genetic line, my motherline.

In this small southern good-old-boy ruled town, Foley AL, my mother lives behind her great-aunt Vera’s home, where Cousin Ann lives also. Cousin Bob who relocated from his beloved Seattle WA because of his family’s need, lives next door to my 83 year old mother, serving as a lifeline to 93 year old Vera, his mother, and to his bipolar sister Ann who is on disability. And, to a lesser extent, to my mother as well. Bob’s submerged and forbidden anger (that old reptile), at being seemingly trapped in Foley because his needy mother and sister won’t move somewhere he likes better, is painfully powerful.

I see the power of the archetype bursting out into expression through others as the anger is projected outward. Good-old-boys align to threaten Cousin Bob with violence, the police (also good-old-boys) refuse to believe Bob’s side of the story. Anger and resentment are thick like stew, tarry and dark and never, never to be spoken of directly.

As a Warrior of Light, I add nothing to the conflict. I shine the light of compassion and detachment, of support and empathy, of releasing the old and outworn and aligning with that which is more suitable to now, freer and more flowing.

In this small Deep South town, suspicious eyes register the danger of “others who are not like us.” Judgements are flung like spears and bitterness rains like poisoned darts, all under the blanket prohibition not to disturb the careful power balance of the ancestral reptilian entity and archetype. I leave as the battle continues in the shadows of the unspoken.

By the time I reach Nashville TN on the way home, I am fairly numb with weariness. My body hurts too much to sit, so I stand in line waiting for the bus to Knoxville, arrival due in two hours. I still carry ProtoSnakie coiled in his sling by my left side, and the goddess sigil gleams its geometry at my right, as the Startrek logo rides my backpack.

It is here in Nashville that I join with the Women’s Alliance, other Warriors of Light traveling on missions similar to mine, yet so deeply undercover that their personal operating systems dominate their true identity.

I am grateful for my own operating system as well. Like a faithful helper, it is here when I am so low in energy that awareness is sluggish and minimal. The operating system is a true emergency backup when dropping into this hard-edged consensus reality.

I remain with the Women’s Alliance until Knoxville, where I finally board the final bus taking me home.

This is actually my first tour of duty as a conscious Warrior of Light, able to ride the dimensional shift into the alternate reality that enables my deliberate use of the powers of Light. Finally my RAM, my rapid-access-memory, is sufficient for the transition to take place.

After such an intense time, I am deeply grateful for the current geographic locale that registers as “home” to me. I am thankful for the partnership of Hightop Mountain, for the calming and steadying influence of these ancient Appalachian mountains, the oldest chain of mountains in the world to remain above water, for billions of years.

I am appreciative of my human companions as well, fellow Warriors of Light here in this Temple of Light that our home has become to me.

I am glad to be sharing online in a cybernetic network of Light, aligned with the Forces of Light.

And I am grateful that I am aware of this Battle in which we are engaged so that I may more consciously recognize and choose the Light. I know from experience that my energy matters too and that I am responsible for where I put it.

Additionally, I am aware that all that I share here is, in a certain way, just another story created by my brain and nervous system to make sense of life events (and thus I share it without attachment).

Even so, given the situation set-up, the way events are unfolding in the consensus realm, this story (as real as most stories) serves me well for now.

I hope that it has served you well also ~ in the way of a finger pointing at the moon and not, in itself, especially significant.

The sun pours through the morning mist like honey upon the corn field. It reminds me that divine blessings are also freely streaming into my life, just like that sunshine!
Green Healing (visualpurple9)
Green is the color that reminds me that whenever something dies, it will return again in a slightly different form. Green is the color that encourages me to keep on going when I find myself in interior darkness. Green is the color that uplifts my spirit, inspiring me to reach for the light in every moment.
Green Healing

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