Unproven theory on why birds leave before Cicadas broods upwell.

By: vis0 , 2:19 AM GMT on June 21, 2013

Take it as fiction, but if Cicadas are in your field of science test it.

TRY TO READ IT remember gold is hidden and if one has patience they'll find that gold amongst the dirt.

The following is from memory as most of the 32k
pgs. i buried in NYS in 1997.

(From a 1978 paper for a class in JHS 104 in which
the assignment was to create 3 reports on
theories that can help us understand nature.
We were to build on official findings, i decided to
write 5 Theories i had + 5 more on subject matter
that were in the news

One of these papers was on:
How cicadas control the birds that eat them.

i bring it up now as i saw 2 news people discussing
why is it that they saw very little of birds as the
cicadas come up.

i thought of writing them but naw its too weird of
an explanation so i figured let me leave this info on
Wxu. If its proven to be factual Wxu gets thumbs up.
If my theories dies big deal whose going to find it
here amongst much better writing & research.


Cicadas in their last ~2 yrs of being underground
should be interacting with trees (tree roots) around them. '

Why do i state ~2 years before they come up?

By the formula in which a rule of Sciencious comes
into place. Sciencious is what i call the blending
of Physics and another part of science i call Galacsics.

Shorthand of that rule: Never repeat in any
equation while studying natural trends more than two
times in a row. Either the 50% or the physics
inverse which is 2 Times (rule of Physics) aka
glass is half full or half empty can be repeated twice


the 1/3rd Galacsics inverse (one needs to know
invision (since 1979 i've given that math 4 different names)
Its a math i state has not been discovered as its result
are always in 3 numbers and the 4 known BASIC maths,
Addition,Subtraction,Division & multiplication give or result
in one number or a fraction connected to a number NOT 3 numbers.
Therefore if a math professor sees three numbers he/she
would say keep breaking it till your result is a whole number.
Invision's 3 numbers are correct as;

1 points toward physics,

other towards a bridge that then i stated connected physics to Galacsics
, now i call that temporary bridge, quantum.

and one points towards Galacsics.

thus .333 Galacsic inverse is .666
(not 3.003--- , that is .333 physics' inverse)

Know since we are only dealing with animal instinct
one could also say its spiritual like knowledge,
then i use the Galacsic equation of
(17yrs / 3 / 3 = 1.86 yrs)

Here that equation results (spiritual or Galacsic windows):
numbers are Earth years.
17 = 5.6, 11.3 , 17
1.86, 3.73, 5.58

Results for the physical windows of 17yrs.

The Cicada should be found either changing the
tree's sap acidity or taking the tree's sap thus
making the tree an acidity environment (maybe even
an acidic transmitting aura) for about 1.86...
yrs BEFORE the Cicada comes up.

How would this bother birds?
Vision to most animals is important. To birds it
might be more important as to catch their foods
and even to pick a mate. The acidic aura causes
the birds eyes to go out of focus thus they have
to stay not just away from a tree, but away from
the forest where cicadas are under, as the bird's
eyes can't focus rapid enough to make
sharp flying turns nor catch other insects as fine
focusing vision is needed for that.

So the birds figure from millions of years of
experience/instinct to get away from areas where their
vision is being impaired. And even after the
cicadas come up it should take no less than 2-3 yrs
for the trees to regain their ph balanced or normal to
trees balance aura.

Why 2 to 3 years no matter the tree size?

Again its a Galacsic theory , the same one that
i showed in other pgs in those reports as how the
Star we call the Sun is a complex star. It bathe
the complex brain via 8 resonances.
i use R O Y G B I V
(visible spectrum PLUS a gold colour
split in 1/2s to show how the complex brain is
bathed & sealed every 8 yrs via this Complex
Star output.

If one does the invision on those 8 yrs
one should find corresponding changes to the
complex brain in
8 ,

One day some scientist or Dr. will find out what i wrote in the
1970s, that the complex brain encloses its knowledge at ~8 yr cycles.
This means that a trauma to the brain on a person/kid of 8 yrs or
under can be retooled by the brain alone a lot more easier than
someone at age 16, 24 32 so on till the age i state when the spirit light DNA
(who you really are a light form not the carnal body) begins
to separate from the carnal body by age 132 at most age 176 (latter
i state is max age for any human being, w/o any scientific tinkering,
and counting 365 days as a year not 1 year every season as is done
in parts of Northern China & Old Russia otherwise Dr. Masters
is around 101.


Therefore its not that the birds don't know there is
a bountiful meal of millions of tasty cicadas its that
their vision is impaired near the trees that the cicadas
are under so when birds fly away from those trees
their vision comes back. Birds figure why go toward
an area where one loses vision. ONE MORE THING,
in turn that might also lower the birds population for 2-3
yrs as they are now competing for the same amount of
food but in a smaller area.

How much further from their limbs does the
trees/plants energy reach as i also wrote that
plants communicate with each other specially
during traumatic experiences and how they'll send
energy away from their fellow plants to check of
another plant of their type is near by.

BTW the latter was proven factual by a women
(Professor) in the late 1980s THAT PLANTS
COMMUNICATE to each other.
Gotta go walk my pet rock,peace

The views of the author are his/her own and do not necessarily represent the position of The Weather Company or its parent, IBM.

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1. srqthymesage
3:27 AM GMT on June 21, 2013
Vis0, thanks for posting beyond your ego to get the message out. I have no clear idea about your numbers and mathematical views.

I do see what my dad called 'horse sense' in the larger, simpler concept of seeing patterns and discussing them.

Einstein lauded imagination..he did good science and is still befuddling me, but I can recognize someone on a 'hot trail'.
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