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was only for ABC& blog or Bust

By: vis0, 10:50 PM GMT on November 07, 2012

Post it here as a way to record what i sent others.

(posting as via a request in a WILL of a fan of ABC news whom passed away some time ago)
(BTW did not post HERE the comment that was for Mr. Lee Goldberg after i posted at wxu as the blackout occurred and i use old fashion phone lines. here links to those posts/blogbits; ?entrynum=111)

Here the 5 categories as to weather the ml-d influences.
● LIGHTNING (charge - remember i've stated since 1976 that there are 5 lightning types so far 4 are known as lightning; to ground, to cloud, to sky, its spherical twin. The one left is the static the ml-d taps into to influence physics and can only be detected via NON electrical devices that read the part of the universe that flows within what i call Galacsics) ● wind (horizontal motion/Coriolis) ● precipitation (air moisture content) ● cooling/warming (temperature differences) ● up flow (vertical motion).

 [2 of these i might describe differently on other blogs]. ). These are the 5  "parental" influences on weather the ml-d can influence, 3 are in use since 2010 and i've only hanged 1 since 2010 (today is 201211-06). (as to the 3, please read/ see earlier messages posted at BlogorBust or at wxu (at wxu since 2010 i post as "vis0").

 ▪ As stated the ml-d is set to influence those 3 categories at almost 2 times WHATEVER THE NATURAL output is to be within the ml-d's AOIs (see previous blogs for those maps many at Ipernty).

 ▪ As with the superstorm #1 of the 2012-2013 autumn/winter season notice if one takes the predictions 2 to 3 days away the storm was ~2 times stronger. For those in the fields of science one understands 2 times is an exponential thing so if 960 mb was predicted as the bombing out level then ~940 mb is 2 times an output and what happened?  Now since 3 categories are being influenced lets see which one is tapped into most as the output to become almost "2 times" what is being predicted 2-3 days before the heart of the storm crosses the ml-d's INNER middle AOI (see "ml-d" "AOI" maps at ipernity, left links in previous blogbits.  Since one has to know the trend for this 1st third of the Descending Galacsics period (REMEMBER THE 2 week delay is as to the time it takes for Galacsics to influence physics. The 2 weeks lag after the main physical season starts WHICH IS INCLUDED IN THE GALACSIC CALENDER (i.e. spring, summer, autumn ,winter) is as to precession. (WITH THE  2 week delay INCLUDED) the 1st third began October 17th 2012 +/- 2 days. Look at when activity in the Atlantic/Gulf began to change as to super-storm #1 of 2012/13. Now weather that trend will continue as the the last third of the Descending Galacsic season. Though i no longer predict publicly lets wait and see as to a clue left in this blogbit. (The next Galacsic to physics change is to be physically visible December 18th 2012 +/- 2 days. Rossby waves changes should be seen 2 weeks before or if one sees the Galacsic Calender at Ipernity its when the dotted dashed lines change to plain dashed lines and vice versa.)

 ▪ My main worry, is being the ml-d is closer to a setting of #2.3 the percentage for it to trigger a 3.0 to 4.0 earthquake is almost at what i call a point of no return or almost at 66%. If one thinks hmm 66% that's like 666, well that 666 as i've stated since the 1970s is a clue as to Galacsics, but certain religious beliefs has ruined the opportunity for science to open that "window" since 666 has a negative stigma attached to it. i simple words .666 to .333 are the only 1/3 to 2/3 equation where a remainder is left over which nature uses to recycle or reuse the energy within as .001 is the remainder. All other 4 equation result in full numbers. Now once a percentage as to an ml-d output reaches 66% then its only a matter of time (3-17 days) for that output to occur.

 ▪ In medicine (as left for Dr. Sapna Parikh before she was a Dr. at fox5 blogs years ago) that .666 to .333 are openings in the body's aura/glands which one day will be used to take FULL readouts of the body's inner workings that cannot be read through grounded machines. Those windows are;

 the left wrist were FRESHLY OXYGENATED BLOOD FIRST TRANSVERSES MAGNETIZED (though ever so slightly)  BONE
the solar plexuses at its upper 2/3rd opening.

and the pineal gland at it crowned top third (BTW when one meditates WITH NO MAGNETIC INFLUENCES WITHIN 45FEET AROUND YOU (MEANING EVEN UNDERGROUND i.e. water pipes, mag rocks) then after meditating for a bit over 3 days in such an area ones urine will have curing abilities BUT ONLY FOR ONESELF. AGAIN IT HAS TO BE AT LEAST 45 feet AROUND ONE as within the Great Pyramid (Giza),peace

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