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Getting slower...

Smile (WXJeannie)
Owl # 3 (ColoradoKat)
This one hadn't left the tree, right outside my window, to start the drying process. Sure looked miserable!
Owl # 3
A Second Soggy Owl (ColoradoKat)
I happened to catch movement out of the corner of my eye while I was watching the first owl's drying rituals and saw this one in a tree, going through the same routine. Check out that wingspan..a baby no more!
A Second Soggy Owl
Soggy Owl (ColoradoKat)
I was getting ready to go to Evergreen for lunch when I heard thunder, but only saw blue sky & white clouds out my West window. It was right overheard..gray and it meant it..sideways slanting rain, thunder, lightning, wind, hail and then, as it let up...owls! They began popping out of trees in the back yard. I saw three of them. Haven't seen any in weeks. What a (soggy) treat!
Soggy Owl
From the top of Mt Ballyhoo.
Sheep on the Road (habataku)
Curious sheep along the Alaska Highway
Sheep on the Road
Portland Head Light in the fog (Hamptonite)
Portland Head Light in the fog
Free Bird (GardenGrrl)
Free Bird
Light Show! (mcgino)
This was the most amazing display of lightning I've ever seen, it lasted more than an hour before it finally moved on.
Light Show!
rural masterpiece from God above (PlanetPest)
another shot of Tuesday morning's western rainbow, this one was in its earlier stages, shot over our barn around sunrise
rural masterpiece from God above
Beauty through the storm (LovePix)
Lighthouse Point Marina and Yacht Club, Toms River, NJ
Beauty through the storm
Side Vision (Railheel)
Was able to get the wife out and into the visit for a drive yesterday, and she wanted to see the ducks I had been seeing. We found them beside a golf course eating grass. She loved them.
Side Vision
Hazy Afternoon (kristinarinell)
went down to Fogarty cCreek for a while this afternoon...sunny but very hazy
Hazy Afternoon
Microburst (docshovel39)
West Texas has been blessed with beneficial rainfall over the last couple of days . This microburst occured close to home .
Colorful fallnight (Altred)
Testing my new Nikon d800e
Colorful fallnight
Moon And Lace Curtains (tomekandjola)
Moon And Lace Curtains
Sun Spots (ColoradoKat)
We were at Steamboat Lake when the sun broke through the clouds and lit up parts of this mountainside. I had been about to take a different picture, but swung my camera around to catch this instead! Glad I did!
Sun Spots
Good Thing I Had Sunglasses! (ColoradoKat)
I took off my sunglasses to line up this shot and it was SO bright, I almost thought about holding them over the lens when I took the shot, but the camera seems to be more adaptable to the light than my eyes are! I just couldn't get enough of the Fall colors!
Good Thing I Had Sunglasses!
Gorgeous Weather At The Bottom (ColoradoKat)
I came off Berthoud Pass to a really mild, sunny afternoon. This is near Empire. This pretty viw made me wish I had packed a lunch. I may have stayed here a while. It's close enough to Empire that I will use that as the location.
Gorgeous Weather At The Bottom
WeatherChange (kristinarinell)
sky was getting darker from all directions
Ice Fog Morning (katy99780)
Frost gilded trees, and the mountains rising from the ice fog as it dissipates in the morning sun. When the open waters of the Tanana River close up with ice, we won't get this kind of fog anymore.
Ice Fog Morning
Full moon rising (Lou427)
Bell Rock and Courthouse on right
Full moon rising
Bison in Snow (minou)
at the turn off for our road
Bison in Snow
Heat for a Cold Night (SunsetSailor)
Heat for a Cold Night
Who Needs Leaves For Color? (ColoradoKat)
I was missing all the colors of the Fall foliage when I realized there is a lot of color in the various rocks and dry plants and shrubs. Color is where you look for it, I guess. The snow-capped mountain peeking through adds a different kind of color, too.
Who Needs Leaves For Color?
Favorite View (ColoradoKat)
I always, always have to stop and look at this view, looking over the little, now empty, campground, and over to the big mountains. This view is nice in any season, but I love it with the snow on the high peaks.
Favorite View
Night scene (polymorph)
I woke up around 1am and saw that it had cleared. I set my camera out and made a timelapse. This is from the beginning: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ziGqLO3bbpo
Night scene
Provoking (mike47)
A Weather Wonderment
a day with WU friends (got2dogs)
Mt Shasta .....on my way over to Mt Shasta to meet-up with Lori (svlover) Lisa (feather) and Marianne (angel56)
a day with WU friends
Cheer Up (trailhiker44)
... and enjoy the color on this rainy gray day !
Cheer Up
Goat Lake (BuckeyeHusky)
A beautiful Pacific Northwest day, so why not spend it hiking a beautiful place?!?
Goat Lake
The ninth day of the Danube River flooding: 3. (Danube)
2013/06/09 06:04 CEST. The Gellért tér ('Gellert Sguare') ship station now
The ninth day of the Danube River flooding: 3.
Foxy (mtphotobug)
I guess I was more interested in him then he was in me.
Friday13TH.. (suzi46)
and a lucky day for frosty photo ops..temps in the low teens and lots of new ice..
Tuesday Night Delight (Nikongranny)
Tuesday Night Delight
Purple and Pink Take Over (ColoradoKat)
I left the back of the store, thinking I had gotten quite enough shots, but I had to pull over again almost immediately, as the sky had changed again and it was strawberry pink and purple. I liked this almost better than the electric gold from before. It was one amazing sunset!
Purple and Pink Take Over
Fog and Northern Lights (Odd)
Fog and Northern Lights
Full Moon 15.1.2014 in Naruska (Naruskaweather)
Nice to drive home in the afternoon...
Full Moon 15.1.2014 in Naruska
Flight (mcgino)
Could this be the same crow I saw a couple of days ago? Once spring comes there will be dozens of crows flying to the eastern fields in the morning and flying home to the mountains in the west at sundown.
After Glow (jtrainman)
The last glimmer over the Warwick River evening of 1/31/14
After Glow
Alpine Winter Wonderland (PugetSoundPost)
On the flanks of Mt. Rainier, above Paradise (over 5,000 feet), winter has created a wonderful land of powdery pristine snow and charmingly bedecked alpine trees. Winter life is tough here but this bit of morning sun made it all so inviting to explore and enjoy.
Alpine Winter Wonderland
Mt Adams (weathertl)
A fresh blanket of snow covers the Washington Cascades. Photo taken from the summit of Sleeping Beauty with Mt. Adams towing in the background.
Mt Adams
frosted tree (Hopaglar)
frosted tree in Wyandotte
frosted tree
Mush! (katy99780)
You just never know what you're going to encounter on the byways of Tok Alaska.

Really hoping my presence wouldn't disturb the training of these dogs, I snapped away while the musher shouted 'straight on! straight on!' to his dogs.
Teton Weather (funhawg)
Teton Weather
Osprey Lunch (quickeye)
Back Off!! You Can Have The Droppings!!!
Osprey Lunch
What's for Lunch? (KSMc)
This Tufted Titmouse was sitting up in this tree singing his heart out.
What's for Lunch?
Horseshoe Bend (LarryD)
This is such a beautiful feature, I wish I'd had more latitude in selecting a proper lighting situation. But I am honored to have gotten even this much. This photo features horseshoe Bend near page Arizona. It is north of the Grand Canyon and is part of the Colorado River system.
Horseshoe Bend
Swaths of Lavender (Vicki)
Wild geraniums grace the woods.
Swaths of Lavender
A WOW Zone (ColoradoKat)
This was near Somerset and it made me pull off on a road that went up a hill. Glad I got the shot before the nice man in the pickup came down and told me I shouldn't be on that road. I guess there was a sign, but...hey! I wanted a better angle.:-)
A WOW Zone
Dogs Like Sunsets, Too (ColoradoKat)
My buddy, Maggie, watching the Eastern sky turn pink ovr the mountains, while she patiently waited for me to take my pictures. So far, I have just showed the Eastern sky, but the real show tonight was in the West.
Dogs Like Sunsets, Too
Island In The Sun (ColoradoKat)
One of the islands on Dillon Reservoir looks so tiny with the big, snow covered moumtains standing above it. Still, only that one little cloud above Edwards the whole drive back. I don't know if that has ever happened before. Usually, there will be clouds somewhere along the way. It's funny, too, because after I got home, it snowed overnight...just a thin layer, but it had to come out of clouds, right?
Island In The Sun
Glad I Went Back (ColoradoKat)
After my visit in Evergreen, I came back to see if I could now see the Continental Divide. The clouds were still there, though they were now more grey than white, and although I could see a little of the mountains, it was the late afternoon light slanting in across the mountains and foothills that made me smile. I always like the way it looks at this time of day. I was glad I went back for a second look.
Glad I Went Back
A New Road (ColoradoKat)
So, Bud and I drove into Paonia to try a new Cafe we had not been to before. We were not overwhelmed with the cafe, but I decided it was a good day to try a road we had never been on and right away, things were looking up as we came to this row of small colorful mountains that looked as if they had been dusted with powdered sugar. The sky had variation of gray, so at least it wasn't that flat, boring one-tone gray that it so often can be. Still some Fall colors at the pretty ranch house.
A New Road
Touch Of Spring (llpj04)
Touch Of Spring
Spring Blooms! (gardner48197)
Love the Crocus!
Spring Blooms!
Bird Bath or Day Bed? (ColoradoKat)
It is this feral kitten's very favorite spot, so...it is, at least for now, a day bed. There are other bird baths with water in them, so no birds are being deprived, and this black and white cutie makes me smile every time I see him stretched out in his 'day bed'. This is the first time I could get a shot of him. We had just gotten home from our ride.
Bird Bath or Day Bed?
Sunset Blossoms (LarryD)
I went to see the show, but like a bee all I could look at were the blossoms.
Sunset Blossoms
The big digout 2016 (Proserpina)
The big digout 2016
from The Beach House (GaylaGirl)
Perfect, low key girls weekend :-)
from The Beach House
Ominous (TigerKOD)
Approaching Snow Squall
Roses (Alleyoops)

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