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My favorite season.

Milkweed Hwy (gardner48197)
Lots of traffic in the milkweed today
Milkweed Hwy
Lake McDonald (axdoor)
Glacier Park Montana Lake McDonald
Lake McDonald
Tiger Swallowtail (Susie77)
When it's so hot, the only good time to take photos is early morning. It's also a good time to catch some nature happening....
Tiger Swallowtail
Black Cat (gardner48197)
Black Cat
2011 Monsoons - Slippin' down the back road (darnold)
Finally, a nice night storm that I could sink my teeth in to. Milan, NM.
2011 Monsoons - Slippin' down the back road
Another Cloudy Sunset 2 (Nikongranny)
Another Cloudy Sunset 2
Lookin North (funhawg)
Hebgen Lake in Montana! From Two Top mountain in Idaho!
Lookin North
Island (backwardguy)
These evergreens have found a home on this granite island in Anthony Lake.
Teton View (funhawg)
Teton View
The Lone Survivor (den117)
These two images were shot from the same spot in opposite directions.
The Lone Survivor
I'm Baaaad Lost! (SouthernLady)
This little guy showed up at my place this afternoon. He even followed me to the door and tried to get inside. If you rub his back, he wags his tail like a dog.
I'm Baaaad Lost!
Prisms (juslivn)
Inside the top of the amazing prisms which send light out to guide ships along the rocky shores of Lake Michigan.
11,583 feet... (ColoradoKat)
..and counting. Not even to the Mt. Evans Road yet, but this is where there is an extremely old forest. We took a little hike through some of them. The Forest Service was working up there on revegetating some areas and also working on erosion mitigation. Lots of 'Stay On The Path' signs, but no one cared. It is so amazing to see these ancient trees. Honest, I have pix of some live ones, too, but I liked this a lot.
11,583 feet...
Eagle Rock Revisited (Nowhere)
At sundown
Eagle Rock Revisited
The Old Faithful, second visit (BoazR)
The Old Faithful, second visit
Orca show (JeffMasters)
While kayaking in the San Juan Islands, a pod of 20 orcas (killer whales) put on an incredible show for us, swimming within 10 feet, and breaching about 100 meters away.
Orca show
St Jhon's from Signal hill (plapman)
St Jhon's from Signal hill
Most Easterly land in North America (plapman)
The Atlantic meets North America
Most Easterly land in North America
Needle Rock (MikePic)
A volcanic monolith near Crawford, Colorado. In your neck of the woods, Kat. A cold and rainy, but quite beautiful day.
Needle Rock
Shine On (gardner48197)
Shine On
Soft Rainbow (summer69)
Our first visit to Niagara Falls in June, friends say we MUST go back for a winter visit.
Soft Rainbow
Peaceful Reflection (murphymom)
Peaceful Reflection
Spider Lily Field (Rowdyblue)
Spider Lily Field
Sun, give me sun ! (springsun)
Sun, give me sun !
Snowy Mt. Taranaki (MarsShadow)
Snowy Mt. Taranaki
Dbl rainbows... (Retta2)
with Aspen Pot 'O Gold. I love rainbows, seeing a double one is Double the Blessings.
Dbl rainbows...
Altocumulus cloud framing tree (walcek)
This looked really nice: shooting into the sun with.... OK, maybe just something typical, but you had to be there!
Altocumulus cloud framing tree
Crane's Swamp (lousyfocus)
Crane's Swamp
Color Me Colorful Colorado (Amtnspirit)
I can't even begin to describe the beauty I beheld this Sunday as I went through sun, rain, snow mixture absorb the beautiful fall ..near Telluride Co
Color Me Colorful Colorado
Autumn on the coast (zwitserw)
Autumn weather with rain and strong winds
Autumn on the coast
Alcan Highway & Kluane Lake (habataku)
Driving along the Alaska - Canadian Highway by Kluane Lake
Alcan Highway & Kluane Lake
Brown Cow (CameraDiva)
Ruby Mtns, NV
Brown Cow
Still snowing (myvalleylil)
On the summits of the Cerces at 9800 feet
Still snowing
Sunset Glow 2 (ChrisAnthemum)
Another shot of the fantastic glow of the sunset on the autumn leaves across the street from my house.
Sunset Glow 2
October Gale 2 (mactoot)
South Haven, MI pier, winds 40kt gusts. Awesome!
October Gale 2
McClure Pass in the Fall (enghorn)
near Marble, CO
McClure Pass in the Fall
Me and a Tiger, 2006 (catfuraplenty)
Me at the Tiger Temple, Thailand
Me and a Tiger, 2006
West Of Hailey (Brewster77)
Fall photo out west of Hailey
West Of Hailey
Mama pets Wiley (KittenEileen)
Lacy still loves that little wild boy more than she does the girls...or maybe he just requires more attention than the girls.
Mama pets Wiley
High Dessert (mellyweb)
Taken around Santa Fee! The yellow fall colors are beautiful against the mountains.
High Dessert
CloudsPassOver (isight)
Storm (wxlvr05)
A storm that is currently passing by the area! This was taken from the car (of course I was not driving!)
One October Morning (oneshotww)
One October Morning
Noon Siesta (Proserpina)
Noon Siesta
Longs Peak & Mt. Meeker (NedHead)
This is the payoff... a beautiful morning after a 13
Longs Peak & Mt. Meeker
Snow Falling All Around (mike4him)
Kept on snowing most of the day.
Snow Falling All Around
Sunset and Brama Bull at the Pawhuska Barn (mbryan777)
The sunset was beautiful tonight at my favorite old barn in Pawhuska, Oklahoma. I was a little unnerved by the very large Brama bull that decided to visit while I was shooting.
Sunset and Brama Bull at the Pawhuska Barn
Peak of the Season (cherirobin)
Peak of the Season
Chilly and Beautiful 6 (Nikongranny)
Chilly and Beautiful 6
AtTheTop (trigirl)
Following the trail to the old wall in Fort Mountain State Park brings the hiker to this very scenic overlook.
Falling Snow in Fall (SVLover)
The colors were past peak here, but there was still enough around to make this a glorious day.
Falling Snow in Fall
The Dark Half (ColoradoKat)
Looking at the sunset's beginning, half of the sky had strange, dark clouds and the other had light clouds with pastel coloring.
The Dark Half
Frosty shine (maxa)
Frosty shine
Priceless (AUphoto)
This is one of those occasions when a picture is worth a thousand words }:-]
Harbor Lights (Biskitten)
Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse and the shoreline glow in this morning's sunrise!
Harbor Lights
Glorious Day (spcrater)
Glorious Day
A Cool Breeze (funhawg)
Snow blowing over the tops of the Tetons! Thanks for the mail everyone, have a good Thanksgiving!
A Cool Breeze
Curiousity (Tigris)
I was standing on the opposite side of the fence and I guess he was curious to meet me.
Dillon and Beyond (ColoradoKat)
This is Dillon Reservoir and the two big mountains to the South. It was a beautiful looking day, but quite a cool wind was blowing, which was not helpful. I just corrected about twenty typos in this little bit of writing. It's been a stressful 2 days. I think I'll try again tomorrow. Good night all.
Dillon and Beyond
Giving Thanks (CameraDiva)
Happy Thanksgiving Wunderfriends!!! Ruby Mountains, NV
Giving Thanks
Golden Hour (thunderweather)
Golden Hour
At Big Sur (Feather3)
Just a glorious drive down the coast .....
At Big Sur
Bitter Sweet (gardner48197)
Bitter Sweet
Sun`n Fog Battle (trailhiker44)
On my morning hike in the woods.
Sun`n Fog Battle
Dogs having a blast! (cshirsch)
i took the dogs to a small lake yesterday and they had a blast playing fetch the stick.
Dogs having a blast!
Full circle of light (Olbetsy)
This was a cool sight, it became poignant when my young adult daughter finally could see the light through the trees and had a wonderful non argumentative evening with me.
Full circle of light
Charming Chickadee (winddancer357)
Charming Chickadee
trailside curmudgeon (tahomus)
trailside curmudgeon
Sanset in Greece (Papadimitriou)
Thassos island, Greece
Sanset in Greece
Longs Peak beneath the lunar eclipse (PCG)
The moon is nearing entirely in the Earth's shadow as Longs Peak sits below.
Longs Peak beneath the lunar eclipse
Spectacular view (SKERT)
From a different angle.
Spectacular view
Enjoying the great outdoors
Snow Dog
Wild and Scenic North Fork River, Montana (MossMountain)
Wild and Scenic North Fork River, Montana
The Sun! The Sun! (backwardguy)
After a month of stagnant air advisorys and freezing fog, we have blue skies and SUN! Taken in our pasture.
The Sun! The Sun!
Patience (ColoradoKat)
This junco watched as I cleared spots to put out some seeds. He was the first one there when I finally got the food toosed out there. He must have been really hungry!
Christmas morning! (johngomes)
Merry Christmas from the animals at the Alaska Zoo. 5 inches of new snow overnight really made the zoo sparkle this morning!
Christmas morning!
Peace On Earth (trailhiker44)
May peace prevail...
Peace On Earth

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