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About time.:)

Silly bear....snow is for kids! (johngomes)
A good way to get rid of that winter hair.
Silly bear....snow is for kids!
Close Enough to Touch (algoressister)
I was fully prepared for the Full Moon last night. I missed some early shots, because I ignored my ears When the weather changes, my ears pop. If I step out when my ears pop, I am sure to get something kool...
Close Enough to Touch
Solitude (SammyIsaiah)
CATS!! (joealaska)
THE CHOWING (joealaska)
Purple Petunias (EmmyRose)
Purple Petunias just add purple rain.
Purple Petunias
Male Northern Cardinal and a Male Eastern Bluebird (icmoore)
In my backyard.
Male Northern Cardinal and a Male Eastern Bluebird
Down and East (ColoradoKat)
From the top of Lookout Mountain, you can see the Denver Metro Area, including downtown.
Down and East
Look Who Came To Town (ColoradoKat)
The grass is just barely coming up and these guys just can't get enough of it. This is right in the middle of town. Kittredge, CO.
Look Who Came To Town
Aurora and Big Dipper (speikiei)
The Aurora spilling out as if one had over filled the
Aurora and Big Dipper
Looking for supper (ACHEBONE)
Looking for supper
Old reliable Camel Rock (Tsurai)
I can always count on this place to provide a nice image or two.
Old reliable Camel Rock
A kid (BoazR)
A kid
you can't see me... (triphammer)
...spotted this baby bunny nesting in the grass just in time as I was mowing the lawn. I have been told they are called a bunny,kit,kitten and if a yearling, a leveret.
you can't see me...
At flod-stage, the Red River carries along ice-floes, (compulad)
trees eroded from the banks, and a variety of other flotsam.
At flod-stage, the Red River carries along ice-floes,
Springtime! (70023venus)
Mushtache (juslivn)
Soak Up The Sun (juslivn)
Soak Up The Sun
No Playing In the Street!! (MikePic)
Mama knows not to be playing in the street. Especially when that street is 2 blocks from a High School. Mama had a busy morning keeping all the kits in line.
No Playing In the Street!!
Sparring Partners (MikePic)
They just love to play fight.
Sparring Partners
I'm a Happy Dog (ColoradoKat)
As dog "models" go, Bailey is the best, and doesn't seem to mind how many pictures I take of her. She is so pretty, they all turn out well!:-) I may not want to let her go home Tuesday! I'm getting very attached to this cutie!
I'm a Happy Dog
Eveninglight (henkhoekstra)
beautiful light this evening
Flower bed (Danube)
2011/04/18 18:00 CEST. Flower bed (detail).
Flower bed
seal pup on the North Rustico Beach,Prince Edward Island
seal pup
Ring around the bear cub. (johngomes)
4 inches of new snow gave Izzy a new look!
Ring around the bear cub.
Lets Do Lunch! (funhawg)
Lets Do Lunch!
Barn Cat Family Dinner (ColoradoKat)
All five barn cats showed up for dinner, but were very aware when I showed up with my camera. At least they didn't run off, as they do sometimes, so I could take this shot.
Barn Cat Family Dinner
Negro (elecon)
Lake Crescent, Port Angeles, WA (padjsposse)
Perfect day for some paddling.
Lake Crescent, Port Angeles, WA
Garden Watch Dog (juslivn)
Molly enjoying being outside almost all day--no mud!
Garden Watch Dog
The Game--In? or Out? (juslivn)
In or out kitteh? In or out? She loves this game, lol. Just sits in the doorway...
The Game--In? or Out?
Triple Threat (gardner48197)
Triple Threat
Contented (ColoradoKat)
The livestock around here seems pretty happy that the grass in finally turning green! I am, too!:-)
Movie Star (dixiedaughter)
The neighboring farm to the horse rescue have several Alpacas. This one posed for the camera nicely.
Movie Star
Star Gazing II (AUphoto)
Too cute!
Star Gazing II
Really? (juslivn)
Molly in sunglasses
Dog Tired (ColoradoKat)
This is what that means. One of our dogs, Jack, with his belly wet from playing around in the irrigation ditches has had enough. He's out like a light.
Dog Tired
Covered Bridge (CecileWNC)
Covered Bridge
Gorgeous and Happy Mother's Day in NC (CecileWNC)
Hope yours is as well! The rhododendrons are in full bloom.
Gorgeous and Happy Mother's Day in NC
friend (NEwxguy)
Dogwood Framed Moon (ddublu)
Dogwood Framed Moon
Hooded Oriole (highground)
Found a male, female, nest and 3 chicks. In a tree overhanging the La Jolla Cove.
Hooded Oriole
hahaha! (tamcat)
Red panda yawns in the lazy warm afternoon.
Five Days Old (catilac)
Went back to the College Campus today to check on the Swans, only two of the four eggs hatched. They are five days old and so cute!
Five Days Old
Apple Blossoms (charlesimages)
Beautiful display of Apple Blossoms this year. Glad I trimmed up the Apple Trees last Autumn, going to be a good crop this year.
Apple Blossoms
Fill'er Up (ColoradoKat)
In Somerset, a coal train is in the process of taking on a load of coal. The coal mines may not be pretty, but they sure do keep a lot of families in Delta Country fed and housed. Not much else to do around here.
Fill'er Up
Double Rainbow (vickyb80821)
Double rainbow right outside my door, practically! We had a 5 minute break between storms last night and it produced these lovely rainbows.
Double Rainbow
Quiet Moment (isight)
these little ones are in almost constant motion
Quiet Moment
Fairy Gowns (Proserpina)
For a friend who gave me the inspiration for the title.
Fairy Gowns
Tiny New Neighbor (ColoradoKat)
Not even as tall as the grass (and weeds) around him, this guy and his sibling are already on their own. I tried to get a picture outside, but any little movement makes them run. It's what they have to do to survive. So I went inside and took the screen off the window and cranked it open (which made him hide), but finally he came out an I got him! You could hold both of them in the palm of one hand. Too cute!
Tiny New Neighbor
DOC SMILING (joealaska)
Yosemite Falls (MikeSFArea)
Yosemite Falls is the highest waterfall in North America at 2,425 feet. The wind came up in the afternoon causing the falling water to fan out. The cars in the foreground help to give perspective to the height of the falls.
Yosemite Falls
Resting (CalicoBass)
We walked down in the park, Brooke stopped and rested at every shade we came to :)
Happy Mother's Day! (novembergale)
...from a sweet fox kit!
Happy Mother's Day!
Bold! (novembergale)
I went back this morning to spy on the fox pups. One was quite bold as long as I stayed very still.
JustChillin' (CalicoBass)
Brooke, taking a break from our walk.
BlueToo (rcl)
Our second mule named Blue so we call him BlueToo! His hair is so soft it is like fur and he is a real sweetheart!
Lake Mcdonald (calpoppy)
A single boat on the lake
Lake Mcdonald
Corner Pocket (doggenit)
bankshot, corner pocket
Corner Pocket
Dirty Dogs (ColoradoKat)
Three of the four dogs rest in the shade after a long "work" day, and obviously a dirty one at that! Actually, it's from swimming and then rolling in the dusty dirt. Dogs have weird hobbies, but they sur do have fun.:-)
Dirty Dogs
Rufous & Blooms (jackmoskovita)
My recent AC was a female Rufous. This male Rufous showed up yesterday and I spent several hours trying to get him in the blooms between the feeder. This little jewels travel over 2,500 miles from their winter ground across the gulf of mexico to Canada/Alaska. I hope he hangs around a few days.
Rufous & Blooms
Total Lunar Eclipse (Greetings)
Total Lunar Eclipse
Roses (Alleyoops)
Seaside Daisies (Feather3)
Overlooking a gorgeous shoreline at Julia Pfeiffer State Park.
Seaside Daisies
Robins Nest 1 (MNTornado)
The Robin I found nesting on June 27, 2011 now has 2 babies in her nest.
Robins Nest 1
Flower Avenue (kippic)
Well, actually a back country dirt road but I was amazed at how it is line with flowers; God's on design. Ant Flats, Utah
Flower Avenue
Golden Reflections (kristinarinell)
Tonight's sunset was quite a show before the sun disappeared in the marine layer.
Golden Reflections
Mt. Sneffels (adkinsadam1)
Taken today.
Mt. Sneffels
Syd and Roxy (GardenGrrl)
Syd and Roxy
Bay Sunset (isight)
Bay Sunset
Clouds & Rain..... (henkhoekstra) in the N-E of the Netherlands
Clouds & Rain.....
Cape Neddick Light (unruly)
Cape Neddick Light
A neat old car (unruly)
I had to step in the street to get this pic. I took my life into my hands. Thankfully Traffic stopped for me.
A neat old car
2011 Monsoons - Pass with care (darnold)
On old Route 66 in Prewitt, NM
2011 Monsoons - Pass with care
Teton Trails (funhawg)
One of my favorite hikes for photos!
Teton Trails
Just Look At Me (teach50)
Just Look At Me
Monsoon Rainbow - Barbara Cactus 1 (Lauren517)
Monsoon Rainbow - Barbara Cactus 1
US Brig Niagra2 (LightSmith)
These pictures of tall ships were taken during the annual Duluth Music and Maritime Festival July 2011
US Brig Niagra2
Utah (Luckystar)
At Arches National Park
Love Me? (ThunderBev)
How could you not love a young white tailed deer in the midst of field of white daisies? Love You!
Love Me?
Retired, But Working (ColoradoKat)
A fertilizer spreader that is now a planter. I like it better now that it's retired. There is a very young apple tree behind it, and it has lots of apples.
Retired, But Working
Sitting Pretty (ColoradoKat)
The young female barn cat sitting in the doorway of the barn to catch the breeze, I think.
Sitting Pretty
LAYNE (joealaska)
Rabbits (calpoppy)
We got lots of rabbits
Orioles (calpoppy)
There are so many of them, they have to hang on by their toes.
In The Rock Planter (ColoradoKat)
There are 3 Blue Spruce and a lot of flowers in the huge rock planter Bud built out front to block the view of the neighbor's ugly plastic greenhouses. It took a while to build it, fill it with dirt and get it planted, but it's starting to look great!
In The Rock Planter
Flower View (chicka)
Flower View
!971 Monte Carlo (plapman)
The brother in laws pride and joy
!971 Monte Carlo
1939 Oldsmobile (unruly)
1939 Oldsmobile
Double Celestial Bodies (Hurricane765)
I was awake early in the morning when I noticed skies were crystal clear. So, I decided to go out and take a few shoots of the crescent moon. By chance, I happened to notice Mars nearby as well so I made sure to get them both in one shot (even though I couldn't see it with my naked eye by that point).
Double Celestial Bodies
Perspective (Feather3)
In Pescadero State Beach
Hammer's Aftermath (Shotonsite)
Rain still falls on the Florida Mountains near Deming, NM even as the small arroyos are already receding. Monsoon brought us almost 2 inches of rain.. unfortunately it did it all in 25 minutes on Sunday night, with gale force winds and hail. Even during the deluge, the sun never quite shining on the west side of our house!
Hammer's Aftermath
Canyon View (kippic)
Looking northwest from the trail to Fremont Lookout. Mt Rainier National Park, WA
Canyon View
Lake Mamie (catilac)
Mammoth Lakes, CA
Lake Mamie
Sun Ray Panoramic (stoneygirl)
I had to have a panoramic view of this awesome sunset with the wonderful sun rays. So I took two separate photos and married them.
Sun Ray Panoramic
Bear in hammock (all4paws)
At the Milwaukee Zoo. He looked quite comfortable for such a hot day.
Bear in hammock
More of Newport's farm animals # 1 (RIWXPhoto)
More of Newport's farm animals # 1
Sunrise Coming Through The Clouds (Ralfo)
Sunrise Coming Through The Clouds
Sandillon (suz750)

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