From New Orleans, LA - Jackson, MS - Birmingham, AL to Atlanta, GA for major rainfall

By: trHUrrIXC5MMX, 7:10 PM GMT on April 05, 2014

Please visit: HURRICANE SCORECARD 2014




Update: April 7 at 6:01 PM
Tornado watch 68 until 9 PM EDT
For coastal Georgia, South Carolina and Wilmington area of North Carolina


Major rainfall for the southeast this weekend into...

Heavy Rain April Showers

Updated: 10:02 PM GMT on April 07, 2014

2014 Hurricane Season. Give in your predictions!

By: trHUrrIXC5MMX, 1:36 PM GMT on March 31, 2014


Update: April 4 at 3:35 AM
Severe thunderstorms across the Lower Mississippi River overnight into the morning today



Hello everyone from WU!
Im happy to announce that today is the official day in which the poll opens for you to give in your prediction for the 2014 Atlantic hurricane season.
One more time I would like to serve you keeping up with a list...

Hurricane Scorecard

Updated: 7:35 AM GMT on April 04, 2014

Pushing more into spring-like weather but not for many of us

By: trHUrrIXC5MMX, 4:50 PM GMT on March 29, 2014

Date changed... expect a new blog today with the information


Update: 4:35 PM March 30
Significant rainfall in the northeast coast

Heavy rain to sweep the northeast dirty roads this weekend
Anywhere from New Jersey to Boston, MA expect over 2 inches of needed rain.
It could turn a bit risky for the NYC area to Boston where 3" or more could fall increasing ...

Spring Hurricane Scorecard Winter Weather NWS

Updated: 4:55 AM GMT on March 31, 2014

Major storm possible for the northeast?

By: trHUrrIXC5MMX, 6:40 PM GMT on March 22, 2014

Update: March 28 at 11:35 PM
Stromg storms hitting the south

Current NWS Alerts
The italicized headings represent alerts for marine areas not land areas which are upright. I know the graphic looks a little cluttered with headings

Snowfall forecast

Note: This is the last winter weather snowfall forecast graphic I'll do for this winter season. Unless this storm is forecast to sh...

Updated: 3:36 AM GMT on March 29, 2014

3 additional winter storm threats ahead, one is out there. Yes, weary NE US is up!

By: trHUrrIXC5MMX, 4:11 AM GMT on March 18, 2014

Happy St. Patricks day!


Update: 12:20 AM March 20
Potential snowstorm for the northeast possible next week
Still very early for details but the potential is there at this time

Stay tuned for latest updates

We transition into the Spring Equinox this Thursday, March 20th at 16:57 UTC (12:57 PM EDT), so with this in mind, will weather play accordingly?
You answer that yo...

Winter Weather Spring

Updated: 4:22 AM GMT on March 20, 2014

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