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Season activity update... Congrats to my Nashville friend

By: trHUrrIXC5MMX, 11:02 AM GMT on August 27, 2013

This special blog is given for Astrometeor...on his birthday today.

Tranquility in the tropics... Only an area in the Eac south of Acapulco to monitor

6 names thus far this season... Very behind schedule by this time of the year..,and this season is expected to busy. September could change things around

On this day last year... TS Isaac was to become a hurricane in its way to New Orleans...
A strong storm finally organizing after sparing Florida.

His name is Nathan, you know him very well just as I do.
Ever since I met this guy things have changed around in my blog and in myself significantly. I never expected to have such a blogger do this.
Those of you who come to my blog have seen or have been checking out our lengthy argues he often have. All the time Astro and I have a topic to discuss...we always have different opinions for everything and that gets us annoyed, mad and disappointed but those are nothing standing against our friendship which gets better and stronger. I thank you Astro for coming over, arguing with me and for as some other fellow bloggers keep my blog running...I'm very thankful for that..

Nathan is special to me and this blog is dedicated to you buddy... HAPPY 17th BIRTHDAY!
Darn... I can't really call you little guy...meh, I'll do it anyway... Lol

We will be here for a long time...


NYC thunder showers last night

Thanks for reading

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9:29 PM Update
Tropical Storm Juliette

8th anniversary


In 2005, in the early morning hours, Hurricane Katrina made landfall along the Louisiana/Mississippi coast. As the center of Katrina moved inland, spiral bands began moving into north and central Georgia. These spiral bands produced the most tornadoes in one day in north and central Georgia on record. A total of 16 confirmed tornadoes touched down in north and central Georgia during the late afternoon and evening hours. These tornadoes resulted in one fatality and six injuries. Dozens of homes and businesses were destroyed with property damage estimated at $12,860,000. The poultry industry was particularly hard hit, especially in west Georgia, where the tornadoes in Heard and Carroll Counties destroyed over 1,000,000 chickens and over 20 chicken houses.

Tropical Atlantic

Hurricane Season Astrometeor

Updated: 12:07 AM GMT on August 30, 2013


Potential storm to hit Veracruz, Mexico

By: trHUrrIXC5MMX, 3:36 PM GMT on August 25, 2013

Tropical update...

The State of Veracruz is the dark shaded one.

A tropical cyclone may impact the Mexican State of Veracruz early next week. Expect very heavy rains and gusty winds which lead to mudslides, power outages and floodings.

Please be aware of this, take necessary precautions to ride out the storm or if you think evacuating would be the best bet.

Currently this Gulf low is located over the Bay of Campeche, an area where storms could grow into strong and dangerous hurricanes over very little time (C3 Karl 2010) and pose a major threat to heavy populated areas. The upper, lower and surface environment support further intensification for 95L to gain strength as it moves slowly westward. 95L's will be the high terrains of Mexico which lie ahead of it, should the storm intensify now as much as it could to eventually be destroyed by land masses.

NHC currently giving this low a high chance of developing into the possibly 6th named storm. A hurricane hunter plane is currently taking the task of determining whether the low has become a tropical cyclone.
If so, expect tropical storm watches and warnings for the Mexican Gulf coast near the path of 95L.

Water can note how moist the areas surrounding 95L is


I have not been able to blog these past few days because I had some Internet issues even with my phone. I had to call service to come and fix it and my phone company to ask what the matter was. I've had very little access but everything is fixed now.

Veracruz, Mexico
Officially known as La Heroica Veracruz is a major port city in the Gulf of Mexico. This city has a lot of history within its streets and we will have the Quincentenary Veracruz in 6 years. Over half a million people live in the area. This city is the oldest in Mexico.
In 1519 Hernan Cortes arrived in Mexico and he founded the "Villa Rica de Vera Cruz" (Rich Village of the True Cross) such original name was given to this place because he reached this place on the Holy Day of Good Friday (Viernes Santo); the Lord's Cruxifiction and Hernan Cortes wanted to offer such Cross and such land to the Lord as an offering. Veracruz... From Latin "Vera crux". Awesome!

P.s. I already bought my Amtrak ticket for NYC on December 22, 2013.

Thanks for reading...

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11:00 PM Update...

95L Veracruz, MX Hurricane Season

Updated: 3:22 AM GMT on August 26, 2013


Back in NYC... Unlocking the shelves of reminiscence

By: trHUrrIXC5MMX, 6:01 PM GMT on August 18, 2013

I was very welcomed home, feel the same way when coming here.

You can tell how much activity there is across the world but nothing significant to anyone really.
Here is the breakdown...

Erin will not be a threat to anyone, just counting the hours until its dissipation, there is no reliable model run contradicting me on this.
94L may also be short lived in the Eastern Atlantic, it could become weak tropical cyclone at the most.
92L...I do not longer forecast any development of of this... it's time is up.

Central Pacific
Tropical storm Pewa, a strong tropical storm packing 65 mph winds moved over the 180 degree Dateline into the Western Pacific, 90C meanwhile may organize a bit more but all this time being limited due to the outflow of Pewa to its west, 90C is going to exit the basin in a day or so.
In fact there are 4 disturbances in the Central Pacific, the other two may organize a little but hot expecting to harm Hawaii.
I have a feeling, though, Hawaii could get struck by a big hurricane this year. There has been a lot of activity there lately. Flossie was the first storm to hit Hawaii in 20 years and Pewa was the first named storm in 3 years.

The Epac is quiet but a new disturbance forecast to form within the new 5-day outlook.

Western Pacific
Pewa, may become a typhoon as it moves WNW, Wake Island may be spared but they need to monitor the storm's path because by the time it gets around there the storm should be a 80-90 mph typhoon. Pewa could reach category 2 status.

Trami, a new named storm is expected to make a horizontal U-turn to head west and intensify, northern Taiwan must be on the lookout for a potential typhoon impact and we know these storms there could rapidly intensify into larger storms. I wound not be surprised if Trami makes it to major storm and does hit Taiwan.

Image credit: JMA - Japan Met Agency

Stay on top of updates and safe if you are in a storm's path!


I left from Atlanta, Georgia at 8:30 PM on Aug 16 to reach NYC, NY at 1:30 PM on Aug 17... 15 hours by train! Plus another 1 hour to get here to Norwalk, 16 hours.

I am so glad to be home.

Picture taken as I was entering NYC's Manhattan by 1:10 PM... no words when I first saw everything again.

I see everything I've done in the south as a challenge, and the people you meet as co-workers who eventually are nice and friendly to you. In fact I got 2 calls as some didn't know I was coming asking me if I was going to return to Georgia.
My now buddy is the only one I told I was leaving and he expects my return there. It's hard to break into two.

Overall and on top of everything is my family, no matter how important work is, me and my family is and will be the first thing in my life (and God). No matter where my job is at, I always get to it even if it's a thousand miles away as it is to me. I enjoyed the south weather (not too much the over-wetting days) but people have patience and deal with it.

I have to say that since nearly 8 years ago when I was 13 when I arrived to NYC I knew such place will be my spot, no matter if I travel everywhere else my unreplaceable (made up word) will always be here. Now Southwestern Connecticut.
I have been living here over 7 years. Too hard to go alone and start off again somewhere else far away. But that's the requirement of my job and my future life I guess.

Georgia is unique, a state still developing. Raising buildings, expanding cities, growing population, more money, better living and lots and lots of jobs all around.

Btw.. Amtrak does a great job, I love riding the trains. They go very fast in those deep woods of NC, NC and VA. And we arrived half an our earlier than expected to our destination.

I'll be returning to Georgia on Monday 19 to spend the rest of 2013 there. My return will be by car, driving with someone else I came with.

A recently-opened renewed gas station we stopped by today when coming from Stamford Harbor... You can see the overhead sign "Post Road" I live along that road.

Thanks for reading

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expect graphics on here down...

11:50 PM Update

8:40 PM update

95L may develop

NYC Area

Updated: 12:40 AM GMT on August 25, 2013


Dangerous Gulf Low, long tracking TD Five... who's going to be Erin?

By: trHUrrIXC5MMX, 8:38 AM GMT on August 15, 2013


8:05 PM Update----
Central Pacific
Tropical Storm Pewa


Dangerous Invest 92L could develop as it enters the Gulf of Mexico on a tropical cyclone, the storm may reach further into tropical storm strength. Last night the European model (EMCWF) had a potent 90 mph hurricane striking just east of New Orleans, with a bottom pressure of 977 mb.
It's too early to determine the track of this dangerous storm, but citizens residing anywhere from Mississippi to Florida must monitor the forecast weather for your location. Yes, this includes New Orleans.

As of 2 AM, this low had a high chance (70%) of becoming a tropical cyclone. Expect rough seas, windy and rainy weather in the Yucatan, Western Cuba and eventually in the central Gulf States

TD Five

TD Five was designated as cyclone last night, this storm is threatening the Cape Verde Islands, many of which are under tropical storm warnings.
The center of the depression is currently located 55 miles South of the Islands.
Expect gusts reaching 40 mph, 2-4" of rain with localized half a foot, mudslides, flooding and some rough seas as a result.
TD Five is packing winds of 35 mph and is expected to become our next named storm, possibly Erin. This is a little arguable since 92L could also become a storm skipping TD status as there are reports indicating gale force winds with that system.

Voila my new hurricane map...! New base map, very hard to get it done this way but not impossible as you can see.

Central Pacific having their good time with three disturbances there...
Pewa would be the next named storm in this area...

Thanks for reading... more info to come about 92L

Special Note: Today (Aug 15) is Mother's Day in Costa Rica... I wish a very special day with the warmest greetings to all mothers.

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Hurricane Season

Updated: 12:01 AM GMT on August 18, 2013


Major rainfall in Nashville, Tennessee.

By: trHUrrIXC5MMX, 3:46 AM GMT on August 10, 2013



Possible tropical development in the NW Caribbean late this week...

More info later

Flash Flooding in Nashville, TN

Nashville Area Flooding on August 8, 2013

On the early morning of Thursday, August 8th, torrential rainfall of 6 to 8 inches fell during a 5 to 6 hour period in the Nashville Metro area. Significant flash flooding occurred, with the worst flooding reported in the Bordeaux, Madison, and Mount Juliet areas. Media reports indicate over 100 homes and businesses were flooded and dozens of water rescues were conducted to save people from flooded buildings and vehicles. Major flooding also resulted in some area creeks cresting at their second highest levels ever recorded, just a few feet below the record levels reached in the May 2010 flood. Flooding also affected other areas of Middle Tennessee along the I-40 corridor from Dickson County to Putnam County, with several road closures reported.

Nashville sits on Davidson county, where nearly 8" were reported

August 8 radar. Timing 5:48-6:48 AM EDT


Mt. Juliet area

Davidson county

I-24 in Davidson county

Visit the Nashville, TN NWS office for the entire report


Hurricane Scorecard

I've been trying to contact admins to try to help me develop an idea which will be beneficial to those (and myself) who can't fully load (or anything similar) the gigantic picture of the chart displaying the 142 predictions for the 2013 hurricane season activity.

I plan to develop an online chart, like this one, to list out everyone in such a way where it's clearer and it will be easier to load and read. I know everyone has different internet connections, some bloggers have told me that they can't even see the chart at all because since its so big the picture never loads and break down the link.
I would appreciate any help I could get from admins, and mods as well.

Thanks for reading...

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Western Pacific

Typhon Utor... a major threat for Luzon...

Utor could impact Luzon Island (Philippines) as a strong and devastating category 4 hurricane equivalent typhoon... Utor could impact badly Tuguegarao.

The purple shade indicates extreme threat, including the city of Tuguegarao, and this has my hurricaneZone level 3... the worst one, the remainder red area has level 2. Manila is under orange shade has level 1.

China and Vietnam must monitor this dangerous storm.
Luzon must prepare for the worst, a very devastating storm Utor could be for you unfortunately ...

Heavy Rain Hurricane Scorecard

Updated: 3:20 AM GMT on August 13, 2013


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