Typhoon Haiyan compared to other Land falling storms

By: tornadocam, 4:50 PM GMT on November 12, 2013

A few days ago a very powerful Typhoon named Haiyan struck the Philippines. Haiyan made landfall as a category 5 typhoon with winds up to 195 mph and a pressure reading of 895 millibars. Hurricanes are called typhoons in the Asian or Western Pacific tropical region. A hurricane's strength is measured by its pressure and winds. So, the lower the pressure the stronger the hurricane. If the information remains unchanged , as sometimes in post analysis data is changed,...

2013-2014 Southeast Tennessee Winter Prediction

By: tornadocam, 11:50 PM GMT on October 08, 2013

In a few months Winter will be among us. The question is what will winter be like for the Tennessee valley? There are three scenarios that could happen. However, I think one has the highest likelihood of happening.

I think Winter for 2013-2014 is not going to be like the past two winters, which have been above normal in temperatures. I think we are going to have an average winter. I think we will see temperatures and rainfall being close to average. Howe...

Will 2013 Hurricane season end up like 2001 and 2002

By: tornadocam, 4:13 PM GMT on September 13, 2013

Earlier this week Humberto became a hurricane barely defending the record as latest formation of a hurricane. 2002's Gustav holds the record of latest hurricane forming in the Atlantic Basin when it became a Hurricane on September 11th 2002. The 2013 Hurricane Season has produced 9 named storms and 1 hurricane, so does this mean the season is going to be below average? The answer is, it is hard to tell. However, August-October is the peak of hurricane season. Octobe...


2013 Hurricane season could be like 2002

By: tornadocam, 7:48 PM GMT on August 25, 2013

The 2013 Atlantic hurricane season, despite having 5 named storms has been calm. The reason for this is dry air in the Atlantic has kept tropical storms from forming. The 5 storms that have formed so far have been short lived systems. The 2013 hurricane so far is starting off to be similar to 2002.

In 2002, August provided 3 tropical storms: Bertha, Cristobal and Dolly, but they were short lived. The reason being a dry air mass over the Atlantic kept sto...

Lines of thunderstorms

By: tornadocam, 3:02 AM GMT on June 14, 2013

The past 48 hours a Derecho has caused havoc in the Mid-West, Southern, and Mid-Atlantic states. So the question many ask is what is a Derecho. Before I go into detail what a Derecho I think it is important to go over the basics. I will first be starting off with the term Squall Line

A good definition of a squall line is it is a line of severe thunderstorms. A squall line often produces straight line wind damage, hail and often times tornadoes are embed...

severe weather

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