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Sandy most likely not due to Global Warming

By: tornadocam, 10:48 PM GMT on November 10, 2012

The theory of Global warming states that the Earth is warming up at alarming rates and will cause more disasters and extremes in weather. Now I am not going to deny or say Global Warming exists. Because we do not know if this is a cycle or if the Earth really is warming. Here is what we know the Earth has gone through cycles of heat before. The part of the middle ages saw record heat for decades; this allowed the Vikings to get to Canada then temps returned to Normal. Also the 1930's and 1950's were very hot some of those records still hold true, then 1998-2002 was very warm but 2009-2011 saw some of the coldest weather. Time will tell if the Earth is warming or if this is just another cycle

Some have contributed Hurricane Sandy due to Global Warming. However I think before Sandy is contributed to Global Warming we need need to look at some facts. First of all while not common as the Southern USA Coast from Virginia to the Texas coast, the North East has had some destructive Hurricanes. In 1938 the infamous New England Hurricane devastated New York and New England. 1954 two hurricanes Carol and Edna did a lot of damage to New England. 1960 Hurricane Donna made landfall in Florida then Struck North Carolina and then New England. 1985 Hurricane Gloria did severe damage to New England. Hurricane Bob did the same in 1991. More recently 2011 Hurricane Irene did a lot of damage to New Jersey and 2012 brought Sandy. So the Northeast has had is share of Hurricanes.

Second, look at the pattern we are in. We are in an active Pattern for hurricanes so everybody on the coast is prone. This same pattern was around from 1950-1969. That same pattern returned in 1995 to present. Also we have been in a Neutral area and the year before La Nina. La Nina cools the tropical Pacific and warms the Atlantic and shearing winds are weakened, which tear tropical storm apart. Neutral also favors Atlantic Hurricane development as the waters do not cool, shearing winds are average.

No doubt, Sandy was a historic storm as of this writing has cost $50 Billion dollars if that holds it would be the Second Costliest Hurricane behind 2005's Hurricane Katrina which did over $100 Billion in damage to Louisiana and Mississippi. But to blame Sandy on Global Warming I do not think can be accurate due to the history and active pattern we are in.

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