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Will Hurricane Isaac be retired

By: tornadocam, 11:49 PM GMT on September 27, 2012

Hurricane Season is still going. In fact the most Active months are August, September and October.November can sometimes be active. Most of the 2012 storms so far have stayed out to see. For the people on the Gulf Coast there was one storm that was costly and that was Hurricane Isaac. While the amount of Damage is still being calculated so far Isaac has Cost $2 Billion Dollars and 44 lives. So the Question is will Isaac be retired.

First of all, The United States would have to send a retirement request to the World Meteorological Organization for Isaac to be retired.

Isaac at $2 Billion dollars has not been the costliest storm a few years ago a storm this costly would almost be certain to get retired, but lets look at past storms that are similar to Isaac.

1985 Hurricane Juan hit Louisiana as a Category 1 Hurricane killing 74 and Costing $1.5 Billion. Juan was not retired due to lack of request. But Juan would get retired in 2003 due to a different Juan devastating Canada

2008, Hurricane Dolly hit Texas as a category 2 hurricane. Dolly cost $1.6 Billion. Dolly was not retired.

2005 Hurricane Dennis hit Florida as a Category 3 hurricane doing $2.2 Billion in damage it would be retired.

2002 Hurricane Lili hit Louisiana as a Category 1 costing $1 Billion in damage it was retired.

So, as we can see while storms like Isaac have been retired there have been a few that were not.I will argue why it might get retired

Isaac was a destructive storm. It brought back memories of past Hurricanes that did damage to the State of Louisiana and caused evacuations. Isaac caused over 20 inches of rainfall in some spots doing lots of water damage. Though Isaac was only a Category 1 it did claim 44 lives (some were in Haiti) and did cost at least $2 Billion in damage.

Cases why it might not get retired. Well while $2 Billion is a lot of damage,when you compare it to Katrina (which the bar should not be set at) at 108 Billion, Ike $32 Billion, Ivan $17 Billion and Irene $14 billion and even Gustav $4.5 Billion. $ 2 billion does not seem like a lot. Second, the US government may hold what I call category Bias and that is certain storms who should have been retired are not due to them not reaching a certain Category. Katrina, Ike, Irene, Ivan, and Gustav had been major hurricanes; Isaac was only a category 1.

overall It is hard for me to say Isaac will be retired. Based on the history of storms like Isaac. I say Isaac gets a %50 percent chance of getting retired. In my own personal opinion. The US government needs to fill out the paper work and request the W.M.O to retire this storm. Isacc should be retired but as I said it is hard to tell if it will be retired or not.

Fall comes with a Price

By: tornadocam, 12:41 AM GMT on September 24, 2012

Fall weather is a beautiful time of the year in our area (Eastern Tennessee). The area has its warm days but nights are usually crisp with lows in the 40s to 50s and highs usually in the upper 70s to lower 80s. We get to see God's creations in seeing the leaves change colors. Yes Fall is a nice season but it comes with a price

A lot of people do not know this but Fall is known as the second season for tornadoes and severe thunderstorms. In fact, November and October are the 4th and 5th most active months for Tornadoes only behind the spring months of April, May, and March. November and even October have had their share of tornadoes and severe thunderstorms. So how does this happen, well it happens just like spring. The warm air collides with cooler air disturbances that accompany storm systems that start to move in due to a dip in the Jet stream. Add a little bit of wind shear and you have the Ingredients for severe weather

There has been several instances of late season Tornado Activity. I will name some of the most recent ones

The 2002 Plateau Outbreak, In November Tornadoes formed and touched down on the Plateau and moved into the valleys producing tornadoes and straight line wind damage

Windstorm 2005- in November 2005 a line of intense thunderstorms with 70-80 mph caused a lot of wind damage in the area

November 2007-Two tornadoes touched down on the western side of Chattanooga. The tornadoes impacted Marion County

October 2009-A line of thunderstorms produced tornadoes in Chattanooga and other parts of Eastern Tennessee

October 2010- An intense line of thunderstorms produced tornadoes in Chattanooga, Cleveland and other tornadoes were spawned in other Eastern Tennessee Counties, not to mention there was a lot of wind damage.

So, While it may not be as active as Spring is. Fall can and occasionally produces tornadoes and severe weather. So enjoy the God's Creations but remember conditions can change very fast.

Here is the top 5 tornado months for our area in ranking order
1. April
2. May
3. March
4. November
5. October

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