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The I storms

By: tornadocam, 4:45 PM GMT on August 30, 2012

Another storm made landfall on the United States coastline and millions were impacted. But what else made Isaac memorable is that is is the latest I storm to impact the American Coastline. It seems the past several years the I named storms have been set to impact America from Isidore now to Isaac. Now some I storms were bad but did not really impact America. I will be covering them Later, but for now I'm going to focus on the I storms that impacted the USA.

Isidore(2002)-Isidore was a powerful category 3 storm that devastated the Yucatan Peninsula. However it made landfall In Louisiana as a strong TS causing severe flooding

Isabel(2003)-Isabel at one time was a category 5 hurricane but thankfully it was not a cat 5 at landfall instead it was a strong category 2 when it made landfall in North Carolina and Virginia. Still Isabel was destructive costing $3.75 Billion in damage and claiming 50 lives

Ivan(2004)-Like Isabel Ivan was also a cat 5 at one time. Ivan made landfall in Alabama and Florida as a strong category 3 hurricane. Ivan caused massive damage due to wind, water and tornadoes. Overall Ivan cost $17 Billion in damage and over 50 people died in the USA

Ike(2008)-Ike had been a destructive storm in Haiti and Cuba but it's American landfall as a very strong cat 2 hurricane in the Houston Metro area made it the second costliest Hurricane in US History. Ike devastated Houston Area. Ike's cost in damage are $30 Billion and over 110 people died in America

Irene(2011)-Irene was not the most powerful Hurricane to make landfall on the USA Coastline but it reminded the North East that they too can be impacted by Hurricanes. Irene came ashore in North Carolina as a strong category 1 and the storm was still a Hurricane when it made another Landfall in New Jersey. Irene's large size caused it do be destructive as it dumped flooding rains and produced a high storm surge. Overall Irene cost at least $14 billion in damage and over 50 people perished.

Isaac(2012)-Isaac is the latest I storm to impact the USA it maybe a while before we know the exact damage Isaac has done

Other Destructive I storms. These I storms did not impact America but were devastating for other Countries

Iris-in 2001 Iris made landfall in Nicaragua as a category 4 hurricane costing $150 million in damage and claiming 49 lives.

Igor-In 2010 a powerful storm Formed in the Atlantic and would become a category 4 hurricane it just missed becoming a category 5. By the time Igor reached the Canadian Coast it had weakened to a strong Category 1 but that did not matter. Igor devastated New Foundland in Canada Costing $200 million in damage. Igor joined Hurricane Juan as being one of Canada's worst disasters

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